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Quirk DIY Book Club Special & A “Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook” Giveaway!

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Quirk Perks: Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook

If yesterday’s recipe had you preheating your ovens at the mere mention of cookie dough… well, here’s the book that that recipe SHOULD have been in. The book that started it all. For me anyway.

Quirk Books’ DIY Book Club features one book each month with an exclusive discounted price of $3.99. C’mon, you can’t beat that! They launched the “Quirk Perks” program last September with Breakfast for Dinner as the feature, and now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, you can get the same great deal for the electronic version of the Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook.

Buy the eBook now for only $3.99:
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(offer ends 2/28/14)

For those who still prefer to hold a physical book in your hands (I don’t blame you!) Quirk has also generously offered up 10 (yes, TEN!) copies of TCDLC to ten lucky readers. Want to win one? Click through for your chance to win! The odds are very much in your favor on this one!

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Thanks for entering!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to residents of the United States and Canada only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway sponsored by Quirk Books. As always, all opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. In ice cream!!!

  2. So far cookie dough truffles. But when I get the book- I’m sure I will find new favorites!

  3. Cookie Dough Truffles!

  4. The best way to eat cookie dough—straight from the bowl, of course

  5. One scoop for the baking sheet, one scoop for me… ????

  6. I love to make and freeze my own cookie dough, and then just pop one or two pieces onto a baking sheet at a time. Mmm. Warm, fresh cookies!

  7. I love a warm, fresh, gooey chocolate chip cookie

  8. I love making cookie dough cupcakes!!

  9. I love anything cookie dough at any time and anywhere.  If I had to choose, I’d say my favorite way to enjoy (chocolate chip) cookie dough is straight from a huge spoon while wearing comfy PJ’s and watching a chick flick. 

  10. My favorite way to enjoy cookie dough is when I’m craving something sweet and gooey and mix up a few spoonfuls to share with my husband!

  11. Straight from the bowl, with ice cream a close second. 

  12. Raw! or in cookie dough ice cream :)

  13. Straight out of the bowl before it can make it to the oven. (What? The recipe said it should make 24 cookies? I don’t know how we only ended up with 14, dear.)

  14. nothing beats real, raw cookie dough :)

  15. I get your emails

  16. my favorite way to enjoy cookie dough is in ice cream

  17. I am already an email subscriber

  18. I follow you and quirk on twitter. i tweeted from @itzia

  19. The best way to enjoy cookie dough is with a spoon :)

  20. I am an e-mail subscriber!

  21. Right from the spoon while the first batch is cooking away in the oven…

  22. On the spoon before cooking!! (I’m a cookie dough purist)

  23. I love peanut butter cookie dough. I would rather eat it than the cookies! And is there any way other than straight from the bowl with a big spoon??? Ha!

  24. Definitely by the spoonful from the bowl. :) 

  25. My favorite way to enjoy cookie dough, besides right out of the bowl, is to make classic chocolate chip cookies

  26. I subscribed to Love and Olive Oil

  27. My favorite way is still to lick the beater after whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough just like I did as a kid! I also love the chocolate chip cookie dough brownie bar!

  28. I subscribed via email. 

  29. Right out of the mixing bowl.

  30. Eating it straight from the mixing bowl. Sometimes it is hard to sample just once.

  31. I get email updates

  32. I already subscribe to  newsletter

  33. I follow on twitter and tweeted @MareeSperle1

  34. I love cookie dough in ice cream, but by the spoonful (eggless, of course!) is better. :)

  35. I subscribe via e-mail as well.

  36. I love leaving a fair chunk of dough behind in the bowl to eat while the cookies bake in the oven :)

  37. I’m a purist. I like to spoon chocolate chip cookie dough straight from the bowl before baking cookies in the oven. 

  38. Raw, but I always worry about getting sick from the uncooked eggs!
    I already subscribe.

  39. My favorite way to enjoy cookie dough is right out of the bowl!  :-)

  40. Concur with others, in ice cream. Otherwise, well, baked in a cookie.

  41. With a spoon, straight out of the bowl! My family has to make a double batch of cookie dough just so we can actually BAKE some cookies!

  42. With a spoon. 

  43. I love good ‘ol eggless cookie dough truffle balls!  YUM

  44. licking it off the spoon! 

  45. I am an email subscriber!

  46. From the bowl wondering how many cookies worth of dough I just ate.

  47. My favorite way to enjoy cookie dough is in ice cream (specifically, B&J’s Half Baked!)

  48. already subscribed! thanks for the opportunity! !

  49. by the spoonful!

  50. Straight up!

  51. With a spoon!

  52. My favorite way to enjoy cookie dough, besides with a spoon straight from the bowl, is your cookie dough truffles!! SO yummy!

  53. I’m a subscriber!

  54. My favorite way to indulge in cookie dough…straight out of the bowl…yum!

  55. I like it to eat it straight up. Right from the bowl! But hot chocolate chip cookies are the best thing ever created :)

  56. Right off the mixer paddle is the BEST! Or cookie dough ice cream. Either one works well.

  57. Mixed in ice cream or a blizzard from Dairy Queen and Oreos.. Yummy
    I like it raw too ????????

  58. I’m a subscriber!

  59. EAT IT!  lol!  Eat it raw, cooked, as cookies, bars,  a as base for a tart!

    Nora  :)

  60. I love cookie dough truffles!

  61. I’m already subscribed. 

  62. I tweeted:

  63. I’m simple…I just like the dough as it is! Spoon meets bowl! :-)

  64. My favorite is raw.  

  65. I subscribe to your emails

  66. Right out of the bowl. Nothing better!

  67. Straight out of the bowl, with a spoon! haha

  68. My favorite way to enjoy cookie dough is fresh from the oven with a cup of very hot tea, especially while marooned in my cozy home because of a snow storm.

  69. I am an email subscriber. 

  70. Raw, from the freezer.

    I’m already subscribed to emails!

  71. Straight off the spoon or on top of graham crackers! Oh swoon. 

  72. I like to freeze the dough in bite size pieces, and eat it frozen.

  73. Alone, or in vanilla ice cream!

  74. I love eating raw cookie dough right out of the bowl while I’m baking!

  75. I love cookie dough truffles!

  76. Already subscribed to L&OO!

  77. I subscribe to emails!

  78. I follow both on Twitter and tweeted!

  79. In ice cream from Cold Stone! Yum.

  80. I love to eat cookie dough straight out of the bowl!

  81. I really like using cookie dough as a frosting on brownies.

  82. I also tweeted and subscribed – @Nik_Lit

  83. Baking it, and then eating it before it cools forgetting that it’s going to burn me

  84. My favorite way to eat cookie dough is on a spoon straight out of the bowl.

  85. I’m already suscribed :)

  86. I love cookie dough frosting in between yellow butter cake layers! YUM!!!!!!!!

  87. with a spoon

  88. My favorite way to enjoy cookie dough is in my ice cream!

  89. I already subscribe to Love and Olive Oil emails!

  90. My favorite way to enjoy cookie dough is out of the bowl before I start baking the cookies!! Such a guilty pleasure when no one is watching!! 

  91. on a spoon – yum!

  92. I subscribe via e-mail! 

  93. My college used to make a cookie dough pie that was to die for!

  94. I subscribe through email. 

  95. In ice cream or in a cupcake!

  96. 3rd comment for email subscription :)

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