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Now that I’ve made my love affair for the Goo Goo Cluster public knowledge, I figured I should share the wealth. Surely you’re wanting to make some of these amazing Goo Goo S’mores for yourself, right? Well, here’s your chance to win a boatload of Goo Goo-dness.

Not only is their candy delicious, but their merchandise is just plain adorable. I’m in love with the retro design, from the packaging to the collectibles. Aren’t the kitchen towels the cutest?

Want to win this amazing Goo Goo gift set (valued at over $130?) Click through for your chance to win!

One lucky winner will receive:

That’s a $130 value (and a total of 44 Goo Goo Clusters, if you were counting. That’s enough to make 11 batches of s’mores!)

**** PLUS as a special offer for Love & Olive Oil readers, Goo Goo is offering 20% off your order in their online store! Simply enter code LAOO20 upon checkout to receive your discount. (Offer valid through 1/31/15). ****

Giveaway is now closed.

Thanks for entering!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to residents of US only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway sponsored by Goo Goo Cluster, LLC. All opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. I signed up for goo goo clusters emails.

  2. The Original is the one I want to try

  3. Never tried them before so I’m looking forward to The Original! Gotta get my bases covered!

  4. I love the original but I’m a purist when it comes to flavors!

  5. I love the original

  6. Peanut butter sounds amazing!

  7. I have only had and seen the original, they all sound so good and my next pick would be the peanut butter.

  8. I am already subscribed

  9. I subscribed to Goo Goo Cluster

  10. I tweeted and I’m following everyone on tweeter

  11. I’ve only had original, but all sound delicious. And I really want to try as a s’more now! Love your recipes Lindsay!

  12. I have not tried Goo Goo products but the Original sounds fantastic.

  13. It’s been ages since I’ve come across a googoo cluster, but I have to say that I remember the supreme being my favorite.

  14. I subscribe to loveandoliveoil

  15. Also, I’m subscribed to the L&OO newsletter.

  16. I subscribed to Goo Goo mailing list

  17. They look delicious, have never tried one. 

  18. The Supreme! Pecans are so so good!

  19. I subscribe to love & olive oil.

  20. I subscribed to goo goo mailing list

  21. Ha – never tried them – but would start with peanut butter! thanks.

  22. I’ve never had these but Supreme sounds good.

  23. I would like to try the peanut butter clusters. I’ve had the original. 

  24. I love the original Goo Goo Clusters! The retro items are Really Neat!

  25. I subscribe to your email list. 

  26. I subscribed to Goo Goo Clusters’ email.

  27. I think the Supreme Goo Goo Clusters sound pretty darn good.

  28. Already follow Love and Olive oil on Twitter, Followed Goo Goo Clusters on Twitter and Tweeted the comment, username- @SusSusJo

  29. I would love to try the supreme, because im not a huge fan of peanuts, but I can still eat them. But I absolutely love pecans! (:

  30. Last May I went to Nashville for the first time and became addicted to GooGoo Supreme clusters! Unfortunately they aren’t sold anywhere in northern CA, but I have them shipped to me :)

  31. I’m already subscribed to the GooGoo mail list

  32. I’m already subscribed to Love an Olive oil’s emails! Thanks- neat Giveaway!

  33. I subscribe to blog posts.

  34. I would like to try the PB goo goo cluster. YUM! 

  35. I’m already subscribed to Love an Olive oil’s emails.

  36. I already follow GooGoo on Twitter, but I just tweeted the entry. I’m @caligirlrenee

  37. My favorite is the supreme! So many awesome flavors together!

  38. I’ve only had the original. But it was yummy!!

  39. I subscribe to the googoocluster mailing list

  40. I follow both on twitter and tweeted the message

  41. Love the Classic GooGoo Cluster.  Always have and always will. But I could make room in my life for the other varieties.

  42. I subscribe to your blog

  43. I never tried these before but would love too, all sound delicious but would go with original, love nuts!  

  44. Duh. Peanut butter. Always and forever.

  45. I have never tried them but would go for the Original as a first taste.

  46. I’d never heard if them before your post yeaterday- and now can’t wait to try them. I think we’d go with original and make s’mores- the kids would be in heaven!

  47. Already subscribed by email 

  48. I already subscribe to your email

  49. Goo Goo – the perfect name for this treat!

  50. Any goo goo is a good goo goo, peanut butter is wonderful. I subscribe to emails

  51. I signed up for the GooGoo email

  52. Whoa. I need to try the supreme.

  53. Signed up for goo emails on their website 

  54. Love the original flavor best.

  55. I follow youboth on twitter as sandyheadtke and I tweeted.

  56. I have not had these before so I will have to say that I will go with the Original to find out what they are all about. They look delicious.

  57. I’ve only had the original, but the Supreme sounds really good!

  58. I’ve never had one, but they look tasty!

  59. I subscribe via email.

  60. I think the Supremes look the most GooGoo-licious!

  61. I have never tried Goo Goo Clusters,but
    the supreme sounds good to me. 

  62. Subscribed (:

  63. I signed up for Goo Goo Clusters E-mail.

  64. I’ve never tried them but would love to try the peanut butter!!!

  65. Never had one of these amazing concoctions before. I guess I’m a traditionalist – the original sound really good to me.

  66. I like the original Goo Goo Clusters the best, but Supreme is a close runner up. Love the vintage-y look to the Goo Goo Cluster merch! 

  67. Peanut Butter….always! :)

  68. I subscribe to your mailing list :)

  69. I follow Love and Oil and Goo Goo clusters on Twitter and
    I just entered to win some Goo Goo-dness from @googooclusters and @loveandoliveoil:

  70. Already subscribed

  71. Subscribed to goo goo :)

  72. I subscribed to the Goo Goo Cluster mailing list, too!

  73. I am already Subscribed to Love and Oil

  74. Followed both on twitter and tweeted (: it wont let me subscribe to goo goo clusters emails. It says “please put valid email address” but that is my valid email.

  75. THe only Goo Goo Cluster I have had was delicious with the chocolate and caramel and peanuts with marshmallow was great, loved it but I see how they have a gourmet Goo Goo Cluster with pecans, how yummy

  76. I already follow Love and Olive Oil on email, thankyou

  77. I haven’t tried them, but peanut butter sounds delicious!

  78. I also subscribed to Goo Goo Clusters, thank you

  79. I’ve never try them but I would like to try the original.

  80. Love all of them

  81. I’d love to try the peanut butter cluster!

  82. Peanut butter! 

  83. I’ve never tried a Goo Goo Cluster, but I’d love to try the peanut butter ones!!

  84. Never had them but the peanut butter one sounds amazing!!

  85. I subscribed to LAOO

  86. I subscribed to Goo Goo!

  87. I subscribe to you guys by email!

  88. I’ve never had them but the peanut butter sounds heavenly!

  89. I’ve never tried these delicious looking treats, but the peanut butter flavor sounds amazing!

  90. I haven’t tried them so I want to stick with the originals first.

  91. ummm original all the way! amazingness

  92. I already subscribe to your emails and would love to try them, as I have not yet. The supreme or peanut butter sound delicious!

  93. I’ve never tried Goo Goo Clusters, but the s-mores you made look delicious! I would LOVE to try the supreme flavor!

  94. Following both on twitter and tweeted! (@thinktran)

  95. subscribed to Love & Olive Oil newsletter!

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