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Magimix 12-cup Food Processor Giveaway

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Magimix® 12-cup Food Processor Giveaway

In the US, we often generically call all food processors Cuisinarts, or at least I do, since that’s what I grew up with. Well in Europe, they have an equivalent, and it’s a Magimix. You don’t get out the food processor… you whip out the magimix.

Turns out Magimix by Robot-Coupe® is the true original, inventing the first food processor for home use in 1971. They originally licensed the product to be sold in the US as Cuisinart, before it eventually split off into its own company. So really, the original Cuisinart is a Magimix. *Mind blown*

I’ve only had my Magimix® for two weeks but so far, I’m in love. It’s by far the best food processor I’ve ever owned. This machine makes easy work of grinding up cookies for pie crust. Powers through peanut butter. And churns out pizza dough like a champ. It’s got a lot of other things going for it, too:

Easy to clean. The bowl doesn’t have any weird seals or nooks and crannies that are impossible to clean. All the removable pieces are also dishwasher safe; always a bonus.

Compact. This 12-cup size is large enough for just about anything I might want to make, and yet the compact base is much smaller and easier to store in my cabinet.

Flexible. With 3 different sized mixing bowls, you can make everything from small batches of pesto to family-sized batches of pizza dough.

Made in France. Magimix® by Robot-Coupe® is one of the only companies to manufacture their own motors and components in Burgundy, France. No Chinese-made equipment here!

Lasting. All Magimix food processors come with a 30-year motor warranty. That’s pretty incredible, considering most other kitchen appliances (or ANY appliances for that matter) are not things I expect to last even 10 years. The fact that this machine I have now should still be running strong in 30 years it’s amazing.

Accessories. In addition to the egg whisk, dough blade, and slicing and grating discs included with the Magimix, you can also find a variety of accessories to make your machine function in ways you’d never believe. I’m talking about a juicing attachment, citrus press, smoothie/puree attachment, creative slicing/grating discs (three words: FRENCH FRY DISC) and even a dough bowl.

Want one of these amazing machines for your kitchen? Click through for your chance to win one (a $350 value!)

Magimix® 12-cup Food Processor Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive a 12-Cup Magimix® Food Processor in Chrome (MSRP $349.95), and accessories including 6, 10, and 12-cup BPA-Free mixing bowls, 2 metal Sabatier blades, dough blade, 2 grating discs, 2 slicing discs, egg whisk, spatula, recipe book, and storage box.

Giveaway is now closed.

Thanks for entering!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to residents of US and Canada only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway sponsored by Magimix® by Robot-Coupe®. I received product for review, but all opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. Chopping up veggies, especially onions. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Black bean brownies all day long… yummmmmmmmm!  

  3. Although it has been years since I’ve had a working food processor, I remember I used it all the time! This gorgeous MagiMix would help me save time by quickly prepping veggies, making dough and batter, grating cheese, and who knows what else! Now that I think about it, I had a recipe for cranberry bread that I used to make in my ancient food processor, and I’d love to find that recipe and give it another go.

  4. I’m already an email subscriber to Love And Olive Oil.

  5. As Anne Other (@NotherAnneOther), I’m a Twitter follower of both Love And Olive Oil and Magimix, and I tweeted about this most excellent giveaway.

  6. I already like both Magimix and Love And Olive Oil on Facebook, and I just visited both pages. My name there is Anne O. Thanks for this chance!

  7. I would live to use it to make natural almond butter. I subscribe to this blog via gReader

  8. pesto.

  9. I’d use it to shred cheese and chop veggies for salads. 

  10. I’m subscribed via email.

  11. I follow both pages on Twitter and I tweeted – @jvarvarezis.

  12. I liked both pages on Facebook – Juli V.

  13. A food processor is one of the few kitchen gadgets I’m still currently without. So the very first thing I would conquer… my mom’s toffee!!!! It would save me so much time from pulling my hair out wishing I had a food processor… and homemade toffee.

