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Southern Artisan Brownie Box GIVEAWAY

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Belle Chevre Olive Sinclair Chocolate Brownies

More baking with goat cheese. This time in the form of brownies. Belle Chevre Cremery has brought back their popular Southern Artisan Brownie Gift box this holiday season, and for good reason. The box comes with 3 bars of Olive & Sinclair chocolate (produced right here in Nashville!) and a log of Belle Chevre goat cheese. Use the included recipe to prepare some of the most unusually decadent brownies you’ve ever had. And while I can’t share the recipe with you, let me just say they were thoroughly enjoyed by some of Nashville’s toughest food critics (also known as the Nashville Food Bloggers). I brought this batch to our annual holiday party (and white elephant DISH exchange!) and they were devoured, along with other delectable goodies like currant & mint meatballs (Angela, you MUST share the recipe!), Happy Holidays Punch from Teresa, and (prepare yourselves), Bite-sized Rosemary & Dried Cherry Biscuits with Brined and Smoked Duck Breasts with Black Garlic Aioli and Spicy Cherry Jam. Phew, that’s a mouthful, in more ways than one.

Needless to say, it was quite a spread. And quite a party.

Southern Artisan Brownie Box Giveaway

Now, back to this brownie box.

It’d make a great gift for the goat cheese and/or chocolate lover in your life. Or keep it for yourself. Whatever, I’m not one to judge. Either way, I’m giving one box away to one lucky L&OO reader! Also special just for you guys, for a limited time get a 10% discount on Belle Chevre holiday gift boxes. Simply use code LAOO2011.

Congrats to Terra, comment #284, winner of the brownie gift box!

To Enter:

Simply leave a comment on this post with the answer to this question:
What is your all-time favorite brownie, best you’ve ever had?

Entries open through Wednesday, December 21st at 11:59 CST. I’ll be selecting the winner via random number generator on the morning of Thursday, December 22nd. Prize will be shipped directly to the winner by Belle Chevre. Because of the perishable nature of this prize this giveaway is open to U.S. Residents ONLY.

Want Extra Entries?
Increase your odds of winning! In addition to the main entry comment, leave a separate comment for each bonus entry.
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Be sure you enter a valid email address, because if your name is drawn and I can’t get a hold of you within 48 hours, I will choose an alternate winner. You may also want to add me to your address book (lindsay AT loveandoliveoil DOT com), as I’d hate for your congratulatory email to end up in the spam folder.

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to US residents only. Void where prohibited. I was provided with an identical gift box and cheese by Belle Chevre, however all opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. Home made brownies by my mom are always the best kind :)

  2. Tweeted @eelizabethwilley

  3. My favorite brownie recipe that I have found is from Bon Appetit: Browned Butter Brownies. TO DIE FOR delish!!!! My second favorite is Fleur De Sel Chocolate Chip Blondies from Anne Thornton. So darn good!

  4. I already follow you on FB :)

  5. Oh man. The best brownie I’ve ever had was definitely a red velvet cream cheese swirl brownie from Donna Bells in NYC — half red velvet brownie, half cream cheesecake swirl. 100% decadent!

  6. Chocolate and peanut butter brownies!

  7. I follow you and tweeted the message

  8. Best brownie I’ve ever had is the Brownies #6 recipe that Saints punter Thomas Morstead’s mother uses. She gave the recipe to our local newspaper before Superbowl XLIV and it’s been a favorite ever since :)

  9. I already like L&OO on fb :)

  10. Chocolate Chunk Walnut Brownies are delish.
    But really is there a bad brownie?
    Thanks for the chance. :)

  11. goat cheese and chocolate? boy do i want to live in that world.

  12. For me, it’s gotta be slightly undercooked brownies from the fudge brownie mix at trader joe’s!

  13. Once I had a ‘peanut butter bomb brownie’ that was AMAZING!

  14. I like on FB!

  15. My favorite brownies are ones made with a cream cheese swirl…So I think I’d love ones made with goat cheese almost as much!

  16. My favorite are probably the ones I make right at home. Nothing fancy just pure chocolate delight, and maybe some extra chocolate chips thrown in!

  17. My gave brownie recipe is Hershey’s Ultimate Brownie.

  18. Cappuccino Brownies! Thanks for this opportunity! Love your blog!

  19. Following you now and just tweeted about this opportunity!

  20. Best brownies? The ones my mom used to make. I made them all the time in middle school and don’t think I’ve made brownies in YEARS… come to think of it, I should ask for that recipe!

  21. One time I had a brownie carmel and melted marshmallow on the top. It. Was. To. Die. For.

  22. cream cheese brownies. yum.

  23. I make a Milky Way brownie that is the best ever. Yummy!

  24. Love brownies with black walnuts – mmmmm – so good.

  25. Oh my gosh, I still remember that brownie…We were in Southern California sightseeing and shopping when we passed by the window of a small bakery- we decided on a whim to go in, and ended up with a fudgey brownie full of large hunks of toasted walnuts, and topped with a decadent chocolate frosting. I want another one.

  26. My favorite brownies are fudge brownies :)

  27. The best brownies I’ve ever had aren’t homemade but instead come from Kosher Mart in Silver Spring, MD. I don’t keep kosher, but… man, these brownies are like a perfect cross between cake & fudge. Divine!

  28. The best brownie I ever had was Alice Medrich’s cocoa brownies.

  29. My wife’s homemade dark chocolate brownies.

  30. The Baked Brownies from the cookbook “Baked: New Frontiers in Baking”

  31. If only I lived in the US! Will you be posting the brownie recipe anyway? I don’t have a favourite ever brownie moment, but generally speaking warm straight from the pan is the best way to eat them!

