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Cookie Dough D-Day is Here!

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I officially declare today, June 5th, National Cookie Dough Day. I don’t know if there is an official process for declaring such things, but I figure you all would support me in my cause. Let’s celebrate, shall we?

Because today’s the day. Cookie Dough D-Day. The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook is officially published. I am a published author.

Bizarre. Exciting, and ever so bizarre.

The Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook

Hard to believe that just over 15 months ago I got this inkling of an idea in my head… and that would lead us to where we are today. It’s here, it’s here! Excuse me while I jump up and down a few times.

I’ve been smiling nonstop these past few weeks as some of my friends and fellow food bloggers have received advanced copies. I’ve drooled over the photos of their creations and their praise and kind words have me incredibly humbled.

Angie made my truffles (with her own adorable twist). Jessica, Chris, and Brooks made my S’mores. Cookie-queen Maria whipped up my Cookie Dough Sandwich Cookies. Erin and Laura embraced the summer heat with my Invisible Cookie Dough Ice Pops (invisible because there’s not actually any cookie dough in them!) Michelle made my decadent Billionaire Bars. And the dough just keeps on coming! I’ve even started an entire pinterest board, to share everyone’s cookie dough creations with the world.

What’s To Come

  • I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Cookie Dough-Lympics! Follow along at Endless Simmer as bloggers nationwide compete with their original cookie dough creations. Let the games begin!
  • For Nashville folks, be sure to tune in to Talk of the Town this Thursday at 11am. I’ll be on demoing a recipe from the book (gulp!). Please, don’t laugh if I make a complete fool of myself. I’m so much more comfortable BEHIND the camera.
  • I may be slightly more comfortable on the radio, being that you can’t see my hands shaking and all. We’ll put that to the test when I’ll be interviewed on Martha Stewart Morning Live on Sirius/XM Radio this Friday at 8:10 am EST.
  • Also for locals, mark your calendars for Saturday, June 16th at 2:00pm. I’ll be at Parnassus Books signing books and sharing stories. You can be pretty sure there will also be cookie dough. Stay tuned for more info!
  • Working on a date for a signing event in Aspen, Colorado at Explore Booksellers. For those in the area, pencil in Wednesday, June 20th. Will announce more details as they become available.
  • While I don’t have any other book signings planned, I will say that if you want to mail your book to me and cover return shipping, I’m more than happy to sign it for you. Just shoot me an email! ;)
  • If you haven’t checked out the Love & Olive Oil shop lately I highly suggest you do. The “I (heart) Cookie Dough” t-shirts are IN and they look fabulous! I’ve also got signed copies available for sale.
  • You can also buy an unsigned copy of the book online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or support your local bookseller.

I know I’ve waxed poetic about this whole process before, but can I just say again, thank you? Because I really and truly mean it. Thank you to everyone involved with the creation of this beautiful book, especially Margaret, Katie, Eric, and Nicole over at Quirk Books. It’s because of their hard work that this book turned out as wonderfully as it did. But also thank you to everyone who supported me, encouraged me, and inspired me, both in real life and online. I couldn’t have done it without you, truly, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

***Giveaway is now closed***

Thank you again, good luck, and happy Cookie Dough Day!

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  1. …love the dough!

  2. That’s it – cookie dough for dinner at our house tonight!

    Congrats on the book!

  3. So excited about your book! Your recipes are always incredible. Can’t wait to try some cookie dough :)

  4. Fantastic! I fell in love with your cookie dough truffles back in the day and am looking forward to trying others!

  5. i hope i win. i love me some cookie dough

  6. This is so exciting! Major congratulations!

  7. Congrats! WHat an accomplishment :)

  8. Congrats on being a published author! I just know your book will do very well.

  9. Congratulations! Looks fabulous. Hope to get a book soon, whether won or bought, so I can start trying all those wonderful ways to fill my “dessert stomach!”

  10. Congratulations! So many exciting events.

  11. Congratulations!!!!!

  12. Congrats on your cookbook being published! My family and I LOVE cookie dough. I can’t wait to get this cookbook.

  13. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it!

