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Quickie Giveaway: Homemade Wallets!

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Handmade Wallet Giveaway

Deep cleaning always uncovers fun things, memories from the past you had forgotten about because they had been buried under 10 tons of other crap.

Now that book #2 is out of our hands, we actually have had time to tackle some long overdue projects around the house. Like cleaning out “The Garage” (aka the upstairs closet that is pretty much our main junk-storage area).

It wasn’t pretty, believe me.

But we finally got around to it. Despite the hard work and the fact that you always make a bigger mess than you started with, it feels so good to purge all that useless stuff.

In the process, I stumbled across some vintage Lindsay Designs products. Lindsay Designs being the name of my college-era business that eventually morphed into Pattern & Paw (which, coincidentally, we’re shutting down this week. If you have pets that wear collars take advantage of our final sale!) But back when it was Lindsay Designs I made much more than pet collars, including ribbon belts, purses, and wallets.

Turns out people aren’t willing to spend all that much money on a handmade wallet, and as cute as they are they were just too labor intensive to be worthwhile. These 5 wallets are all I have left, and I just couldn’t bare to send them off to Goodwill with the rest of our junk. And unless you’re swimming in cash, having 5 wallets seemed pretty unnecessary.

I thought, why not change things up a bit and do a just-for-fun giveaway. I’m sure some of you would enjoy these!

Handmade Wallet Giveaway

They are the perfect size to hold bills or a checkbook, and have a few nifty pockets for cards and even an elastic loop for a pen. They’re fancy like that. I have 5 wallets, each a different design. I’m totally wishing I had more of that ice cream fabric right now. Too darn cute.


Because this is so much more fun than Goodwill.

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  1. I need a new wallet! :)
    #1:Blue Stripe #2:Origami Flowers #3:Ice Cream

  2. oo! so cute!

    1. oragami flowers
    2. dandelion
    3. blue stripe

  3. #1 Ice Cream
    #2 Blue Stripe
    #3 Pastel Stripe

  4. They are all so lovely and super nice of you to do a giveaway…Id love to have any one of them..its hard to put them in any order so here goes.
    1. origami flowers
    2. ice cream
    3. dandelion

    thanks for the chance to win :o)

  5. Hi Lindsey,

    They’re cute! Love #5 .. the ice cream one … my other two favorites would be #2 the orange one and #1 the pink stipe one.


  6. these are ADORABLE! you’re amazing :)

    #1 – Origami Flowers
    #2 – Dandelion
    #3 – Ice Cream

  7. SO cute! I’d love that…

    My choices are
    2. Blue Stripe
    3. Origami Flower

  8. Those are adorable! I will also be helping you out with some Pattern and Paw stuff this week I think!
    My picks:
    1: Origami Flowers – I LOVE that fabric
    2: Ice Cream – Because I always need a little sweet to cover the pain of spending money!
    3: the blue stripey one – because, pretty!

  9. #1: Blue Stripe!
    #2: Ice Cream
    #3: Pastel Stripe.


  10. Yay! a giveaway!

    1. Origami Flowers (LOVE! <3)
    2. Pastel stripes
    3. Blue stripes

  11. 1: Dandelion
    2. Blue stripes
    3. Pastel stripes

  12. You are so stinking creative! I go with #1 ice cream, #2 blue stripe, #3 orange flowers

  13. #1. dandelion
    #2. ice cream
    #3. blue stripes

    super cute.

  14. 1. oragami flowers (so cute!)
    2. dandelion
    3. Pastel Stripes

  15. 1. dandelion
    2. origami flowers
    3. ice cream

  16. 1. Origami
    2. Pastel
    3. Blue stripe

  17. 1) Blue Stripe
    2) Pastel Stripe
    3) Origami Flower

  18. So cute.

    1. Dandelion
    2. Origami Flowers
    3. Blue Stripe

  19. BTW, I told my friends about your going out of business sale for the pet collars.

  20. ice cream
    pastel stripes
    blue stripes

  21. So cute! My 9 year old daughter would love one of these. I know her first choice would be ice cream, then stripes then polka dots.

