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Golden Blossom Honey Recipes + a Giveaway!

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It’s been a sweet year here in the Love & Olive Oil kitchen, that’s for sure. And one big reason for that has been our ongoing partnership with Golden Blossom Honey. We’ve developed a series of 7 recipes over the course of the year for the Golden Blossom website, and figured it was high time we shared those recipes with you, too.

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Honey Vanilla Pots de Creme

When developing honey recipes, we tried as often as possible to use the honey as the main sweetener in lieu of refined sugars. These rich and creamy Honey Vanilla Pots de Creme do just that, the natural sweetness of honey providing the perfect amount of sweetness and subtle floral flavor to compliment the vanilla bean. Think of it like a crème brûlée without the brûlée (though you could certainly caramelize some sugar on top if you so desired).

Golden Blossom Honey Recipes

We initially developed this addicting Honey Almond Matzo Crunch Bark for passover, but it’d be a perfect Hanukkah treat too, with a chewy honey-caramel layer that’s mixed with crunchy matzo, covered in melted chocolate and sprinkled with slivered almonds and flaked sea salt. The Poached Eggs on Brioche with Honeyed Berry Gastrique is one of our personal favorites, with buttery brioche and a honey-sweetened fruit sauce drizzled on top. It was inspired by a breakfast I enjoyed on a trip to Medford, Oregon last year, and have not been able to get it out of my head since.

I’m always looking for satisfying snacks, and these No-Bake Fig & Honey Granola Bars fit the bill. With honey, dried figs, and dates for sweetness and flavorful nuts and cashew butter for protein and flavor, these bars are the perfect after-school snack or post-workout energy boost.

And for football season, well, these Baked Honey Bourbon BBQ Chicken Wings are sure to please. These flavorful wings feature a sweet honey barbecue sauce that is spiked with bourbon. The sauce itself would be equally fabulous slathered on pork or chicken breasts.

Pistachio White Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

These Pistachio White Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches feature a rich pistachio honey ice cream sandwiched in between two white chocolate pistachio cookies. The pistachio makes for a unique flavor and a pop of color in place of the more typical macadamia nuts.

Pan-Seared Duck Breasts with Honey and Dried Figs

We created this Pan-Seared Duck Breasts with Honey and Dried Figs recipe for passover/Easter, but really the deliciousness could be served all year round. I mean, talk about a perfect Thanksgiving recipe for two.

Golden Blossom Honey Giveaway - Win a Year's Supply of Honey + a Honeybee Gift Set valued at $150!

As if these recipes weren’t sweet enough, Golden Blossom Honey has generously sponsored on amazing gift set for one luckly L&OO reader! This sweet giveaway includes a full year’s supply of honey (that’s an entire case!) and some other adorable (and delicious!) honey-themed items I’ve put together to sweeten the deal even more.

One lucky winner will receive:

For a total value of approximately $150. Golden Blossom honey will ship the case of honey directly to you, and the other products will be ordered and shipped to you from World Market.

Giveaway is now closed.

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  1. I heart honey .My go to honey recipes are Baklava, Honey Fried Noodles with Ice cream and Honey glazed chicken. Honey is the best! 

  2. I use honey in baklava, my favorite!

  3. Honey lemon tea cakes.  Though, honestly, I just love taking teaspoon and enjoying right from the jar, too.  :)

  4. I love to put it in quick bread; it makes them extra delicious.

  5. Chicken m

  6. Chicken marinade

  7. I love honey in anything I bake!

  8. I love to make homemade sopapillas with honey!

  9. We use hony all the time – we NEVER use refined white sugar. I bake with honey and use it instead of suagr – about 3/4 the quantity of sugar and then reduce the other liquids by 1/4. My husband LOVES my homemade bread with honey, and if we get a cold, a half tablespoon of honey with 1/4 tsp of cinnamon twice a day is pleasant medicine!

  10. Hot tea with honey every morning. It’s a good life.

  11. I followed both Golden Blossom Honey and Love and Ollive Oil – user name @m_lillian

  12. I make a mean honey fruit cake which tastes very, very nice!

  13. Love the chicken and apple recipe that is on the golden Blossom Honey site. Have used it many autumns.

  14. Favorite way to use honey: On baked salmon fillets: Just mix equal parts Golden Blossom Honey and any spicy brown or Dijon mustard in equal parts. Spread over top and sides of salmon fillets and bake at 375. Mixing the mustard and honey also works on baked chicken.

