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Tart Cherry Giveaway

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Tart Cherry Giveaway valued at over $400!

Following up yesterday’s EPIC cherry pie recipe, I’m excited to offer an amazing tart cherry giveaway valued at over $400, brought to you by the Cherry Marketing Institute. I’ve loved exploring this new-to-me culinary ingredient, and I know you will too!

One lucky winner will receive a prize pack containing over $400 worth of tart cherry goodness, including frozen tart cherries, tart cherry juice, dried tart cherries, this versatile Le Creuset Cookware Set in cherry red ($199.95) and matching Le Creuset Silicone Cooking Tools Set ($85), and this adorable Anthropologie Apron ($32).

With a prize like that you can truly cook up a storm and look good doing it. Click through for your chance to win!

Giveaway is now closed.

Thanks for entering!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to US residents only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway sponsored by Cherry Marketing Institute. As always, all opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. I would make scones with the dried cherries. 

  2. Ice cream!

  3. My first thought was scones.  :)

  4. A lattice top pie is always called for when tart cherries are available. 

  5. A cherry sauce to top vanilla icecream

  6. pie or muffins

  7. already subscribed to the newsletter!

  8. Definitely pie!

  9. Cherry gastrique and some cherry pates de fruits!

  10. Cherry hand pies!

  11. Tart cherry margaritas! 

  12. I would use the juice in a buttercream frosting. Not sure what kind of cupcake it’d top, though. The dried cherries chopped up could be delicious in cookies!

  13. I subscribed!

  14. no question. cherry pie!

  15. White chocolate cherry (dried) cookies!

  16. Tweeted about the giveaway! @planning4paris

  17. Cherry iced cream! 

  18. A blueberry and tart cherry pie with a cinnamon oatmeal crumble on top.

  19. Subscribed!

  20. Followed both accounts on Pinterest! @meaganweaver

  21. I would try that delicious looking pie you posted! Yum

  22. I made a fantastic cherry upside down cake once – I’d probably try that again! I’m following both of you on Pinterist, username jgarfink.

  23. Oh, man! I would LOVE to win this! As a born-and-bred Michigander, I think tart cherries are the best. We can’t seem to find them up here in Maine, though –I have to make my family bring them to me from Michigan. I planted a tree this year, but it’ll be at least a few years before we get a crop from it. Anyway, if I won, I’d make preserved cherries — they’re absolutely perfect in a manhattan, and my stock from last year is almost gone!

  24. follow you on pinterest

  25. Subscribed to email!

  26. Cherry crumble!

  27. I would make a cherry almond crisp!

  28. Following on Pinterest! @ellenmelon10

  29. I follow you on Pinterest (shannon0e)!

  30. I love adding dried cherries to my salads!

  31. One of my favorite salads is: shredded kale, almonds, dried tart cherries, and goat cheese. 

  32. I’m a love & olive oil email subscriber! 

  33. I would make a beautiful cherry pie!

  34. Following on Twitter!

  35. Following on pinterest!

  36. I would make a tart cherry galette!

  37. Goat cheese ice cream with the cherries swirled in!

  38. Tart cherry and basil cocktail!

  39. Cherry pie!

  40. hand pies or turnovers!

  41. I would like to make a panna cotta with tart cherry juice!

  42. hand pies. i love a cherry hand pie.

  43. I’m already subscribed to your email list :)

  44. I follow both of you on Twitter, and just tweeted about the giveaway.

  45. I follow you both on Pinterest, too :)

  46. Why am I thinking chicken salad with cherries (instead of apples or grapes)?! But of course, cherry pie would be the winner. . . always. ;)

  47. I’d have to make a pie! I love making pies, and have never made a tart cherry one.

  48. Oh man. All those things look completely awesome.
    I think the frozen tart cherries would be pie, because I love pie and it’s an excuse to make some vanilla ice cream. 
    The dried cherries would go in scones, because I’ve just recently discovered how awesome scones are.

  49. My pinterest username is: portionforfoxen

  50. Cherry Cheese Danishes !

  51. Dried cherry and white chocolate chip cookies

  52. A cherry crisp!

  53. Mmm… A tart cherry cobbler or crisp, served warm with vanilla ice cream! 

  54. I’d make cherry ice cream!

  55. I tweeted @stephiek1984

  56. Already subscribed via email! :) 

  57. A pasta salad with tart cherries and feta. 

  58. cherry pie!

  59. I would make cherry pie.

  60. I’d have to make a tart cherry pie. There’s nothing I want more.

  61. I subscribe by email!

  62. I would love to make a homemade cherry pie!

  63. Cherry pie!!

  64. I followed on pinterest! My username is realmarshmallow

  65. Dried tart cherry waffles or maybe syrup.

  66. Cherry and dark chocolate ice cream!

  67. I’d make pie of course!

  68. Following both Love & Olive Oil and Tart Cherries on pinterest!

  69. I’m already subscribed to the Love & Olive Oil newsletter!

  70. A slab pie! It looks like a giant toaster streudel and encasing those bright tart cherries with puff pastry. Yum!

  71. I would make cheesecake with a layer of cherry compote. And maybe some chocolate on top. 

  72. I’ve never made cherry pie, so I think I’d make a lattice top pie to start!

  73. Apple Tart Cherry Pie… my favorite!

  74. I would make a cherry pie!

  75. I’m an email subscriber! 

  76. Sour cherry milkshakes from Hungry Monkey and  dried cherry and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. 

  77. I would make a cherry upside-down cake.  I usually use cranberries but I think the cherries would be an amazing substitution.

  78. My pinterest name is Kari Dehe. Love, love, love sour cherries!

  79. I’d make a cherry almond chutney for baked Brie..

  80. I’m a subscriber!

  81. Jam! Or scones!

  82. Pinterest name, cmcm42.

  83. Cherry crisp using frozen cherries

  84. I would make a crumble using the cherries! 

  85. I would definitely make ice cream :-)

  86. I already subscribe to the email newsletter – it’s great!

  87. I would make cherry pie!

  88. Tart cherry ice cream sounds like perfection to me right now! That’s what I would do first. Then your pie.

  89. I follow on Pinterest.

  90. I subscribe to your email newsletter.

  91. My husband loves cherry pie and that is exactly what I would be making

  92. I subscribe to your email newslatter

  93. I love making homemade protein and energy bars with dried cherries. Mix them with some flaky or wet coconut, some almond milk and a bit of raw energy powder with a dark chocolate coat and let them set in that fine Tart Cherries ceramic ware. Healthy and delicious!

  94. I’d love to try and make a cherry pie.

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