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Quick Breakfast Idea: Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt with Cashews and Honey

I’m not a breakfast person (says the girl who wrote the Breakfast for Dinner cookbook). Or, rather, I should say, I’m not a morning person. Indeed, in the mornings I really don’t want to eat (or spend time to make) anything overly fancy. But I do need to eat something, otherwise around 9 o’clock I start to get shaky and downright cranky.

Usually breakfast for me means cereal or frozen waffles. Maybe a yogurt occasionally, though I find I need copious amounts of granola or other crunchy stuff to be able to choke it down.

Which is why this breakfast, thrown together with the last remnants of my passion fruit stash, is so perfect.

Creamy yogurt. Tangy passion fruit. Sweet honey. And the added crunch from the cashews and the passion fruit seeds. Sure, it’s practically a non-recipe recipe, but I thought it was worth sharing regardless.

Quick Breakfast Idea: Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt with Cashews and Honey

Unless you make a habit out of eating sour patch kids for breakfast, the yogurt and the passion fruit together are almost too tangy to handle. Although it’ll shock you awake, that’s for sure. The sweetness of the honey and the smooth nuttiness of the cashews, however, provide the perfect contrast to offset the sourness.

The inside of a passion fruit

On another note, passion fruits are weird. Seriously. Look at that. To me it looks like something out of the Matrix (remember when Neo wakes up in that goopy pod thing with plugs all over his body? Yeah. Exactly). That or an alien egg or something. Creepy.

Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt with Cashews and Honey

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  • fresh passion fruit
  • greek yogurt
  • toasted cashews
  • honey


  1. Scoop pulp out of passionfruit. Swirl into greek yogurt and top with cashews and a drizzle of honey.
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