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A Peek Inside our Kitchen (and a Win a Box of Homemade Goodies!)

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You may have been reading this blog of ours for days, weeks, or even years (yay! and thank you!) Sure, we post a picture here and there, or a video of our hands… but after all that time I figured it was about time we gave you a bit more of a peek inside our kitchen. Let you get to know the people behind the words and pictures and recipes that you see here every week.

As we’ve been wanting to do more with video on the blog, we took a digital video class this fall at a local art school. Just for fun. And as our class project, we decided to create an “about video” for the blog. For you. So rather than just reading about us, you actually get to see and hear us in all our awkward glory.

You’ll have to excuse our quirks, like the lumpy cake batter, mixer explosion, side talking and begging cats. Because that’s who we are, really and truly. No gimmicks. No special effects. Just us.

I hope you like it (and us!)

On, and if you’re hungry after watching that, check out the Classic Reuben Sandwich recipe and the recipe for the Yellow Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting that we prepare in the video.

About Lindsay & Taylor

In other news – this weekend has been designated COOKIE BAKING BONANZA. I’ve got a few dozen boxes of cookies to send out to friends and relatives…

And I want to send a box to YOU, too!

One lucky reader will win a box of homemade goodies from yours truly. What’s inside? Well, I don’t really know yet. Cookies for sure (and lots of them), and most likely some homemade jam, but probably some other goodies I decide to throw in there too. Surprise!

This is a quickie – I’ll be drawing the winner this Monday morning – so don’t delay! Click through for your chance to win!

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

Congratulations to Charlsey, comment #160, our randomly selected winner!

Disclaimer: The goodies in this giveaway are homemade, made in my own (non commercial) kitchen. I’ve personally sampled all the edibles contained in the gift box prior to sending them and I’m still here. However, should you win, you consume at your own risk. Please don’t sue me. Thanks!

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That's My Jam: Four Seasons BUNDLE and save!

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  1. You guys are so cute! love the video, and I LOVE all your amazing recipes. Keep up the good work!

  2. This is such a nice giveaway! And I love your site :)

  3. Oh, man, homemade cookies are my favorite thing but I don’t like to make them for just he two of us. Would love to try YOUR cookies :)

  4. your kitchen is awesome! and i have my very own begging cat as well ;) haha!

  5. You guys are so adorable! My BF and I are just the same – sandwiches & cake :)

  6. I love homemade goodies!!

  7. You two are unbelievably adorable together!

  8. Well I’m just down the road in Knoxville, so those cookies will have no problem making it to me while they are still fresh! :) 

  9. I love you two! You’re just the greatest :) 

  10. Great give-away guys!  Happy Holidays!  It’s snowing today and I’m in the mood for some cookie baking!

  11. Love love love the blog

  12. Nice! Boxes are cookies are my favorite gift to give for all occasions, especially for birthdays and the holidays.

  13. Love homemade and love surprises.   So generous to give a homemade gift.

  14. That was an extremely sweet video! Meanwhile, I will be holding off on cookie bonanza until next weekend, since there is likely to be plaster dust all over my kitchen this week and I like to get my cookies in a bit closer to Christmas so they’re somewhat fresher. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  15. I can’t thank you enough for your brussels sprouts mac n cheese. My friend Alison has decided that it is what she will be serving at her wedding. Now she just needs to find the perfect brussels sprout mac n cheese loving guy!

  16. Cute video! That cake looks amazing. Excited for your giveaway!

  17. What a fun giveaway! Thank you!

  18. Cookies, cookies, cookies! Yum. I wanna win. :) 

  19. I would love to win this.  My health prohibits me from being able to do any baking, etc, so this would be perfect for us.

  20. Thanks for this giveaway! 

  21. Wow…. you guys are such an adorable couple, I dream to be like you guys one day!

  22. You guys are so cute!  Not cheesy at all.  I wish every blogger would do this!  Nice job.

  23. Voluntarily putting oneself on video? You’re beaver than me! Happy holidays!

  24. You guys are the cutest! What a fun video.

  25. Cute video and nice giveaway. Happy Holidays!

  26. Great video!  What a fun way to get people to know about you!  And I want your sandwich and cake dinner!!!!!!

  27. This is an amazing giveaway!  Homemade goodies for the win! 

  28. LOVE LOVE LOVE the video and was going to comment to say so anyway, but I would love to win a package of your yummy baked goods!  Your cake in the video looks yummy!  The sandwich too.  Thanks for providing such a fun and informative blog to all of us food bloggies out here!  HUGS!

  29. You can never eat too many cookies! :)

  30. I love reading your blog, and I would love to win!

  31. Love you blog and getting to know you better is just a plus!

  32. What a cute video! You guys have such darling personalities!

  33. You are a cute couple.  Nothing is better than homemade anything!

  34. a box of homemade cookies is so much better than ordering tiffs treats

  35. Homemade goodies are the best!

  36. Your video is adorable! Love it!

  37. i love homemade cookies and a box from one of my fave food bloggers would definitely be a highlight to this wonderful baking season!