  22. 1. Pastel Stripe
    2. Blue Stripe
    3. Ice Cream

  23. Oh, fun! #1Origami Flowers, #2 Blue Stripe or #3 Dandelion. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  24. Those are adorable! I’d love to have one! I think they’re all super cute and I’d be happy with any of them, but my faves are #1- Ice cream, #2 Blue stripe, #3 pastel stripe

  25. You have such an awesome blog Lindsey! Major food and design props! :)
    My top choices would be 1. Pastel Stripes 2. Dandelions 3. Blue Stripe!

  26. goodness, you’re talented!

    #1 ice cream
    #2 dandelion
    #3 origami flowers

  27. What a brilliant idea!

    2)Origami Flowers
    3)Ice Cream

  28. 1. Ice Cream
    2. Pastel Stripe
    3. Dandelion

    These are adorable!!

  29. origami flowers, blue stripe, dandelion

  30. So cute — I hope I win! :)

    #1 Blue Stripe
    #2 Oragami Flowers
    #3 Ice Cream

  31. My choices are Blue Stripe, Dandelion, Origami Flowers Origami Flowers

    Thank you.

  32. 1. Ice Cream
    2. Origami Flowers
    3. Dandelions

    All of them are so adorable though!

  33. How fun!
    1. Dandelion
    2. Blue Stripe
    3. Origami Flowers

  34. I think they are all cute! I like the blue stripe, dandelion and pastel stripe. What fun!

  35. Ooh, I love these! Perfect for holding coupons, too. And I need that! My choices are:
    1. oragami flowers
    2. dandelion
    3. pastel stripe

    Looking at the other entries, seems that origami flowers print is popular. :)

  36. Dandelion
    Ice Cream
    Origami Flower

  37. #1 Dandelion
    #2 Pastel Stripe
    #3 Ice Cream

    So cute!

  38. #1 Origami Flowers
    #2 Blue Stripe
    #3 Pastel Stripe

    They are all adorable!

  39. #1 Origami Flowers, #2 Blue Stripe, #3 Ice Cream

  40. #3:Blue Stripe
    #2:Origami Flowers
    #1:Ice Cream

  41. Love these!
    1. Origami flowers
    2. Dandelion
    3. Ice cream

  42. These are so cool!
    1. Pastel Stripe
    2. Blue Stripe
    3. Dandelion

  43. These are super cute!
    #1: Blue Stripe
    #2: Ice Cream
    #3: Pastel Stripe

  44. Those are all soo cute!

    1. Blue Stripe
    2. Pastel Stripe
    3. Ice Cream

  45. 1. Blue Stripe
    2. Origami Flowers
    3. Dandelion

    Super cute!

  46. You are talented! Thanks for the opportunity
    1. Pastel Stripe
    2. Blue Stripe
    3. Origami Flowers

  47. Adorable! They are all super cute but these are my picks:

    1. Pastel Stripe
    2. Ice Cream
    3. Dandelion


  48. Ice Cream
    but they are all adorable and what a lot of work

  49. How cute!
    1) Pastel Stripes
    2) Origami Flowers
    3)Blue stripes

  50. I like pink stripe, origami flowers, dandelion. But any of them would be a treat to own!

  51. 1. Dandelion
    2. Origami Flowers
    3. Pastel Stripes

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Hi Lindsay!
    What a fun giveaway and how cool to find out that you used to make wallets! They are all so cute!

    Anyway, here are my top 3 picks:
    #1 ice cream (of course!)
    #2 pastel stripes
    #3 origami flowers

    Thanks for the fun giveaway! :-)

  53. I’d love a new wallet, and these are super cute!

    1 – Dandelion
    2 – Origami Flowers
    3 – Pink Stripe

    Not that I’d say no to any of them! :)

  54. Just love these!
    1. Pastel Stripe
    2. Origami
    3. Blue Stripe

  55. I have to try to get a wallet to match my Lindsey Design bag! :)
    #1 Origami Flowers, #2 ice cream #3 Blue Stripe

  56. So Cute! It’s hard to choose!

    My favorites:

    1) Origami Flowers
    2) Dandelions
    3) Blue Stripes

  57. #1 – Dandelion
    #2 – Origami Flowers
    #3 – Pastel Stripe.

    These are adorable!

  58. Wow, a free giveaway, and you’re getting some deep cleaning done! I’d say that’s a win-win!!!
    I love them all but my favorites are
    1. Origami flowers
    2. Ice cream
    3. blue stripes!