  14. Congratulations on your book. I love it that we can no have a copy for free and if not I will for sure purchase one

  15. Congratulations on your new book! I can’t imagine how exciting it must be to see all your hard work come to fruition. To know that so many people out there in the world will be using your book, your ideas and recipes, is very exciting. I am really happy for you. Thanks too for the giveaway.

  16. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch ;-)

  17. The book looks amazing! It isn’t common to eat cookie-dough here in Sweden, but Ben and Jerry has certainly put it on the map for us. I’m definitely going to try your cookie-dough ice cream sandwiches, they look delicious!

  18. Congrats!!! I hope I win – this book sounds amazing!! If I dont’ win I’ll have to go pick up a copy :)

  19. Literally, your cookbook is the first thing on my birthday list…. I love cookie dough!

  20. This cookbook sounds amazing, I love cookie dough!

  21. YAY! Congrats on the book. The cover itself looks amazing, I could only imagine what the inside looks like! (:

  22. Congrats!!!!! I sooooo heart cookie dough and can’t wait to see the cookbook!

  23. What an exciting day for you!! Congratulations!!!

  24. Congratulations on your cookbook!

  25. congrats! everything looks so yummy. :)

  26. Can’t wait to get this book!! I already made one of the recipes that was on a blog & have a couple more saved to try VERY soon!

  27. Congratulations on an amazing book!! I hope to win to make every one of these delicious recipes!!

  28. Sooooo excited for you, Lindsay!!

  29. Lindsay, so happy for you! You’re a proud “bookmama”!
    International giveaway here I come!!

  30. This is so exciting, congratulations! I can’t wait to start trying out recipes.

  31. Congrats on the book! What an accomplishment.

  32. I love cookie dough!

  33. Congratulations!!

  34. Love love love cookie dough!!!!!!

  35. What a brilliant idea for a cookbook! Congratulations on being a published author.

  36. So exciting! What an accomplishment to be a published author and to have the opportunity to do what you love. Cheers to you! I’m going to go drown myself in cookie dough soon! :)

  37. Congratulations on the book! It looks incredible and I can’t wait to bake my way through it!

  38. Congratulations on your new book…wish you much success !

  39. Congratulations on the book ! Can’t wait to try some of the recipes, they look so good!

  40. So exciting! I’ve been waiting with much anticipation for this cookbook to come out! It’s like a dream come true for a cookie dough fanatic like myself :)

  41. Would love to display this (signed!) book in my kitchen or on my coffee table. Congrats on getting published. Can’t wait to dig in to these recipes.

  42. I love cookie dough! I can’t wait to see the new book. I hope I win. Love all your recipes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. Congratulations! I’m sure it’s just amazing to see all of your hard work sitting there in book form!

  44. I’ve been seeing/hearing about this book everywhere, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  45. I made your cookie dough truffles the other week. big hit with all the neighborhood kiddos!

  46. Congrats Lindsay! You rock!! I am so excited for you!!

  47. Congratulations Lindsay! What a wonderful accomplishment. So excited to get my hands on one of these cookbooks – can’t believe I haven’t bought one yet! :)

  48. Congratulations on the new book!

  49. Congratulations on the new book! Can’t wait to crack it open and make some cookie dough deliciousness!

  50. Don’t enter me in the contest – my copy of the book arrives tomorrow. I just wanted to say thank you for all the links to other people using your recipes. What fun to see a little preview until my book gets here.

  51. Hey! We in Russia want the cookie dough book! I love dough!))

  52. congrats!!! no one can say no to the dough ;)

  53. Yay! Congrats on being published – I cannot wait to get my hands on your book! :)

  54. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog…!!! Congrats on the book, the cover photos are spectacular!

  55. congratulations!!!

  56. I really love everything cookie dough!

  57. congratulations and happy release day! i can’t tell you how many people i know who will be so excited about this book. mmm cookie dough….

  58. Hurray! I know this has been a labor of love for you, and it’s such an accomplishment. I hope your book flies off the shelves, makes you an Internet Star, and lands you a show of the Food Network.

    It worked for Ree Drumond, didn’t it?!