  14. Already signed up for the newsletter :)

  15. I would definitely grate all the cheese. Grating by hand takes forever (and sometimes you grate your knuckles, which is no fun!)

  16. Shredding cheese or vegetables! Quick and no more skinned knuckles,

  17. I’ll be a graduate student soon- this would definitely save me a lot of time!

  18. I am a HUGE gardener.  I would use this to chop up herbs and store them to use it through the winter.  I chop them up and put them in ice cube trays with water.  I would also freeze the herbs as a pesto to freeze for use through the winter.

  19. Chopping, shredding, blending, anything and everything :)

  20. I tweeted today:

  21. How do/would you use your new Magimix® to save time in the kitchen? I would use my new Magimix to make delicious sauces like pesto sauce. My favorite food process kitchen shortcut is using to chop my herbs.

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  23. Tweeted from @dangthatsdelish!

  24. Liked both FB. :) – Donna D.

  25. I love that you can make pizza crust with it! 

  26. I’m a subscriber 

  27. I would use it for chopping,  grating and pureeing vegetables.  

  28. I have to chop everything by hand,as I do not not 
    own any fancy chopping instruments.  

  29. I’m already an email subscriber.

  30. I follow Love and Olive Oil and Magimix on Twitter and tweeted. @KCatapano

  31. I’m a fan of Love and Olive Oil and Magimix on Facebook and I vistited both pages. Kimberly C

  32. I found the best recipe for a crusty bread, that I can “whip” in my food processor . Make it very often. Easy peasy.

  33. I would use the Magimix to grate lots of cheese for delicious fondue, and make homemade salsa in the summer with ingredients from my garden.

  34. I would you this to help create delicious RAW desserts, food processing is so helpful!

  35. I subscribe to love and olive oil :)

  36. I follow both pages on twitter and tweeted :) @jessicalynott

  37. I use my food processor to make hummus. Soooo good.

  38. I’d use a food processor for so many things, but my favorite would be to make my own almond & pistachio flour to make beautiful macarons!

  39. I would use it in the kitchen for my Family

  40. I don’t own a food processor since they are super duper expensive so this would be great! Whenever I do need one I drive over to my grandma’s and use hers! Mainly to finely chop some green herbs to put in yogurt or eat with kabobs!

  41. I subscribe to Love and Olive Oil already :)

  42. I follow on facebook! Sondra L

  43. Would love to have a food processor to simplify making salsa & marinara.

  44. grinding nuts, making breads, chopping veggies and meat, grating cheese and veggies – oh heavens, endless ideas running through my head

  45. oops, I don’t tweet!

  46. I would love to have have an alternate to a 1.5 c food chopper or the moljacete.  Pesto and mass shredding cheese would be high on the lists!  In general, being able to bulk process food would lead to bigger batches, and more things being ready to go in the freezer!

    I subscribed to the monthly newsletter. @aMooseMan for bonus #2. Robert C did some liking for bonus #3.

  47. Julienne carrots and peppers.  Make my own coconut milk instead of buying the canned version!  Making a spice paste (masala) for a traditional indian curry.  Oh my,  the possibilities are endless for me!

  48. I would use it to shred cheese or vegetables- make it so much easier!

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  50. To slice cucumbers for bread and butter pickles.

  51. I tweeted.   @Sharylmk1
    Mix it up! Enter to win a @MagimixUSA 12-cup Food Processor (a $350 value!) from @loveandoliveoil:

  52. would help me save time on cutting things up  and blending them together 

  53. I would make hummus!

  54. I follow you both on FB – Jessica B

  55. Chopping veggies for winter soups and stews, and mixing ingredients for pie crusts. 

  56. Tweeted! @Chelyea

  57. Liked both pages too. 
    Chelsey V. 

  58. Subscribed!

  59. I love to make hummus! as a shortcut, I like to shred chicken for dips.

  60. I don’t own a food processor, but I keep thinking about how much easier it would be to make pumpkin pie with one.  That’s what I would do with mine.