  15. Simple is best – honey licked off the spoon.

    But more complicated is in duck breast a l’orange both in sauce and dribbled on the duck just before serving. Both ways are awesome.

  16. I love honey in oatmeal!

  17. I make a great dish with shrimp scampi (frozen) honey mustard and honey and apricot jam it is wonderful it is from another site but your recipe for Asian Style Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp is printed and I plan on making it for dinner for me and hubby, sounds great.

  18. I love to add honey to my cornbread. Since I started adding it to my cornbread, my cornbread has been super moist.

  19. I subscribe to Love and Olive Oil via email and I enjoy reading your recipes and articles.

  20. Honey, mustard and oil on roasted potatoes !

  21. I use honey in my coffee every morning, it is the best. I also use it in my sauces when grilling to get a good tasting, sticky, finger licking coat to stay on.

  22. I love replacing sugar with honey in baking, but I also love mixing honey with peanut butter and quinoa! Hot or cold: yum.

  23. I love using honey in recipes in place of sugar as well. I also love using honey in my tea as a sweetener.

  24. I’m an email subscriber

  25. I love using Golden Blossom Honey on chicken with garlic. I also use it to make glazed carrots. My husband has made the Holiday Honey Cake every year since it was published in The Beeline in 2004. It is always a hit with family and friends!

  26. I like to put Golden Blossom Honey in my hot tea and greek yogurt.

  27. I try to use honey in baking whenever the sub is possible.. Always for granola too!

  28. I love honey in my granola bars and oddly enough it is amazing in a grilled cheese!

  29. When I was a little girl, every year in November, I would help my Grandma begin to make Italian Christmas cookies.  She would make the dough, roll it out on a large wooden board and then cut it into long serrated strips with a tool that looked a little like a pizza cutter with a serrated round part.
    I had my own very small wooden one of these tools, which I still have today.  We would then braid these strips, make them into a circle and fry them in oil.  Then they would get dipped into a frying pan filled with warm Golden Blossom Honey.
    They of course had to pass the “taste test” and I was the Taste Tester.  They were and still are delicious and addictive.
    One year my cousin went on a game show and won 100 bottles of Sue Bee  Honey.  He gave Grandma some bottles and she tried 1 out on the cookies and we threw out the whole batch.  Never again did we use anything but Golden Blossom Honey. The tradition has gone on for as long as I’ve been alive (63 years) and I’m sure longer, if you add on all the years she was making them before I was born.

  30. honey lace cookies!

  31. I love using this in pizza dough and a sweetener in muffins!

  32. I am subscribed by email to your posts!

  33. I use honey in my tea and also sometimes in my coffee daily.  I make my own fruit waters and add honey to those, and use it in breakfast bars.

  34. Love honey on a biscuit or bagel!

  35. I already subscribe to emails.

  36. I love to use honey for baking cookies, granola bars, cakes etc.
    For cooking, I like to use honey in marinades or vinaigrettes for my grain salads or green ones.

  37. I love to eat honey on a piece of bread with peanut butter. So good!

  38. I love to add honey to my oatmeal in the morning!

  39. Keep it simple – spread it on toast!

  40. subscribed to your e-newsletter!

  41. I follow @loveandoliveoil and @GldnBlossmHoney on Twitter. I tweeted about the giveaway as well. I subscribe to Love & Olive Oil via email (love it!). Last but not least, I now like you guys on FB. Thank you!

  42. I love using honey in my smoothies and when I make salad dressing 

  43. I love honey in my green tea and I love to drizzle it on pound cake.

  44. I like to make my own honey-mustard sauce or dressing. I also put honey in my potato salad.

  45. I love to make Protein Balls with honey!! They are so good and good for me! Honey makes food taste so much better and I don’t feel as guilty eating!!

  46. I’m subscribed to the L&OO e-newsletter

  47. Honey bread. 

  48. I’m an email subscriber, too.

  49. While I grew up eating honey on good whole wheat bread (still a favorite),  the new favorite is Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings.