  59. Cookie dough, it’s a good thing! Thanks for the opportunity to enter my name.

  60. Congrats on this wonderful cookbook! Can’t wait to read it!

  61. Congrats on the book, the cover looks amazing. I love homemade cookies, I won’t even waste calories on prepackaged stuff. Knowing what goes into something is very important to me. I like that you have egg-free versions for a couple of reasons, the most important being that I love eating raw cookie dough. I am not sure if it’s bad to eat raw eggs or it was my mom’s way to keep me from eating the dough from the freezer but as much as I ate I never got sick. Thanks for the giveaway, hope I win!

  62. Congratulations. The book looks great!

  63. Congratulations! I cannot wait to make all these recipes!

  64. Yay, congratulations!

  65. Happy cookie dough day :)

  66. Cookies and cookie dough yum yum.

  67. Congrats on the cookbook! I would loveeee to win one of these

  68. I am so excited for you, I wish you the best with your book!

  69. YUM. I urgently need this book!

  70. Yay! I just made some of your cookie dough for my sister’s birthday, it was AMAZING!!! Fingers and toes crossed I’ll win a signed copy :)

  71. cant wait to see the book! so delicious!

  72. Muchas Felicidades por el lanzamiento de tu libro!! Exitos!!

  73. How exciting! Congrats!

  74. Congrats! I know you must be so excited for this great accomplishment! I already purchased a copy of your cookbook, I can’t wait to use it! :)

    You are truly an inspiration for me in this crazy food blog world. I’d love for you to check out my blog sometime! New blog friends are the best!

    I also was hoping to get some information on your design company. I am hoping to establish my own blog (outside of blogger) in the near future. Thought you would be the best person to speak to about it!

    The cookie dough olympics sound awesome! Is it still possible for people to register for it?

  75. Congrats on the new book. I hope to come to the signing here in Nashville.

  76. I love the fact you published your own book today! congratulations! it would be wonderful to win a copy of your book, specially because I live in Switzerland and it’s a lot of money to buy something overseas!
    anyway, i’d love to have one! :)

  77. Congratulations! You’ve arrived.

  78. Yay – I can’t wait to see the book!!!

  79. Your book looks scrumptious! Congratulations!! And thanks for the chance on the giveaways!

  80. Congrats on the book, it looks amazing!!

  81. Cpngrats! Your book looks awesome!

  82. would love a copy of the book!

  83. I love cookie dough in any form so this book makes me salivate. Everyone loves cookie dough so it is a perfect present too and prob always a great recipe to make for a party! We have a small speciality food shop and I would love to carry this book. Do a lot of the recipes call for olive oil? Who would I contact to purchase the book?

  84. I’d love to win a book! I made your strawberry blondies and they were to die for! They made my hubby’s day!!!

  85. Your cookbook looks amazing! Congrats!

  86. Congrats! I’d love to win one!! :)

  87. I may have to give the truffles a go.

  88. If this cookbook has recipes even close to as tasty as your cookie dough cupcakes, than I definitely look forward to trying the other recipes in the book! Congrats on your exciting accomplishment!

  89. Love your blog, and this book looks FAB-U-LOUS! Congratulations on publishing!

  90. I am such the cookie dough addict. I would most likely make every recipe and challenge the notion of cookie dough with every meal, haha!

  91. Congrats on the book! So many yummy things to try, I wouldn’t know where to start!

  92. Congratulations! This cookbook looks so fun!

  93. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive! I <3 Cookie Dough!

  94. How wonderful! Congratulations!! <3 I can't wait to try out the recipes!


  95. Congratulations! How exciting! It looks wonderful!

  96. Congratulations! I just ordered your book off of Amazon. I’d LOVE to win a signed copy to give away on my blog!!! Or I just might keep the signed one if I win. :-)

  97. Sounds awesome! Congrats on your book. I can’t wait to try many of the recipes.

  98. I would love to add this cookbook to my collection! Great job!

  99. Congratulations on your cookbook! A few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have said I’m a cookie dough fanatic. But after seeing all of the creations from the cookbook on the other blogs, I can’t wait to try these recipes myself. Thank you for taking your inkling of an idea and turning it into something we can all enjoy.

  100. Congratulations! Can’t wait to get a copy of it :)

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