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Christie Cookie Giveaway

The Christie Cookie

If my brief mention of a cookie factory in yesterday’s chocolate chip cookies and cream ice cream post caught your attention, well, you’re in luck. Because today I want to introduce you to The Christie Cookie company, a Nashville-based purveyor of delicious cookies and other tasty gifts for 30 years.

Now, I’m not one to regularly endorse commercially made cookies, so keep your fake-tasting and chemical-laden pirate cookies away from me. I will always choose homemade if given the option. However, I have to make an exception for Christie Cookie. Their cookies are about as homemade-tasting as they get, made with no preservatives and quality ingredients through and through. Not to mention they are about as local as it gets (to me at least, the factory is literally within walking distance of my house).

My favorite just might be the white chocolate macadamia nut. It’s not just good, it’s eat-five-cookies-in-one-sitting-good. Locally made and incredibly delicious? Now that’s a cookie I can totally get behind.

And since I know most of you aren’t lucky enough to be within walking distance of this magical place, I’ve got a very special giveaway today brought to you by The Christie Cookie company. One lucky L&OO reader will win a $100 gift certificate for Share the love and send some delicious cookie tins to friends and family, or have it shipped to your secret PO box and hoard it all for yourself (I don’t blame you).

Hungry yet? Click through to enter to win!

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to US residents only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway sponsored by The Christie Cookie®. As always, all opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. Shortbread – all kinds!

  2. I subscribed with this email address

  3. I liked both on Facebook as Vicki M

  4. Lemon poppyseed, a new addiction…

  5. Oatmeal with butterscotch chips

  6. My grandma’s Swedish butter cookies

  7. Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies are my fave!

  8. I liked you and Christie Cookie on FB! (Amy S)

  9. White chocolate macadamia nut from Christie Cookie is my favorite!!!

  10. Joan P

  11. I’m a snickerdoodle gal! Or Peanut butter!

  12. Chocolate chip – love a classic!

  13. I subscribe to your blog for post updates.

  14. Peanut butter cookies!

  15. Sam L.

  16. samikinz

  17. Like and Like On Facebook! :)

  18. I don’t know what my username is on Pinterest. Joan is what it says in the corner by my picture.

  19. Peanut Butter Cookies

  20. I’ve already subscribed!

  21. dkellycorbett is following you on Pinterest!

  22. Chocolate chip!

  23. Following on Pinterest. My username is Jules Festa.

  24. Pinterest – Ella

  25. subscribed

  26. peanut butter cookies are the best!

  27. Hmmm, gotta go with a classic chocolate chip.

  28. I love Chocolate Chunk…but is there really any bad flavors of cookies!

  29. My husband makes the best chocolate chunck cookies with walnuts for Santa every Christmas Eve. The best!

  30. I have just subscribed!

  31. Double chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven with a tall glass of cold milk. It’s the best! :)

  32. I follow you on pinterest!

    Samantha Solis

  33. i know this is kinda boring but i LOVE chocolate chip cookies. i could eat them all day, everyday! thanks for the giveaway! xo

  34. I’ve subscribed with the same email as this post. =)

  35. My favorite kind of cookie is actually rather basic: I love a good chocolate chip walnut cookie.

  36. I love a white chocolate chip with dried cherries. So so good.

  37. I’ve liked both pages on facebook. I’ve been a “liker” of yours for quite some time now though.

  38. I’ve been following you on pinterest for ages. I believe my username should be rain0rshine

  39. I love no bake cookies – the ones with the oats, peanut butter and chocolate chips!

  40. I receive your newsletter already.

  41. Brown sugar cookies with browned butter are out of this world!

  42. Snickerdoodles

  43. Can’t beat warm chocolate chip!!

  44. Oatmeal Raisen is my favorite! (I think, wait maybe chocolate chip, no butter, or is it peanute butter, darn it! I love all cookies!)

  45. Oh Lindsay, asking me to choose my favorite cookie is like my version of Sophie’s Choice – there is no right answer!!

    But when push comes to shove, I’d say a loaded Chocolate Chip Cookie with Almonds, Marshmallows, and Caramel – served warm, naturally :)

    Thanks for the entry!

  46. I like your facebook page!

  47. Chocolate chip! (Although when I make them, they rarely make it to the finished, bake stage – I eat all the dough…)

  48. Classic chocolate chip cookies are my favorite, but I’m not picky :)

  49. I subscribe to your emails!

  50. I’m a cookie monster! I would prefer a cookie for breakfast rather than anything else! XOXO

  51. Oooh, I’m typically the same way – if I’m going to spurge on a cookie, I want it to be homeade and delicious. That being said, I’ll take your endorsement. :) I’m just a plain, old-fashioned gal…chocolate chip for me! (and I’m already a long-time subscriber!)

  52. Just one favorite cookie? IDK if I have one in particular but I really do love a good chewy peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips

  53. I like you both on Facebook – Erin V

  54. I follow you on Pinterest – thespiffycookie

  55. following on pintrerest! Sara Rossini (boring I know!)

  56. Just followed you on Pinterest :)

    My user name is maggiekath

  57. Chocolate chip is my favorite cookie!

  58. Double chocolate chip cookies, yum! :)

  59. I like you on Facebook — Katie L W

  60. I follow you on Pinterest!

  61. I think good ol’ chocolate chip are my favorite, but my mom used to make sime lemon balm sugar cookies that were amazing.

  62. Send cookies to a friend? Share them? You’re not serious, right? I’m already trying to figure out how I’ll keep my family from finding out if I win. That being said, oatmeal raisin are my favorite kind of cookie.

  63. pecan shortbread

  64. i am already subscribed

  65. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut!

  66. i liked both of these things on the facebook, my name on fb is crasian lovelife

  67. I subscribe through email.

  68. My dad always made Oatmeal cookies, they are my favorite.

  69. Double Chocolate and oatmeal chocolate chip are my favorite!

  70. Jennifer C. I followed both accounts on facebook.

  71. I subscribe to L&OO email.

  72. I followed you on pinterest….jenniferchaffin

  73. I followed you on pinterest too! (Becca Jurgens Vannier)

  74. I love oatmeal raisin cookies!

  75. The classic chocolate chip!

  76. My favorite are chocolate chip cookies!

  77. chocolate crinkle puffs!

  78. I’m with you–white chocolate macadamia is always my favorite

  79. oatmeal cookie with cranberries and chocolate chips and macadamia nuts! But any cookie is a good cookie if you have a craving!!

  80. I love chocolate chip raisin cooking.

  81. white chocolate macadamia!

  82. I LOVE classic chewy chocolate chip (soft snickerdoodle is a close second though!)

  83. I follow you on Pinterest.
    Debra Gray Elliott

  84. I love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

  85. I’m a facebook fan of yours, cori s

  86. subscribed!

  87. Both liked on facebook!

  88. Chocolate Chip…nothing better!

  89. Mmmm – that’s hard. I don’t discriminate against my cookies, after all. But if I had to choose one, I’d say white chocolate macadamia nut. (Mouth watering just thinking about it!)

    I’m also signed up for the newsletter already!

  90. I subscribe to Love and Olive Oil.

  91. I love good old-sugar cookies!!! Got seriously addicted to them when I was pregnant!!!! :-)

  92. I’m subscribed via email!

  93. Following on Pintrest (@KTcrocker).

  94. Ooops – guess I was supposed to do this as a separate post… Already signed up for the newsletter! : )

  95. I like both of you on Facebook.

    Shawna Y

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  97. I follow on Pinterest.

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