  50. While I grew up eating honey on good whole wheat bread (still a favorite),  the new favorite is Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings.

  51. While I grew up eating honey on good whole wheat bread (still a favorite),  the new favorite is Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings.

  52. Honey mead and granola, sometimes on roasted nuts. But best of all on hot bread with butter!

  53. I use honey in my coffee and I make granola with honey.  I love honey

  54. Honey is my key ingredient to whip up a simple glaze for roasted veggies!

  55. Love honey, I put it on my toast every morning.

  56. I love honey drizzled on my plain greek yogurt and also in my tea.  thanks!

  57. I like to use honey to make muffins rather than refined sugar!

  58. I already subscribe to your email newsletters-thanks!

  59. My favorite way to use is honey is to dip a spoon into the jar and eat it or to lick my fingers when working with my hives – I am a beekeeper.  Needless to say I LOVE honey and honeybees!  when cooking with honey I like to use it in salad dressings and cookies.

  60. I love honey on my morning oatmeal and in my afternoon tea!

  61. I don’t usually cook or bake with honey, but I love it in my afternoon tea! And I can’t imagine biscuits without honey!!!

  62. I already subscribe via email!

  63. I’ve usually only used honey in my tea or on my biscuits, but now that I’ve read some of these posts…I’m going to try it drizzled on my yogurt.

  64. Already following on Twitter :-)

  65. My favorite way to work with Honey, is to in my tea, especially during allergy season. I also love to make honey butter for sandwiches and toast.

  66. I love honey in cornbread!

  67. I use honey in grilling, and to sweeten my tea, and in baking, and oatmeal, and… many ways!

  68. I subscribe to L&OO newsletter via email.

  69. I love to put honey on my roasted Brussels sprouts.  Just enough sweetness to give it flavor but not make it sugary. 

  70. I LOVE using honey! I substitute it for sugar whenever I get the chance. My favorites are granola, pizza crust, homemade jam, crispy honey chicken…practically everywhere!

  71. My favorite way to bake with honey is paired with lemon. The two flavors are made for each other!  Honey with whole grain flours is another fabulous combination. 

  72. I am a happy subscriber of your blog! 

  73. I am a subscriber! <3

  74. I made a delicious honey cookie and sandwich some homemade marshmallow creme between two. So delicious!

  75. I like both on Facebook: Kristin Klatka

  76. I subscribe to the blog!

  77. I like to make a glaze with honey and apple cider vinegar for my chili chicken thighs. I have subscribed to the newsletter and liked on Facebook.  

  78. Drizzled over top some thick Greek yogurt and raspberries.

  79. I use honey quite a bit. The family loves it on biscuits! I use it in my granola and on my oatmeal. Would love to win this great package of prizes, they look wonderful! Have never tried this honey and it looks so good–I would love to have it to use all winter!!!

  80. I am already subscribed to your newsletter! Love it!!

  81. I always put a little honey in my homemade bread dough! :)

  82. I “liked” Love and Olive Oil and Golden Blossom Honey on Facebook.

  83. I am already an email subscriber!

  84. I subscribe!!

  85. Mmmmm, honey-curry glazed Cornish game hens!!!

  86. A really simple side dish of honey-glazed carrots is a favorite at our house. I also like to use honey when I’m baking bread. And in smoothies, and with yogurt, and so many other ways!

  87. I’m already an email subscriber to Love And Olive Oil.

  88. I love using honey in preparing my favorite honey sesame chicken recipe. It is so delicious on jasmine rice! 

  89. I like Love & Olive Oil and Golden Blossom Honey on Facebook. 

  90. I follow @loveandoliveoil and @GldnBlossmHoney on Twitter and tweeted, as @NotherAnneOther (Anne Other).

  91. I like both Love & Olive Oil and Golden Blossom Honey on Facebook as Anne Other.

  92. Honey is so great in hot tea…especially when you have a scratchy throat.

  93. I like to use honey in glazes for meats and vegetables, and for honey butter on toast. My absolute favorite way right now is a tiny drizzle on a warm corn cookie.

  94. I’m on your email subscription list.

  95. I already subscribe.

  96. I like both pages on Facebook as Carol Mattox

  97. I liked both on FB (Amy Maddux Cooley).

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