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Goat Cheese & Avocado Toast from @loveandoliveoil

This recipe is so simple it almost doesn’t count as a recipe, but it was too good not to share, jazzing up a basic avocado toast with crumbled goat cheese, red pepper flakes, and my new favorite finishing salt, Hawaiian black lava.

Goat Cheese & Avocado Toast from @loveandoliveoil

We don’t eat avocados often, primarily because really good ones are rare here in Tennessee. I’ve had one too many watery, flavorless, or fishy-smelling (ew) avocados than I care to count. So when I happen to slice into one that’s perfectly ripe (is it just me or do avocados pretty much have a one-day window?) with a buttery flavor and unblemished green color, I do a little happy dance before generously spreading it on some toast.

Black Lava Salt for Goat Cheese & Avocado Toast from @loveandoliveoil

Black lava sea salt looks like microscopic lumps of coal (this one was a sample from SaltWorks, Inc). And that’s precisely what it is: sea salt with activated charcoal added in for a smoky flavor and stunning black color (and supposed good health benefits too, so eat up!)

And now, if you will, a toast: to toast, good avocados, and fancy salt. Cheers!

Goat Cheese & Avocado Toast

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  • 4 slices crusty bread
  • a ripe avocado
  • 1/4 cup goat cheese, crumbled
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • red pepper flakes
  • black lava or sea salt


Toast bread until light golden brown and crispy. Smash avocado with a fork and divide among bread slices. Top with crumbled goat cheese. Drizzle with olive oil, then sprinkle with pepper flakes and sea salt to taste.

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