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Vitamix 5200 Blender Giveaway

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Vitamix® 5200 Blender Giveaway

‘Tis the month for fabulous giveaways, apparently. I sure don’t hear anyone complaining. (You guys love giveaways as much as I do, that much is obvious). And speaking of, don’t forget that today is the last day to enter the DeLallo giveaway for your chance to win a year’s worth of whole wheat pasta. Carbolicious.

Today, however, one lucky L&OO reader will win a Vitamix 5200 Blender! I am SO excited to be able to give one of these away today, considering it really is one of the most used appliances in our kitchen.

Let me tell you, this thing is WAY MORE than just a blender.

Take yesterday’s no-bake pie, for example. Not only does it liquefy bananas, it also crushes cookies, grinds fresh homemade peanut butter, AND whips cream in under 10 seconds flat. In Vitamix-less kitchens, you’d need 3 different appliances to accomplish the same thing. And I don’t know about you but I really (truly) don’t want to wash 3 different appliances.

How’s that for a prize worth winning? Don’t wait another second, click through for your chance to win!

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

Congratulations to Kelly, comment #945, the randomly selected winner of this giveaway! Hooray!

The fine print: Winner will receive a Vitamix 5200 blender in black, MSRP $449.00. No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to residents of the US and Canada only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway sponsored by Vitamix®. As always, all opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. I would make a smoothie.  Seriously, we make them every day!  But, after that, I’d try making my own almond milk.

  2. I subscribed to your email list!

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  7. I would make a really thick smoothie!

  8. I just followed you on pinterest my username is – itsmetinkerlina

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  10. I just subscribed!

  11. I have always wanted to visit Serendipity in New York and try out their Frozen Hot Chocolate. I’ve heard they are divine!!! As I live out west and New York is a long way from here, I’ve tracked down a recipe that is supposed to be like the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate of Serendipity’s. That’s what I would love to try whipping up first in my new Vitamix Blender!

  12. I would make fresh strawberry ice cream!  Strawberries are in season now-yum!

  13. Spirulina berry frozen yogurt!

  14. Pina colada

  15. I would do a banana smoothie that I love with honey.  Love in a cup. 

  16. Tuna salad with a little olive oil instead of mayo. And mustard seed. And celery. And apple chunks. And golden raisins. And dill weed. And lemon juice. And parsley.

    And then I’d put it on a bed of arugula with two thick slices of tomato on top, and stuff the whole lot between a couple slices of gently toasted Powerseed bread.

  17. I do not own a blender and I have been wanting to make homemade cashew butter for the longest time so I desperately need this vitamix!

  18. Oh boy. Blended sweet potato and leek soup with onion and orange marmalade. Add some chunks of herb-roasted chicken and dip some thick chunks of crusty bread to take it from side to meal.

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  22. potato leek soup!  Yummy!

  23. Chocolate peanut butter

  24. Your comment about the peanut butter made my mouth water. I happen to love pb & mashed bananas on toast so I would try to figure out the best way to make that combo happen first. Yum.

  25. I’m a subscriber already. Bonus!

  26. I follow @loveandoliveoil and @Vitamix on twitter and I tweeted this giveaway (my Twitter name is dcg2u) – Bonus #2! Thanks :)

  27. Spanakopita. Blend up spinach, feta, egg, and onions…layer into some fresh phyllo dough. Brush with egg yolk & butter and bake.

  28. Mystery nut butter! 

  29. For Sunday brunch, Hollandaise! Egg yolks, lemon juice, s&p, butter. Drizzle over a poached egg and rasher of bacon on a hot buttered English muffin. I’m slavering just thinking about it.

  30. I want to make banana peanutbutter creamless ice cream!

  31. I would make hot tomato soup!

  32. I would make  avocado  apple ice cream

  33. I would experiment making all sorts of varieties of hummus!

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  36. Nut butter! 

