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After yesterday’s refreshing summer soup, I figured you’d want to know a bit more about the blender I used to make it: the Torrent™ Magnetic Drive Blender from KitchenAid®.

A good blender means the difference between a velvety smooth puree and a soup where you’re left picking leftover watermelon pips out of your teeth. Because we all know seedless watermelons aren’t truly seedless, and those little white half-seeds would be maddening to remove by hand. Not surprisingly, this blender can pulverize those pesky pips without a second thought.

A good blender liquefies all the ingredients thoroughly and evenly. I’m sure we’ve all made smoothies with sub-par blenders and you end up diving in with a spatula to release the stubbon frozen chunks before trying again. Not anymore, with this blender you can just push the smoothie button and leave it to do its business.

I think my favorite feature of this blender is the variable speed option. I like to start things off slowly when I’m dealing with extra thick or chunky mixtures, gradually increasing the speed up to maximum; doing so allows the blades to catch and pulverize the chunky fruit and vegetables without getting stuck and spinning out into nothingness. While the low speed isn’t as low as my Vitamix, it’s still a huge step up from the instant take-offs that most blenders consider low speed.

Other features to note:

Dishwasher safe. Since there aren’t any complicated cogs or gears, the entire pitcher can be washed in the dishwasher. Or turn the blender into it’s own dishwasher by filling it part-way full with water and splash of dish soap and turning it to high speed. Instant clean.

BPA free. The plastic pitcher is thick and durable and BPA free. You get the look of glass without the added weight.

Pre-set programs. While I tend to prefer to manually control the speed and length of my blend cycles, the blender comes with an assortment of pre-set programs for everything from soups and sauces to frozen drinks to juice, which makes it super easy to just push a button and let it do its thing.

Ingredient funnel. This nifty feature allows for the addition of ingredients during the blending process, complete with built in measuring cup. Since the magnetic drive takes a bit longer to start/stop than most blenders, this feature will definitely come in handy for making additions mid-way through the blend process.

Granted, it is a heavy appliance, which is not ideal if you (like me) store your blender in a cabinet and pull it out every time you use it. However that solidity is one of its selling points too: you can tell this is a blender that will make perfect soups, smoothies, and milkshakes for years to come.

Long story short: I won’t be getting rid of my Vitamix anytime soon, but this is the first blender than can even hold a candle to it in terms of features, power, and functionality. Not to mention the sleek retro design (finally, no deciding between form over function). Much like the iconic KitchenAid® mixer, it’s pretty and practical: a blender that you’d want displayed on your counter, not embarrassingly stashed away inside a cabinet.

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KitchenAid® Torrent™ Blender GIVEAWAY!

ENTER TO WIN A KitchenAid® Torrent Blender (a $599 value!)

One lucky winner will receive a KitchenAid® Torrent™ Magnetic Drive Blender (MSRP $599.99) in Sugar Pearl Silver (pictured above), Onyx Black, or Candy Apple Red.

Giveaway is now closed.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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  1. I’d be whipping up my protein smoothies to power through my day every day!

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  5. I would whip up my pb&b breakfast smoothie!  

  6. A frozen pina colada would be refreshing.  This blender looks awesome.

  7. Chocolate peanutbutter smoothie!!!  Yummm

  8. I would make a cocktail to break in this sweet blender.  A traditional frozen margarita.  Then I would make frozen drinks with whatever fruit I have in my fridge……..currently in my fridge- watermelon, limes, blueberries, oranges.  And I do have a bunch of garden tomatoes for a wonderful Bloody Mary.  This is the only way to break in a blender properly.  ??

  9. I’m so excited to see this giveaway! If I won, I would be all typical and make a smoothie first. The blender we currently have is terrible and I haven’t had a smooth smoothie in ages, haha.

  10. I’m already an email subscriber :-D its under jbuggica@gmail, I believe 

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  13. A delicious smoothie. 

  14. I am recovering from an eating disorder and have been attempting to follow a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. I love making green smoothies in the morning for breakfast, so I would use it to make those! My favorite is greens, almond milk, banana, and berries.

  15. instagram: @karalaudon

  16. I’d make a green smoothie.

  17. The first thing I would make would be a peanut butter milkshake
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  21. it would be a toss-up between Creamy Tomato and Brown Rice Soup and Avocado Cilantro Sauce for salads and dips. 

