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Golden Blossom Honey Recipes + a Giveaway!

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It’s been a sweet year here in the Love & Olive Oil kitchen, that’s for sure. And one big reason for that has been our ongoing partnership with Golden Blossom Honey. We’ve developed a series of 7 recipes over the course of the year for the Golden Blossom website, and figured it was high time we shared those recipes with you, too.

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Honey Vanilla Pots de Creme

When developing honey recipes, we tried as often as possible to use the honey as the main sweetener in lieu of refined sugars. These rich and creamy Honey Vanilla Pots de Creme do just that, the natural sweetness of honey providing the perfect amount of sweetness and subtle floral flavor to compliment the vanilla bean. Think of it like a crème brûlée without the brûlée (though you could certainly caramelize some sugar on top if you so desired).

Golden Blossom Honey Recipes

We initially developed this addicting Honey Almond Matzo Crunch Bark for passover, but it’d be a perfect Hanukkah treat too, with a chewy honey-caramel layer that’s mixed with crunchy matzo, covered in melted chocolate and sprinkled with slivered almonds and flaked sea salt. The Poached Eggs on Brioche with Honeyed Berry Gastrique is one of our personal favorites, with buttery brioche and a honey-sweetened fruit sauce drizzled on top. It was inspired by a breakfast I enjoyed on a trip to Medford, Oregon last year, and have not been able to get it out of my head since.

I’m always looking for satisfying snacks, and these No-Bake Fig & Honey Granola Bars fit the bill. With honey, dried figs, and dates for sweetness and flavorful nuts and cashew butter for protein and flavor, these bars are the perfect after-school snack or post-workout energy boost.

And for football season, well, these Baked Honey Bourbon BBQ Chicken Wings are sure to please. These flavorful wings feature a sweet honey barbecue sauce that is spiked with bourbon. The sauce itself would be equally fabulous slathered on pork or chicken breasts.

Pistachio White Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

These Pistachio White Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches feature a rich pistachio honey ice cream sandwiched in between two white chocolate pistachio cookies. The pistachio makes for a unique flavor and a pop of color in place of the more typical macadamia nuts.

Pan-Seared Duck Breasts with Honey and Dried Figs

We created this Pan-Seared Duck Breasts with Honey and Dried Figs recipe for passover/Easter, but really the deliciousness could be served all year round. I mean, talk about a perfect Thanksgiving recipe for two.

Golden Blossom Honey Giveaway - Win a Year's Supply of Honey + a Honeybee Gift Set valued at $150!

As if these recipes weren’t sweet enough, Golden Blossom Honey has generously sponsored on amazing gift set for one luckly L&OO reader! This sweet giveaway includes a full year’s supply of honey (that’s an entire case!) and some other adorable (and delicious!) honey-themed items I’ve put together to sweeten the deal even more.

One lucky winner will receive:

For a total value of approximately $150. Golden Blossom honey will ship the case of honey directly to you, and the other products will be ordered and shipped to you from World Market.

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  1. So many yummy recipes! I like to make granola bars and honey cake with honey!

  2. I made an out-of-this-world honey frosting for a chai cake — clearly I couldn’t fully replace the sugar, but it was still wonderful! I’ve been known to make some pretty okay honey-vanilla cookies too! I just love the flavor it gives. (Although I might be a bad Vermonter for baking with honey more often than maple syrup….oops!)

  3. Probably my family’s baklava recipe, though I love honey in its more natural state slathered on a piece of bread or as sweetener for tea,

  4. I already subscribe via email.

  5. My favourite way to cook with honey is probably in oatmeal. Thanks for posting this!

  6. I have a pumpkin spice and honey cookie recipe that I love, and in glazes, sauces, honey is the best!

  7. I love making challah with honey!

  8. My favorite was to bake with honey is to make homemade granola and granola bars. I also love to make delicious oatmeal and honey bread.

  9. Does brewing count? My husband and I brew a honey wheat beer that is fabulous, and uses a ton of honey.

  10. I have a wonderful Challah recipe with loads of honey in it and some brushed on top in the form of an egg wash, it is addicting!

  11. I love using honey in granola or cookies!

  12. I already subscribe to the newsletter!

  13. I tweeted the giveaway: @ jarslikejam

  14. I follow you both on Facebook: kel.lesko

  15. My favorite way to use honey is in marinades and more savory dishes. Of course, it’s always yummy on top of cornbread and English muffins, too!

  16. I love adding honey to my homemade granola recipes.  Makes the clusters nice and crispy :-)

  17. I haven’t cooked with honey much in the past, but I’m becoming more and more interested in cooking–especially baking–with less refined sugar. Honey is a great first step for someone like me who’s never even considered the merits of palm sugar vs. date sugar vs. whatever else is out there before.

  18. I use it in a marinade for my mom’s chicken leg recipe.

  19. Honey lime chicken is very tasty. Original recipe has lots of dairy which we don’t use, but modified to our needs. Looking forward to your newsletter.

