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Magimix 12-cup Food Processor Giveaway

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Magimix® 12-cup Food Processor Giveaway

In the US, we often generically call all food processors Cuisinarts, or at least I do, since that’s what I grew up with. Well in Europe, they have an equivalent, and it’s a Magimix. You don’t get out the food processor… you whip out the magimix.

Turns out Magimix by Robot-Coupe® is the true original, inventing the first food processor for home use in 1971. They originally licensed the product to be sold in the US as Cuisinart, before it eventually split off into its own company. So really, the original Cuisinart is a Magimix. *Mind blown*

I’ve only had my Magimix® for two weeks but so far, I’m in love. It’s by far the best food processor I’ve ever owned. This machine makes easy work of grinding up cookies for pie crust. Powers through peanut butter. And churns out pizza dough like a champ. It’s got a lot of other things going for it, too:

Easy to clean. The bowl doesn’t have any weird seals or nooks and crannies that are impossible to clean. All the removable pieces are also dishwasher safe; always a bonus.

Compact. This 12-cup size is large enough for just about anything I might want to make, and yet the compact base is much smaller and easier to store in my cabinet.

Flexible. With 3 different sized mixing bowls, you can make everything from small batches of pesto to family-sized batches of pizza dough.

Made in France. Magimix® by Robot-Coupe® is one of the only companies to manufacture their own motors and components in Burgundy, France. No Chinese-made equipment here!

Lasting. All Magimix food processors come with a 30-year motor warranty. That’s pretty incredible, considering most other kitchen appliances (or ANY appliances for that matter) are not things I expect to last even 10 years. The fact that this machine I have now should still be running strong in 30 years it’s amazing.

Accessories. In addition to the egg whisk, dough blade, and slicing and grating discs included with the Magimix, you can also find a variety of accessories to make your machine function in ways you’d never believe. I’m talking about a juicing attachment, citrus press, smoothie/puree attachment, creative slicing/grating discs (three words: FRENCH FRY DISC) and even a dough bowl.

Want one of these amazing machines for your kitchen? Click through for your chance to win one (a $350 value!)

Magimix® 12-cup Food Processor Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive a 12-Cup Magimix® Food Processor in Chrome (MSRP $349.95), and accessories including 6, 10, and 12-cup BPA-Free mixing bowls, 2 metal Sabatier blades, dough blade, 2 grating discs, 2 slicing discs, egg whisk, spatula, recipe book, and storage box.

Giveaway is now closed.

Thanks for entering!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to residents of US and Canada only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway sponsored by Magimix® by Robot-Coupe®. I received product for review, but all opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. When making chili, stews, or one-pot meals that require finely chopped onions, peppers, aromatics, etc, I chop them all in a processor instead of painstakingly chopping by hand

  2. I am already subscribed!

  3. I followed on FB.  Karly K

  4. Tweeted! @mrskassay

  5. I love making pesto and pie crust!

  6. I subscribed :)

  7. Followed on Twitter and tweeted @anitindc

  8. Pie crust!!!!!! But, I have to be honest.. Barbara’s mention of cranberry salsa made my mouth water!!!

  9. I’d use it to make pie crust!

  10. I would use it to make pesto and homemade salad dressings!

  11. I am subscribed to your email updates

  12. Following you and @MagimixUSA on twitter. My twitter username is @aacevedo91

  13. Visited your page and Magimix’s Facebook page. My name is Adriana A.

  14. I think I would use it to make soups…

  15. Amanda T.

  16. @racer_reader

  17. I am already a subscriber!

  18. this would be on my counter and out for us all to use to get the most out of it, I’d be able chop, slice, shred w/o effort – I love this and the convenience of all the accessories

  19. J Essad, I follow you both on facebook, amazing posts and recipes

  20. I’ve never owned a food processor! I used my mom’s old one once to make breadcrumbs, but I would love to make homemade pesto, pizza dough, homemade hot chocolate mix and anything else food processors are used for!

  21. Pizza dough is so easy in processor, I like to make almond butter and peanut butter. So much better than store bought. Also nice for veggies for my canning recipes. So many things!

  22. I already recieve your wonderful e-mail!

  23. Terri C  I have like both pages on Facebook for a long time. Really enjoy them

  24. Easy! Guacamole, of course! Getting hungry just thinking about it…

  25. I would use it to shred carrots for carrot cake! I also like to use a food processor for chopping nuts very finely and at Thanksgving blending an herb and salt rub for the turkey.

  26. I subscribe to your emails.

  27. I love to use a food processor to finely chop all the veggies for jambalaya!

  28. I would definitely make my pizza dough! And a pesto for the top! Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. I’m a subscriber!

  30. I would make homemade butters and spreads for Christmas gifts!

  31. Oh my stars, just having a food processor would be great. The one I have is broken and cheap. I can’t even begin to imagine what all my husband and I would do with it.

  32. I subscribe to Love and Olive Oil emails.

  33. I get your emails. It is possible it was with my old email with the beginning “snickel”

  34. Oh man I would use it for crust, for salsa, for pureeing soups – so much!

  35. hummus!!!  it’s so easy and fast, i would never buy it from a store again!