  38. I am enjoying your blog and wish you both a Merry Chistmas. Can you also send copy of recipes of your baked goods…..thanks

  39. Love cookies and loved your video. It’s so sweet. And the cake looks lovely. Thanks!

  40. Nice to meet you two!  Your kiddos are beautiful and so is the joy you bring through your food and sharing your process!  Thank you!

  41. Loved the video! I create chaos when I bake too. :) And this is such a great giveaway – I’d love to get some goodies! :) 

  42. Your blog is so fun; thank you for sharing! :)

  43. Wow!  What a fun giveaway!!  I’d sure love to win!!

  44. I’m so glad I found this blog via twitter. I love to cook but I sometimes get stuck in a food rut. Your blog gives me new things to try and experiment with. BTW, the ending of the video wasn’t cheesy at all lol :-)

  45. Hi,  
    I am one of your newer followers so this was fun to see and hear you both and learn a little bit more about you guys.  Thanks for sharing.

  46. I stumbled across your blog while cruising pintrest. I loved your introduction video, what an awesome couple. We also have a blast cooking together when we have the chance…even 26 years later :)

  47. Homemade goodies are the best!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. Loved the video – so cute! 

  49. Oh my! Homemade goodies are the best!

  50. That sounds all kinds of amazing! :O I’d love to be able to share more homemade goodies with my friends. :D!

  51. Free cookies, better yet homemade by you? Now that’s the icing on the cake, er um, I mean the icing on the cookie!

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  52. Ugh I would love homemade cookies from you guys!

  53. I love giveaways along with homemamde goodies!

  54. Oh my gosh…how stinkin’ cute are you two? Love love love this video!!

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  57. Generous offer,  sweet video- cats are a nice touch!  Thank you for your blog and all the wonderful ideas within it!!  Happy Holidays.

  58. Mmmmm…..all looks so good! Homemade goodies would be a lovely surprise in the mail box!  

  59. What a truly *sweet* giveaway! 

  60. Such an awesome giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  61. Would love to win some of your treats! It would be a great birthday gift to me

  62. Here’s my entry!! Thanks…

  63. OMG! Goodies in the mail are the best! 

  64. What a fun giveaway! Can’t wait to hear what goes into your goodie boxes (I do hope you’ll share that with us!). Now off to watch your video :  )

  65. Like your kitchen and that you have fun cooking together. 

  66. love the new kitchen!

  67. Great video! Love your blog!

  68. Love the video – and I so want a slice of cake now!

  69. Oh my gosh!  You both are so adorable!  I love the video and I love how you two cook together!!  Just cute! 

  70. This is a great idea, thanks! I’ve loved everything I’ve ever made from this site so I can only imagine what it’d be like to receive your goods in the mail :)

  71. aww, this is such a nice give away! and that video was totes adorbz

  72. I would LOVE to win some home baked goodies!!!!  If I win, I promise to send a box back to you!!!  

  73. What an adorable video and a thoughtful giveaway! 

  74. Lovely idea to make an about video and a homemade giveaway! 

  75. Nice video…and cake! What a fun giveaway for readers to try your treats!

  76. Cookies needed!!

  77. Happy holidays! Baking really is my favorite activity this time of year.

  78. Love your video!

  79. Honestly, this video could not have been and better or any cuter. You guys have got to be the cutest couple and you seem to completely complete each other!  I loved watching this video and feel almost like I know you guys just a little more now. I love that this is totally real and totally YOU! Nothing fake! 
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  80. I really enjoyed seeing the inside of your kitchen and the two of you working together. :-) Thanks for the giveaway.

  81. Seriously, I live off of sandwiches. 

  82. Such a nice idea! I would love to get a cookie box from you!

  83. I’d like some cookies, please!

  84. Great video! Fun to see you both a little more “in person”!

  85. Oh my goodness, what an adorable video. Love it. And congratulations on a great class project.

  86. What a fun giveaway!

  87. You guys are adorable! Love the video & “getting to know you” ;-) Will that cake fit in the box? (maybe a sliver or two)

  88. NOT Cheesy, just charming. Very happy to be sitting at your table, good luck!

  89. you guys are the cutest!! love the video and seeing you guys in “real” life ..  love it! Happy Holidays! 

  90. Winning homemade goodies would be the best! Thanks for the chance.

  91. Great video!  Hope you got an A!  Merry Christmas!!!

  92. I love homemade Christmas cookies!!

  93. What a fantastic giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  94. I truly enjoyed seeing how you two really are! As I watched I was struck by how much you remind me of my husband and I(granted we’re much older). I’m the messy tornado, and my husband neatly cleans up after himself(and me). My husband is also the weird one and I giggle a lot at his weirdness and I love him for it! That and a lot of love has kept us happily together for 35 years. Here’s hoping you get to enjoy your cooking together for at least that long. Thank you for letting us see just a glimpse of what life in your kitchen is like. Just to let you know, I’ve taken advantage of several of your recipes with great results. Please keep them coming!

  95. As a college student living in the dorms, without a kitchen :( treats like these don’t come along too often!

  96. Love coming here for inspiration and now a chance for yummy stuff!

  97. Homemade goodies?!? Love it and love your blog! Thank you guys!

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