  20. My favourite way to cook with honey is by using it as a sweetener in homemade granola! But probably my favourite way to just eat it is: Toast+butter+honey+sea salt… Mmmm!

  21. I love using honey in pound cake to make it moist and delicious! 

  22. I Like both pages on Facebook – Kaoru Yamamoto

  23. I love any kind of baked good that has honey in it, and I love putting it in a mug of green tea.

  24. I love baking with honey and these recipes are so enticing, XOXO

  25. i love it in some greek yogurt,

  26. Last summer I discovered a cocktail called “the Bee’s Knees”, made with a honey simple syrup. Yum!

  27. I like to make honey apple tartlets.

  28. I really love it in tea, but I also add it to my pizza dough!

  29. Honey and oatmeal are a great combo.

  30. My favorite way to use honey is the most basic. I often just take a spoonful and let it warm and melt down my throat. I love the taste of honey and having it straight out of the jar, I can really taste all of the individual nuances of the specific honey. I also use it in tea, and in other goods. But my favorite is just straight out of the jar. Thanks for this amazing giveaway. Good luck to all.

  31. I love making browned honey butter to spread on home made bread. Hands down my favorite combination of things, but honey makes it happen. 

  32. I am a follower of your Blog. Thanks.

  33. I use honey in a lot of my sauces

  34. I love adding honey as a sweetener to oatmeal or smoothies

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  38. I love to pair honey with anything tea- cakes, custards, you name it! 

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  40. Cookies and salad dressing!!

  41. I followed both of you on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway – @sockmonkeydiva

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  45. My favorite way to use honey is in my hot tea!

  46. I love using honey as a drizzle on oatmeal or syrup on banana pancakes :D

  47. I use honey in my BBQ sauce recipe.

  48. I use honey in my energy bar recipe. It’s a must have ingredient for all kinds of recipes at my house!

  49. Honey in vanilla bean (or any flavor) of homemade ice cream is amazing. Subtle, floral sweetness.

  50. I subscribe to all the L&OO emails. 

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    Mary Wright

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  53. Hmmm honey..,pe

  54. I Follow @loveandoliveoil and @GldnBlossmHoney on twitter and tweeted: @cowladydeland

  55. My favorite way to use honey is in granola homemade granola!

  56. It’s gotta be baklava!!

  57. I substitute honey for sugar in a lot of things!

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    shankyouverymuch11 at yahoo dot com

  59. I add honey to my bananabread recipe

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  62. My favorite way to cook with honey is to make bbq sauce from scratch so I can make Whiskey Bacon (basically honey bbq sauce changing stuff)

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  66. I love to make baklava with honey :)

  67. I love adding honey to plain yogurt. So good.

  68. I subscribe to your list :)

  69. In EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. I love using honey 

  71. I love making applesauce with honey, it adds such a nice mellow flavor

  72. There is one recipe I make with pumpkin that calls for five tablespoons of honey but I make it only around the Fall. But We love to put honey in our tea and honey on our toast. My husband makes a wonderful coffeecake that is a honey coffee cake and it is delicious.

  73. I like to make honey vanilla ice cream!

  74. I am subscribed to your newsletter.

  75. Straight honey from the bottle is how I cook with it. Right into my mouth. :)

  76. I love to use honey on cakes, especially on cinnamon apple honey cake!

  77. Follow all on twitter and tweeted as @AlinaConn

  78. Already an email subscriber.

  79. Typically as a sugar replacement in baked goods. Honey is a nice way to subtly change the flavor of lightly flavored cakes and or even some sauces. Although I’ve though about cutting it with a bit of water and using it as a syrup replacement on pancakes as well.

  80. I like to use honey in ice cream. Because nothing is better than ice cream.

  81. Mmm… I rather use it for oat coockies, mixed with banana and chocolate.
    Love this site!

  82. My favorite that I grew up with and the learned how to make on my own was the Honey Flan. DELICIOUS!

  83. I haven’t done much cooking with honey but love it in tea or on toast.

  84. I subscribe to Love & Olive Oil via email.

  85. Follow both on and tweeted: @connsean71

  86. I’m a subscriber.  

  87. In tea, I need to cook with it more

  88. I love a little honey in salad dressings.  Also very nice in a fall cocktail! 

  89. I love honey! My favoirte way to cook with it is super simple: the classic hot toddy. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  90. I like to pour honey on oatmeal or cream of wheat and make honey-butter for toast (mostly because it reminds me of my grandmother).

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  95. Honey is my go-to sweetener for everything from baking, cooking, and just throwing it in my favorite smoothies!  I also use it in homemade bath scrubs as well.

  96. I follow @loveandoliveoil and @GldnBlossmHoney on Twitter.

  97. I enjoy honey on buttered toast. I also enjoy adding honey to my oatmeal.

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