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A Peek Inside our Kitchen (and a Win a Box of Homemade Goodies!)

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You may have been reading this blog of ours for days, weeks, or even years (yay! and thank you!) Sure, we post a picture here and there, or a video of our hands… but after all that time I figured it was about time we gave you a bit more of a peek inside our kitchen. Let you get to know the people behind the words and pictures and recipes that you see here every week.

As we’ve been wanting to do more with video on the blog, we took a digital video class this fall at a local art school. Just for fun. And as our class project, we decided to create an “about video” for the blog. For you. So rather than just reading about us, you actually get to see and hear us in all our awkward glory.

You’ll have to excuse our quirks, like the lumpy cake batter, mixer explosion, side talking and begging cats. Because that’s who we are, really and truly. No gimmicks. No special effects. Just us.

I hope you like it (and us!)

On, and if you’re hungry after watching that, check out the Classic Reuben Sandwich recipe and the recipe for the Yellow Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting that we prepare in the video.

About Lindsay & Taylor

In other news – this weekend has been designated COOKIE BAKING BONANZA. I’ve got a few dozen boxes of cookies to send out to friends and relatives…

And I want to send a box to YOU, too!

One lucky reader will win a box of homemade goodies from yours truly. What’s inside? Well, I don’t really know yet. Cookies for sure (and lots of them), and most likely some homemade jam, but probably some other goodies I decide to throw in there too. Surprise!

This is a quickie – I’ll be drawing the winner this Monday morning – so don’t delay! Click through for your chance to win!

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

Congratulations to Charlsey, comment #160, our randomly selected winner!

Disclaimer: The goodies in this giveaway are homemade, made in my own (non commercial) kitchen. I’ve personally sampled all the edibles contained in the gift box prior to sending them and I’m still here. However, should you win, you consume at your own risk. Please don’t sue me. Thanks!

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  1. That was so cute!! :)

  2. I love this video! Makes me want to go into the kitchen and bake.

  3. Lindsay and Taylor,
    I LOVED the video. I just started doing videos myself and Doug is helping me. Featuring simple cake and a sandwich done so well, but you do everything well!

  4. Adorable video. I would love a box of cookies and I promise to share. What a SWEET giveaway!

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