  61. Pumpkin pie.

  62. I would use it to make my great cole slaw! Right now I do it the old fashion way with a hand help grater! 

  63. I absolutely love the food processor for quick pesto — and really any sauces!

  64. I’m following @loveandoliveoil on Twitter

  65. And I’m also subscribed to the email list too!

  66. I would mostly use the Magimix to dice vegetables that I use in dinner recipes. This would save me so much time.

  67. I’m already subscribed to email: staceyroberson4 at gmail dot com

  68. I follow on Twitter and tweeted:

  69. I like both on Facebook: Stacey R.

  70. Generally, I find chopping veggies to be very relaxing (and I like the uniform look of hand-cut veggies), so I usually do that by hand, but I love using a food processor for French-style cutting green beans, making pesto and pie crusts, shredding cheeses, shredding chicken (with the dough blade) for croquettes, chopping nuts …  Thanks for the opportunity, and have a wonderful holiday!  :)

  71. Tweeted as @HyeThymeCafe at:

  72. Visited both pages on FB as Chris C

  73. Freshly out of college and exposed to a real kitchen, I have recently become obsessed with cooking in the last year and am very into trying new and difficult things; however, I don’t have all of the fun tools and equipment at my exposure. So, I imagine I will experiment A LOT with the prospective new Magimix and use it for just about everything!

  74. I would use it to make homemade peanut butter! I love throwing fun ingredients in.. like chocolate :D

  75. All the things I’m afraid to chop in my Breville….carrots, beets, 

  76. Followed on Twitter @sdbarbee

  77. Followed on Facebook/  Barbara Adams

  78. How would I not use it?  Bread crumbs, salsas, batters, meat and veggie prep, does it have a juicing attachment?  Chopping nuts, making nut butters, deviled eggs, now I’m going to think about it all say long!!!!

  79. I would save my aching hands on all the grating and chopping I do manually. I would love to learn to use it for dough making as well.

  80. for the holiday season I’d start by using this for pie crusts

  81. I would definitely the food processor for every type of pesto. Although, grating is my favorite food processor short cut.

  82. I already subscribe :)

  83. right now, i love to make pie crust with my food processor. I’m itching to try homemade nut butter!

  84. What wouldn’t I use it for? Limitless possibilities for food prep.

  85. @BigHiggaHigga tweeted for Bonus Entry #2.

  86. Shredding bulk cheese and freezing in weighed portions is a real time saver

  87. I am already subscribed

  88. @KDFF follows and tweeted at

  89. Karen Goodwin Delaney likes you both on  Facebook

  90. I suppose I would make some type of salad dressing. My favorite shortcut is making but butters with a food processor!

  91. I already subscribe :)

  92. I have many plans for this MagimixUSA 12-cup Food Processor in my kitchen. I can use it to chop vegetables and fruits, use it to make almond or pecan butter, and to make my peppermint candies a fine crumble for all my Christmas treats I make every year.

    I’ve wanted a food processor over this past year but just can’t afford it right now :(

    I just wanted to say Thank you for giving me an opportunity to enter this wonderful contest and Happy Holidays!

  93. I don’t have a food processor, but I’ve always wanted to use one to make pie crust! Also, I think I would use it a lot for sweet potato chips and fries!

  94. I would use it mostly for food prep but I would also use it for mixing some doughs and batters.  I would love to win a Magimix!!

  95. One of my favorite dishes to prepare is pesto.  This can be the main dish itself or to enhance the taste of another main dish.  Chopping and puree of ingredients is a time saver with a food processor.  Since my current food processor is on its last leg, a new one in the kitchen would make me and the family and our neighbors happy.  It’s the season to entertain so I am hoping that my wish will come true with a Magimix in the kitchen. 

  96. I subscribed!!

  97. I followed Love and Olive and Magimix on Twitter and also tweeted about the giveaway.  @nwgeorgiagirl

  98. I visited both Love and Olive and Magimix on FB…  Sheri P

  99. I love to make soups and they require so much slicing and chopping.   I’d use the Magimix to save me so much time with those recipes.

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