  32. I love Chocolate and Dulce de Leche brownies!

  33. Hi! Hola desde Spain! Me encanta tu blog,es fabuloso y desde cuando hice el primer brownie,que me encanto no paro de volver a hacerlo. Muy buenooo! Saludos!!!

  34. I would like to say that I made the best brownie ever but the ones I had at Bouchon Bakery are simply to die for good.

  35. I like Love and Olive Oil on FB.

  36. I really love a delicious, thick, FUDGY brownie packed with chocolate chunks/chips.

  37. i have a recipe that i will eventually post/make for german cheesecake brownies. hands down the best ones EVER.

  38. Rocky road brownies.

  39. I like you on facebook.

  40. zingermans has a black magic brownie and it is good

  41. like loe and olive oil on facebook

  42. My favorite are cheesecake brownies- so these are right my my alley!

  43. The best brownies I’ve ever had are “dream” brownies = chocolate brownies topped with a mixture of coconut, chocolate and walnuts.

  44. I was always a fan of the Joy of Cooking cheesecake brownies. Mmm.

  45. The Ghirardelli double chocolate box kind- I won’t make any other kind, they are so delicious!

  46. I like you on Facebook!

  47. A layered one with cream cheese and a ganache frosting!

  48. A walnut brownie is my favorite!

  49. I used to love Ghiradelli, still do, but now I really like brownies with dulce de leche swirled in and underbaked. Mmm

  50. I know it’t not exciting, but when ever my dad decided to make homemade brownies late into the night, there was nothing better than falling asleep with a belly full of his home made ones.

  51. I like brownies with a swirl of cheesecake on top.

  52. Bourbon bacon brownies! :)

  53. peanut butter cup cheesecake brownies!

  54. i love the super duper gooey choclatey double fudge, melty, stick to the roof of your mouth brownies. mmmm i just drooled.

  55. I don’t know! My sister’s Palm Beach Brownies, maybe?

  56. I am already your Facebook fan.

  57. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a really stand-out brownie. We did have an assignment my sophomore year of high school for chemistry class where everyone had to follow a slightly different recipe to see how the order and levels of ingredients affected the outcome (yeah….I don’t know). My lab partner and I finished that batch and then decided to make a box of brownies in a loaf pan and throw a bunch of chocolate chips in the mix. That was silly-decadent and delicious and we brought it in along with our chem assignment to share. Those would be my most memorable brownies, for sure!

  58. My favorite brownies are the homemade variety, straight out of the oven… corner piece, please!

  59. To be honest, I haven’t found brownie perfection yet … but something dense and chocolately is the way to go!

  60. I also like you on facebook!

  61. My great-grandmother used to make these “crack” brownies as me and my sisters so adoringly called them. They were kind of like a seven layers bar all wrapped up in a brownie topped with peanut butter. A tiny 1″ by 1″ square was enough sugar to keep us bouncing off the walls for hours – and of course we ate them by the handfuls.

    If memory serves me right, she would pour two-thirds of the brownie batter into a pan, then add dark and white chocolate chips, heath bar chunks, coconut, graham cracker crumbs. Then she’d cover the rest with the remaining brownie batter. Halfway through cooking she’d pour melted peanut butter over the top and TA DA! Crack Brownies. So yummy.

  62. Homeade with the caramel and chocolate layer in the middle of the two brownie layers!

  63. my favorite brownies are caramel brownies!

  64. I made some dark chocolate champagne brownies last week that were AMAZING. So, for today, those are definitely my favorite.

  65. My favorite brownies are (hands-down) the ones I have up on my blog! they are rich and fudgy and 100% delicious.

  66. I already like you on FB!

  67. My favorite brownie recipe is from the Fat Witch cookbook! Your brownies are very tempting. The addition of goat cheese is inspired!

  68. I once had a sea salt caramel chocolate brownie that was mind blowing!

  69. And I’m already a fan on Facebook! :)

  70. Ooo these look amazing! Goat cheese in anything sweet is fine by me:) The best brownies I have had I am eating right now! They are homemade super fudgey with chocolate chips and mint M&Ms!!

  71. I love just plain chewy and they taste like they weren’t baked all the way brownies !

  72. This weekend while sick I made dark chocolate/cocoa brownies. While I know I did something wrong in the recipe, they were the best, fudgiest brownies I have ever eaten.

  73. I love the rolo brownie bites from Bakers Royale.

  74. Salty Caramel Pecan Brownies by Yum Brownies here in Birmingham… good!

  75. I “like” you on facebook.

  76. As much as I would love to say it was a homemade brownie, my favorite brownie was the caramel brownie that Starbucks used to have. So fudgy and caramel-y!

  77. The best one is Alice Medrich’s brownie recipe!

  78. My aunt’s brownies she makes every year for Christmas–hands down the best brownie!

  79. Still searching for a recipe from an old friend for coconut brownies. They were the best ones I’ve EVER had.

  80. Definitely turtle brownies with caramel and pecans. Throw some ice cream on it and I’ll marry you.

  81. I’m a fan on facebook!

  82. I’ve got 2 faves: (1) peppermint and (2) dark chocolate & orange.

  83. I follow you on twitter and tweeted: I just entered to win a Southern Artisan Brownie Box from @loveandoliveoil and @bellechevre! Enter here:

  84. best brownie i’ve ever had is homemade using ghiradelli brownie mix and covered in vanilla icecream!

  85. And tweeted about the giveaway!

  86. I good homemade fudgy brownie is the best!

  87. There is a place out here called FairyTale brownies and they make some totally delicious brownies! Definitely my favorite.

  88. I bake a super dark, fudgey brownie with a cream cheese peanut butter frosting that is amazing! A goat cheese frosting could me pretty dang tasty!

  89. I follow you on twitter and tweeted the giveaway

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