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Quirk DIY Book Club Special & A “Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook” Giveaway!

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Quirk Perks: Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook

If yesterday’s recipe had you preheating your ovens at the mere mention of cookie dough… well, here’s the book that that recipe SHOULD have been in. The book that started it all. For me anyway.

Quirk Books’ DIY Book Club features one book each month with an exclusive discounted price of $3.99. C’mon, you can’t beat that! They launched the “Quirk Perks” program last September with Breakfast for Dinner as the feature, and now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, you can get the same great deal for the electronic version of the Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook.

Buy the eBook now for only $3.99:
Kindle / Nook / iBooks / Kobo
(offer ends 2/28/14)

For those who still prefer to hold a physical book in your hands (I don’t blame you!) Quirk has also generously offered up 10 (yes, TEN!) copies of TCDLC to ten lucky readers. Want to win one? Click through for your chance to win! The odds are very much in your favor on this one!

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Thanks for entering!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to residents of the United States and Canada only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway sponsored by Quirk Books. As always, all opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. I’m an email subscriber.

  2. Straight from the bowl with a spoon

  3. I’m email subscriber

  4. cookie dough ice cream….yum

  5. I like it in ice cream.

  6. Right out of the bowl!!!!!!!!!!!
    My daughters and I make cookies just to eat the dough… Who needs to bake it?!?!

  7. Cookie dough ice cream!

  8. Tweeted!

  9. I enjoy cookie dough in ice cream!!

  10. Cookie dough ice cream! (It’s in the freezer as we speak.)

  11. I like to eat it right out of the bowl I just mixed it in :) (or as chocolate dipped cookie dough balls from the freezer).

  12. in ice cream!!!

  13. i receive your emails!

  14. Cookie dough truffles!

  15. I love cookie dough baked into the middle of a warm brownie

  16. Is there a better way to eat cookie dough than raw?  SO good!

  17. I love to enjoy cookie dough straight from the bowl!

  18. I receive emails!

  19. I love it in ice cream!

  20. Cookie dough truffles with a dark chocolate coating are my weakness!

  21. I am an email subscriber.

  22. I tweeted from @yddy

  23. In front of the sink gazing out the window(while the oven is preheating ha ha)

  24. I enjoy cookie dough baked – my husband and kids like it raw-

  25. I susbscribe

  26. I follow via twitter @4jlessad

  27. I love good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies. And sometimes, the dough actually makes it into the oven!

  28. In ice cream sandwiches or just straight up with a spoon!

  29. I’m an email subscriber 

  30. Cookie dough brownies! Yummy.

  31. I’m an email subscriber.

  32. I enjoy cookie dough for good ol’ regular chocolate chip cookies. Brings back great memories of cooking with my mom.

  33. I subscribe to Love & Olive Oil via email!

  34. Straight out of the oven!

  35. Already subscribed!

  36. @jerricakristine

  37. I love raw cookie dough. It’s amazing any makes it to the cookie sheet. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  38. With a spoon, out of the bowl!

  39. I am subscribed via email as debra(dot)womack(at)gmail(dot)com

  40. With a spoon, straight out of the bowl!

  41. I am an email subscriber!

  42. I just followed and tweeted!

  43. I am a kid at heart – give me Cookie Dough Ice Cream!  Yummy

  44. Love to eat cookie dough with a spoon!

  45. Cookie dough in ice cream for sure!

  46. Classic: I think cookie dough is most exciting and satisfying in raw form.

    But I also love it in ice cream (a la Ben & Jerry’s) and in things like cookie dough layered brownies.

    Really… if something has cookie dough in it, there is no going wrong.

  47. My favorite thing to do with cookie dough is to COOK IT!

  48. My favorite way to eat cookie dough is raw off the spoon! It is followed closely by cookie dough truffles!

  49. I love eating cookie dough in vanilla ice cream!

  50. Sneaking some with my head stuck in the fridge..

  51. Besides raw cookie dough right out of the bowl, I love it rolled into balls and covered in chocolate!

  52. In ice cream! or straight out of the bowl before going in the oven! :P

  53. My favorite way to enjoy cookie dough is raw, chilled, and straight from the bowl!!!!

  54. I can only think of two ways I use cookie dough, so this book would be awesome :)  My favorite way is to bake them.  Second favorite is to bake them and put ice cream in between them for ice cream sandwiches.  Third favorite is to incorporate it into homemade ice cream.  They’re all good :)

  55. I’m an email subscriber :)  Love your blog!

  56. Straight out of the bowl with a big wooden spoon! 

  57. Cheesecake!!

  58. I like mine baked!

  59. mmmmmm Ice cream!

  60. Straight up or maybe frozen. 

  61. Already subscribed :)

  62. Straight from the bowl. :)

  63. Is it wrong to say raw, egg-free, and on a spoon? 

  64. Cookie dough ice cream!

  65. Gotta love cookie dough ice cream!

  66. Chocolate chips cookie dough, my favorite since I started baking at age 7. The best way right out of  the mixing  bowl :)

  67. I like my cookie dough in ice cream

  68. Straight out of the freezer.

  69. I love cookie dough right from the bowl, especially oatmeal cookie dough!

  70. I already subscribe to your newsletter. 

  71. My favorite way to eat the dough is with a spoon!  I am addicted to cookie dough!  I make chocolate chip cookies, just to eat the dough!!

  72. Favorite way to eat cookie dough is after its been sitting in freezer.

  73. I’m subscribed my email! :)

  74. I just tweeted! @panagopoulos_c

  75. I love just eating it with a spoon. Putting it in ice cream is also delicious, too.

    chrisk83 at gmail

  76. Me…I like it right out of the bowl…my husband actually prefer it frozen.

  77. Raw,  straight out of the bowl! I also love super chunky cookie dough ice cream!

  78. Raw with a big glass of milk on the side or with ice cream in close second

  79. Baked! or in Ice cream!

  80. I enjoy cookie dough in truffles. We like to eat it out of the bowl too.

  81. Raw, out of the mixing bowl.

  82. The best way I enjoy cookie dough? When I’m eating it, of course! A lot of it!

  83. Cookie dough ice cream is my current favorite

  84. And followed and tweeted (@jayemkae)

  85. My favourite so far has been cookie dough bars. Heaven.

  86. Oooh, cookie dough truffles :)  

  87. I love a big spoonful right out of the bowl!!!

  88. Licking the spoon & beaters :)

  89. already subscribed :)

  90. I’m already a subscriber!

  91. Cookie dough ice cream is my favorite way to enjoy cookie dough, other than straight from the batter bowl (and from the other comments, I can see I’m not the only sneak who does that!).

  92. I’m an email subscriber to Love And Olive Oil.

  93. On a spatula , right out of the bowl while baking :)

  94. ..also, I’m an email subscriber!

  95. Right from the bowl! Yum:-) 

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