  59. Cuteness!!!

    1. Origami Flowers
    2. Dandelion
    3. Blue Stripe

  60. You are so crafty!

    1. Dandelion
    2. Blue Stripe
    3. Origami Flowers

  61. 1. blue stripe
    2. dandelion
    3. ice cream

    you’re fabulous!

  62. #1 Dandelion
    #2 Origami Flowers
    #3 Blue Stripe

    So generous + fun of you! They look so cute!

  63. Pastel Stripe, Dandelion, Blue Stripe are my faves but would be happy with any of them! Great giveaway!

  64. Lovely! What an awesome find!
    1) Dandelions 2) Origami Flowers 3) Ice Cream

  65. 1. Ice cream
    2. Blue Stripe
    3. Dandelion

  66. If Etsy was as big then as it is now, these would’ve been a hit! They’re so cute!

    1. Blue flowers
    2. Orange flowers
    3. Blue stripes and dots

  67. oops! 1. dandelion 2. blue dots 3. flowers

  68. 1. Ice Cream
    2. Origami Flowers
    3. Pastel Stripe

  69. These are so cute!

    #1, Ice Cream
    #2, Blue Stripe
    #3, Pastel Stripe

  70. These are too cute!

    #1 Origami Flowers
    #2 Blue Stripe
    #3 Dandelion

  71. I lobe the ice cream wallet!

  72. Wow you are so talented, they look beautiful.

    I love the origami flowers the best, but they all look lovely.

  73. 1.Dandelion
    2.Origami Flowers
    3.Blue Stripe
    Very cute and practical to boot!

  74. My wallet is on its last leg. These are so cute, I would love to win one!

    #1 Pastel Stripe
    #2 Blue Stripe
    #3 Dandelion

  75. #1: Blue Stripe
    #2: Origami Flowers
    #3: Ice Cream

    :) yay!

  76. #1 Dandelion
    #2 Origami Flowers
    #3 Ice Cream

  77. Dandelion
    Blue stripe
    Origami flowers

  78. Soo darn cute!
    1. Ice cream
    2. Origami Flowers
    3. Pastel Stripe
    Thanks! Too cute!

    • The more I think of it that origami flower is just too cute!
      1. Origami Flowers
      2. Ice cream
      3. Pastel Stripe
      hehe thanks!

  79. Blue Stripe, Pastel Stripe, Dandelion.

  80. 1. blue stripe
    2. ice cream
    3. origami flowers

  81. I love these! I tried to make a wallet but I have problems with sewing straight lines.

    Origami Flowers
    Blue Stripe

  82. 1) blue stripe 2) origami flowers 3) dandelion

  83. too adorable!

    1. origami flowers
    2. dandelion
    3. blue stripe

  84. super cute!
    1. dandelion
    2. blue stripe
    3. Pastel Stripe

  85. 1. origami flowers
    2. pastel stripe
    3. ice cream

  86. Cheers for the chance to win…they are all lovely:)

    1. Ice Cream
    2. Dandelion
    3. Blue Stripe


  87. 1) blue stripe
    2) pastel stripe
    3) origami flowers

  88. My choices would be
    #1 Origami flowers
    #2 Dandelion
    #3 Ice Cream

  89. Super cute!
    1) Dandelion
    2) Blue Stripe
    3) Origami Flowers

  90. 1. Origami flowers
    2. Ice cream
    3. Dandelion

  91. So cute! Thanks for the chance.
    #1 Origami Flowers, #2 Dandelion, #3 Pastel Stripe

  92. Thanks for this giveaway! :):) Really adorable! Good for taveling!

    # 1 : Dandelion
    # 2 : Origami Flowers
    # 3 : Ice cream!!!

  93. Love origami flowers and dandelion!

  94. Too cute!

    Origami flowers
    pastel stripe

    love them all!

  95. eek-so cute and I really need a new wallet!
    I love
    1/ Dandelion
    2/ Ice cream
    3/ Origami Flowers

    good luck everyone!!

  96. 1. Dandelion 2. Origami Flowers 3. Ice cream

  97. 1. Dandelion
    2. Origami flowers
    3. Ice cream

  98. very cute!
    1.dandelion stripe
    3.origami flowers

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