  22. Butternut squash puree, I had some with dinner at a local restaurant  and have been craving it ever since. 

  23. I follow via email and in my feedly reader

  24. I would make some 2 ingredient banana ice cream!

  25. Already subscribed to your blog! :)

  26. followed both you and kitchen aid :) (my username is @loiskimmy)

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  28. I would make a peach-ginger smoothie!

  29. The first thing I would make is a bourbon marshmallow brûlée milkshake!!!

  30. I joined your email list! :)

  31. I am following both you and @kitchenaid on Instagram! My handler is @prettylilfoodie

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  33. An omelette inspired during an amazing breakfast we had in Plymouth, MI that uses a quality blender to make the most rich and fluffy omelet I’ve ever had =)

  34. ….would like to win this one !

  35. Kale, banana, strawberry, bluebeery smoothie!

  36. If I won this amazing blender I would prepare a very healthy fruit mixed for my 2 babies. 

  37. Salsa Verde!!!

  38. Mexican Rice Sauce!

  39. Banana Smoothie

  40. I would make homemade version of nutella to feed my kiddos if I win this blender!! Yay!!

  41. I would make smoothies, its the only way to get vegetables into my toddler

  42. I receive your emails

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  45. a bumper crop of basil needs to be reduced to transformed it into pails of pesto for winter pizza parties.

  46. I would make a cool cucumber soup

  47. I would make a smoothie first!

  48. I follow on Pinterest: lauri_marie.

  49. I subscribed to your site.

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  51. I have a recipe for a golden cheddar cheese soup that we love.  I would make that in my new blender.

  52. I’m an email subscriber at fourkidsrgreat(at)gmail(dot)com

  53. Like both on pinterest as suburbsanity

  54. If I won this amazing (!) blender I would whip up some Pina Coladas to share with hubby on the few sunny days we have left in Boston :)

    Also following you on Instagram (ayalla.g)

  55. I would make the best peach breakfast smoothie this world has ever seen! Love this.

  56. I can’t wait to whip up a orange creamsicle smoothie! 

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  60. I think I would have to make a smoothie first – to compare it to Vitamix! :)

  61. I subscribed to your email list!

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  64. I’d make my favorite heirloom tomato soup before the heirlooms are all gone!

  65. I would make salsa.

  66. Awesome! As a lactose-intolerant Nutella fan, I think the first thing I’d make is some fake nutella. I tried a couple different recipes a while back with my little stick blender, and they all ended up too grainy; I need something that’ll blend it nice and smooth.

    Also, I’m already subscribed to your newsletter!

  67. The first thing to make would be smoothies such a huge fan my mum and me of making healthy smoothies, I also enjoy making milkshakes for my son :) 

  68. I would be making a garlic-heavy, authentic Spanish gazpacho (to end the summer on a good note) with a watermelon martini to accompany! :)

  69. This sounds amazing! I too am guilty of holding down the lid “just in case”! I am a huge fan of homemade almond milk (it’s versatile and adds a GREAT taste to dishes) so that’s probably what I’d make first!

  70. I just bought some whey protein and I would love to use this blender for creating protein shakes. 

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  73. I am now an email subscriber. 

  74. I would make a red pepper hummus for sure! I bet it would really smooth ?

  75. Well FIRST I’d have to whip up some margaritas or something similar to properly celebrate winning!  But I’m most excited for pureed soups (I’ve got a killer roasted red pepper recipe but it’s just not the same if the texture isn’t velvety and perfect)!

  76. Mango peach smoothie

  77. i would definitely make soup!!

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  80. Hi! I would make a refreshing smoothie :)

  81. I’d definitely make some sort of smoothie! 

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  84. A smoothie!!

  85. I would give it to my son. He has ALS and a feeding tube. He needs a new blender. Thanks.

  86. Would love to try this blender! Winning it is a plus!

  87. I would love to make a fresh tomato Bloody Mary with fresh tomatoes, fresh celery, a bit of onion, garlic and horse radish (all fresh).

  88. I would love to make a milkshake in that!

  89. I follow both on Instagram, tricialynn77

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  91. I’d love to make a delicious veggie soup!

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  94. For its first whirl, I would make a milkshake

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  98. I would make pea purée for our newborn

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