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Let There be Light: Master Bedroom Reveal

Let There be Light: Master Bedroom Reveal

Now that you’ve seen the kitchen… let’s take a peek upstairs, shall we? Because the kitchen wasn’t the only thing we redid.

Granted, other than the floors (goodbye gross dog-stained carpet) the changes are mostly cosmetic. But it still makes a huge difference when you compare what it looked like before…

Townhouse Renovation - Master Bedroom Before/After

Of course, more big blank walls that still need art…

Patience, grasshopper, patience.

Bedroom bedside table: Hers

We may still be lacking in the big art department (that’s an investment I’m not willing to rush into), but these two small pieces that we hung above our nightstands delight me to no end. Our designer pointed us to local artist Ed Nash for these original pieces, which were reasonably priced and a great way to get some original art into our lives in an affordable way. They go perfectly above the nightstands, one for him, and one for her (the ‘her’ version having a little more hot pink in the mix, love it!)

Bedroom bedside table: Hers

I love that the nightstands are crazy cat lady themed (or, for Taylor’s side, crazy cat guy). You know you have a great designer when she shows up with multiple cat-themed books round out your collection and pretty-up your bedside tables. Especially when she herself is allergic. That’s a good friend right there. ;)

Townhouse Renovation: Master Bedroom

Crazy cat themed bedroom is crazy cat approved.

Bedroom bedside table: His side

The very first thing we picked out for this room were these Cylinder Telescoping Wall Lights from Rejuvenation. I saw them on Pinterest and fell instantly in love, and they are what prompted me to reach out to Rejuvenation to begin with (because, why not, right?) It was quite possibly the easiest decision we made during the entire process. I mean, I can’t tell you how long it took us to pick out the nightstands, or the bed… or even the bedding (which I adore, btw, shouldn’t have even thought twice about it).

Rejuvenation Cylinder Telescoping Wall Light

I was hesitant at first about the brass, considering everything else in the house is stainless, chrome, or raw metal. But it works, especially in the bedroom where it definitely helps to warm things up a bit.

(Be sure to click through for a chance to win a $200 Rejuvenation gift card!)

And you know what I’ve learned throughout this whole process? Mixing metals (or woods, for that matter) isn’t a bad thing, and in fact it helps a space feel more eclectic, a space that’s been collected over time. Not everything has to match, and in fact it’s probably better if it doesn’t.

Bedroom bedside table: Hers Townhouse Renovation: Master Bedroom

I can’t tell you enough how much I love this room. Not only do we now have a window (I know, it seems like a given, but our old bedroom was a cave with no windows. Perfect for sleeping but horrible for ever waking up) but we also have more space and room to breathe and reading lights (also another thing that should be but isn’t necessarily a given).

Our old bedroom was just that, a bedroom, but this room actually feels like a master bedroom.

Sources (for those interested):

(Rejuvenation generously provided products for this renovation. Know that all opinions expressed are purely my own, and these are products I would have purchased regardless of any partnership affiliation. Some affiliate links below.)

Industrial Wall Brackets and White Open Shelves from Rejuvenation

You’ll also recall the open shelving from downstairs, both in the kitchen and living room. That’s all Rejuvenation, both Industrial Iron Shelf Brackets and White Lacquered Shelving. They are super heavy duty and we don’t worry whatsoever about putting heavy stuff on them or chipping the finish.

Rejuvenation LED Filament Light Bulbs

The other place you’ll spot Rejuvenation in our home is in the dining room, and these LED Filament bulbs. I love the look of old fashioned Edison-style filament bulbs; with all these retro and industrial light fixtures available now they seem to be a requirement. But, despite the cool factor, they are wildly inefficient. Seeing as we replaced just about every other bulb in our house with energy efficient LED bulbs, I was beyond excited to see an LED filament bulb available from Rejuvenation, which worked perfectly in an exposed situation like our dining room light fixture.

The fine print: This post is sponsored by Rejuvenation. As always, all opinions are our own. No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to residents of the US and Canada only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen.

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