  36. i twitted about the giveaway, my twirter name is yooangel

  37. I’d use the Magimix for slicing veggies and make a fancy ratatouille!

  38. Three words: Tavern. Beer. Cheese.

  39. I like to use the food processor to make pie crust!

  40. I’d use it to make pie crust! I am terrible and I usually cheat with store-bought. Not if I had a food processor! Probably! 

  41. I honestly don’t have a food processor at all and could really use one because I like to cook

  42. I currently have an old HEAVY food processor so I don’t use it very often. I would love a smaller one to help make chopping and pureeing tasks faster!

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  44. chopping veggies in the processor is a real time saver!!! the hubs HATES large chunks of onion and peppers so i have to chop them fairly fine and if i want to get through that without my mascara running, i need a processor i can rely on ;)

  45. email subscriber!

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    Jeannette P. B.

  47. I would make SO MUCH hummus and buttery biscuits!

  48. I am a subscriber, but I am subscribed with a different email address.

  49. I followed both Twitter accounts and tweeted.

  50. I visited both Facebook pages.

  51. I use my food processor almost every day! I love it for making energy bars (chopping dates and nuts), shredding carrots and beets for salads, and making flour out of oats and nuts.  

  52. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  53. I haven’t had a food processor before – it has been on my Christmas and birthday lists for YEARS! But I have great plans for pie crusts and little raw health ball things and other delicious things!

  54. I already subscribe to your emails

  55. to chop nuts for my holiday baking!

  56. I’d use it to make my own pie crust….I always take the lazy route and buy it!

  57. I subscribe through email already :) 

  58. This is amazing! I would love to try making doughs! I almost killed my food processor making almond butter a few weeks ago, yikes.

  59. I would use this to make the Italian cookies I have always wanted to try. They require a pound of almonds to be boiled, skinned and the finely chopped in food processor. This recipe is from my husband’s town in Italy, Sannicandro di Bari. I have never tried because I know I could never chop the nuts fine enough. Merry Christmas.

  60. I love to cook and entertain! As a woman with a disability, quality tools that help me accomplish great recipes are a must!! I’m sure this Magimix food processor fills the bill.  The first thing I’d make would be pizza dough for a fabulous gathering of friends!

  61. @Jenlongdon tweeted!

  62. I’d use it to make hummus and to grind chia/flax seeds. My favorite shortcut is using it to chop onions/carrots.

  63. What would I do?
    What would I DO?
    What WOULDN’T I do?
    My favorite shorcut is pie dough. Using frozen butter (which I have cut into chunks before freezing, because I remembered, maybe). And two tablespoons of cold vodka, which gives you infinite rolling out points. :-)

  64. I have a Robot-Coupe from the late 70s/early 80s that is still going strong. I would love to win this for my 26 year old daughter who has developed a love of cooking.

  65. I love making pesto and hummus, quick and easy!

  66. I subscribe by email!

  67. I follow both on Facebook, Tricia R!

  68. I would never shred carrots for carrot cake ever again!

  69. I have subscribed to your email list

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  71. Slicing anything that needs slicing, and dicing the rest!

  72. Following and tweeted!

  73. I would love a Magimix, especially for making pie crust. I would also use it often to shred carrots for my carrot cake recipe. It would be a very useful tool to have in the kitchen.

  74. I already subscribe to e-mail.

  75. Lisa H (I follow Love & Olive Oil on Facebook. I have also Liked Magimix as well.)

  76. Definitely for just chopping everything together in the kitchen! Ain’t nobody got time to stand over a counter and chop everything manually

  77. I would use it to make fresh homemade pesto!

  78. My favorite food processor shortcut is using it to make pie crust.

  79. Pie crust! To make dough and chop cookies!

  80. I love using my food processor for pie crust. Mine doesn’t have a grating disk, and  can think of many times I’d use that to save some time in the kitchen.

  81. I’m an email subscriber.

  82. I have met the requirements

  83. I would love to use this magimix for slicing and shredding. My fingernails and knuckles will thank you.

  84. I am subscribed.

  85. I tweeted again today:

  86. In the event I would come across a magic mixer, I would process backyard acorns to make a light flour to add to all my doughs! ;D

  87. I would chop veggies with this. So much of my time is spent prepping things. This Magimix would seriously lighten my time spent in the kitchen for sure. 

  88. I subscribe via email.

  89. For a shortcut, I make my caesar salad dressing in my food processor… Would love to make it in the Megamix!

  90. The Megamix would be great for homemade bread crumbs, using old homemade bread.

  91. I tweeted this great draw @dongxi1984

  92. I used it to make the pestro source when I had the basil bloomed in my garden.  Best way to chop and mix all ingredients.

  93. Hanukkah is coming up, so I would use it to shred potatoes for latkes. *fingers crossed*

  94. I love making pie crust in a food processor. Such a time saver!!

  95. This looks amazing! I would use a new processor for all things in the kitchen- nut butters, shredding veggies, mixing up doughs, and probably a million other things. I currently don’t have a food processor so this would be a great kitchen addition!

  96. Sara W just liked you and Magimix on Facebook.

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