  37. I would try to make ice cream or almond butter!

  38. I would make chocolate smoothies!

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  41. would love a vitamix for green smoothies & vegan desserts

  42. Tortilla Soup.

  43. Mango Margarita!!!

  44. Creamy cauliflower soup with white beans, I LOVE it!

  45. Would love to make some hummus and multiple different blended aji sauces for my Peruvian mom :)

  46. Just subscribed to the newsletter! Hope to be making some homemade peanut butter soon!

  47. Just tweeted! Help a girl out with a necessary sauce blend! Thanks!

  48. meant to say, just tweeted for that extra entry love! @gunsnbutterdc

  49. I’ve been meaning to make a butternut squash soup – the Vitamix would make it so easy.

  50. I would definitely be making homemade hummus and other spreads! 

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  52. I’d make banana “nice” cream!

  53. pistachio or cashew butter

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  56. I would make almond milk/cashew ice cream! Probably in the flavor of magic bar!

    I followed you on twitter and tweeted: @strivetobefitt
    And subscribed!

  57. Oops did this wrong. Followed on twitter:strivetobefitt

  58. I think I would like to make up my own soup recipe with my new Vitamix. Soup would be great since it has been so cold. It will be a fresh veggie base with garlic and other spices, yet to be determined. Maybe some hot Italian sausage from Marshallville Meats. Chunk bite sized golden potatoes. Hmmmm, I will finish the recipe when I am making it with my new Vitamix that I so would LOVE to win!

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  62. being a health care professional (neonatal icu nurse) and a yoga and healthy health food affectionado- I am interested In making myself and family very conscious of good food choices and the ingredients we put in our bodies. THE FIRST THING I WOULD MAKE IF I WIN is a blended soup either hot or cold depending on the choice of ingredients. it will be packed with ingredients high in antioxidents, vits b6 b12 and betacarotene. It will be made with high fiber ingredients, low in sodium and use a lot of fresh herbs. Yummy! I appreciate this opportunity to win Michele block 4436040002 3809 tabor road owings mills md 21117

  63. i’d make a blended soup either veg or fruit packed with ingredients high in fiber antioxidents beta carotene vits c b6 and b12. we are what we eat.

  64. I would definitely make a raw pasta sauce to go on my zucchini noodles! :)

  65. I would love to make a raw pasta sauce for my zucchini noodles! 

    Pinterest: Katieahonen

  66. Shortcut pastry and an easy cream cheese filling..yum! 

  67. I would make some soup.

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  70. I’d make a roasted cauliflower soup, purée in Vitamix and serve with toasted cumin oil, yogurt and cilantro

  71. Smoothie! 

  72. I would make homemade almond butter… Without all the added sugar and additives from store brands.!

  73. I would whip up filling for a chocolate chiffon pie.

  74. Golden Potato-Cauliflower Soup!

  75. I’d make almond milk/almond flour!  Been wanting to try it, but am doubtful my cheapo Hamilton Beach blender can handle it.

  76. Ice cream – I’ve always wanted to try ice cream in a Vitamix. Pure vanilla loaded with homemade oreos :)

  77. I would whip up a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup! Yum! Thanks!

  78. Twitter name: @nikkimccain – I tweeted. 

  79. I would whip up the best aioli or the best caeser dressing or anything else that I love on the planet. That is what I would do. Yep.

  80. Peanut butter! Or almond milk!

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  83. Love this.  Signed up to follow on Pinterest 

  84. Potato leek soup or frozen banana ice cream!

  85. Homemade baby food!

  86. So many things to whip up.  I’d make something sweet.  I’d whip up some tomato soup for tomato soup cupcakes and cream cheese forsting.  

  87. I’d finally make a smoothie w/ berries and NOT be inundated with relentless amounts of seeds! Need a Vitamix in my life.

  88. I would make hummus. Im dying to recreate a local restaurants hummus…itbis simply the best.

  89. I want to make some whipped cream. Yum!

  90. Tweeted!  @mnmcneely

  91. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream! 

  92. I’d make ALL the soups! :D

  93. Subscribed!

  94. My son is quadriplegic and would love to have me believe that macaroni and cheese is a vegetable, so in my new Vitamix, I would make the first sneakily healthy organic concoction that I can find a great recipe for!

  95. I would make asparagus soup…

  96. Homemade mayonnaise!

  97. I would whip up a batch of raw cashew broccoli soup! Please enter me in your drawing! Thanks!

  98. I would make soup for days!

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