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Eat Boutique Holiday Gift Box GIVEAWAY

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I’d say it’s about time for another giveaway, don’t you agree? Maggie at Eat Boutique has done it again. This holiday season, she’s got not just one gourmet gift box, but a whole assortment of them. Whether you want the big box or the small one, a box just for jams or a super holiday cocktail kit, any one of her 7 options would make a fabulous gift for the food-lover in your life. She’s even got subscriptions, where you’ll receive monthly shipments of your favorite artisan foods. A gift that truly keeps on giving.

If you’re ordering by the holidays, please try to place your orders before December 15th and take advantage of FREE SHIPPING. And, as a special little bonus for you guys, you can get an extra $5 off your order! Simply enter code LAOO upon checkout.

But enough banter, on to the giveaway (because I wouldn’t dare post about such a fab product without giving one away)! Maggie has donated one of her handmade holiday gift boxes (valued at ($94.95) to one lucky L&OO reader. You can keep the goodies all to yourself, or have it shipped to the recipient of your choice. But if you choose to keep it, we totally won’t judge. :)

The Homemade for the Holidays Gift Box contains candied orange rinds, pecan clusters, shortbread trio, cinnamon chocolate malt biscotti, sesame sage nuts, caramel corn, fleur de sel caramels, and caramelized onion crackers. It’ll satisfy all your cravings – sweet, savory, salty, and fabulous. The only bad thing about it is that I’m ineligible to win (darnit). Or maybe that’s a good thing because I’d totally hoard it for myself (sorry, Taylor).


To Enter:

Simply leave a comment on this post with the answer to this question:
What is on your holiday wish list this year (or, what is one gift you are excited about giving to someone else?)

Entries open through Friday, December 9 at 11:59PM CST. I’ll be randomly selecting the winner the morning of Saturday, December 10th. Prize will be shipped to the winner directly from Eat Boutique (to either you, or the recipient of your choice). Due to the perishable nature of this product this giveaway is open to residents of the continental United States ONLY.

Want Extra Entries?
Increase your odds of winning! In addition to the main entry comment, leave a separate comment for each bonus entry.
1. Follow @loveandoliveoil on twitter and tweet the following:
I just entered to win a gourmet holiday gift box from @eatboutique and @loveandoliveoil! Enter here:
2. Like Love & Olive Oil on Facebook (or if you are already a fan just say so!)

Be sure you enter a valid email address, because if your name is drawn and I can’t get a hold of you within 48 hours, I will choose an alternate winner. You may also want to add me to your address book (lindsay AT loveandoliveoil DOT com), as I’d hate for your congratulatory email to end up in the spam folder.

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  1. This year I got my sister a painting of her dogs and I am super excited to give it to her!

  2. I am already a fan of LAOO on facebook!

  3. I want a glass bowl for my kitchenaid!

  4. I’ve had my eye on several several cookbooks that came out this year and I put them on my christmas wish list. As well as some nice squishy gel mats for my hard kitchen floor.

  5. I did tweet about this giveaway! Love it!!!

  6. I am a fan on Facebook!

  7. I am hoping for a new Cuisinart stand mixer!

  8. I really really want anything involving cooking (esp a cast iron skillet) anddd I need a new camera so hopefully I’ll get at least 1 of those things! :)

  9. I’m excited to give away some homemade panettone. I have yet to make them but I’m very excited to get started.

    And I’ve liked you on facebook. thanks!

  10. I also like L&OO on FB

  11. This year, I am excited to give my mom a mani-pedi day with me and my sister. She loves having her nails done, and I know she’ll love it even more with us there!

  12. I tweeted about the giveaway at @karen_g.

  13. I’m a fan on facebook!

  14. I am looking forward to finally giving my husband the Keurig he’s been eying all year.

  15. I am hoping to get a new lens for my Nikon!
    I am already a facebook fan!

  16. and I’m a fan on the facebooks! :)

  17. I’m super-excited about some white wine jelly I made for my husband’s family using wine that was given out at my brother-in-law’s wedding. I haven’t tasted the completely finished product yet, though, so maybe I should be TENTATIVELY excited, ha.

  18. I liked you facebook too!

  19. I already like you on Facebook (and off)

  20. I’ve put a camera on my wish list because I gave my son the one I had as I just couldn’t get the hang of it – that’s what happens when you get old.

  21. I’m excited to give my boyfriend a nice watch for him to wear to his first full-time job!

  22. I’m excited to give my boyfriend ALL of his gifts this year. He’s in the military & was deployed last Christmas, so this will be out first together – and because both of his parents passed away when he was a teenager (his mom died ON Christmas), he hasn’t celebrated a real, happy Christmas in a LONG time. I’m trying to make it the best possible holiday for him!

  23. I am already a fan on FB :)

  24. I’m excited about giving my mother-in-law a framed picture of her new grandson.

  25. For the first time my hubby and I are doing homemade foodie gifts for some of our extended family and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re making three different varieties of cookies, granola, hot cocoa mix, chutney, spiced nuts, and even homemade dog treats for the family pet!

  26. My sister is getting me a new laptop bag, and I’m getting her one in exchange!

  27. Also, I follow you on Facebook.

  28. We are having a 100% homemade Christmas this year. I haven’t been this excited about giving or receiving in years! :)

  29. I’d love a new chef’s knife!

  30. For the family to be together….

  31. I am definitely a fan already on FB. Great giveaway!!

  32. just liked love & olive oil on facebook, too!

  33. I am a facebook fan!

  34. I’m excited to give my kids science toys. They are little budding scientists!
    But I looooove those goodies- those would be a gift for myself ;-)

  35. I have been sewing up some special gifts for loved ones and hope to get some new slippers! This box looks amazing!

  36. i am a facebook fan

  37. I already like you on FB

  38. i am excited for the best christmas gift ever, meeting my niece!!

  39. Not much on my list this year. I’m just looking forward to spending the holidays with family. My daughter will be 3 this year so she’s looking forward to it enough for everyone.

  40. I’m asking for a food processor!

  41. I’m excited to give my BF a 3-tiered cookie cooling rack! I taught him how easy baking is this year and he has gotten SERIOUSLY into it.

  42. And I am already a fan of facebook. This giveaway looks incredible!

  43. I’m excited to give my mother-in-law a beautiful silver bracelet. Over the past few years she’s given us some amazing family heirlooms such as jewelry and crystal. I thought it would be nice to give her a beautiful new piece of jewelry to thank her for all of beautiful things she’s given to us.

  44. I like L&OO on Facebook

  45. And I’m already a fan on Facebook

  46. I’m excited to give my mom a bunch of different maple syrups! (I’m currently living right on the border of Vermont and New Hampshire, so I can get lots of good maple syrup)

  47. I am really excited to send home some LeCreuset pans that I scored at TJ Maxx for my Mom and Sister!! they are going to be so surprised :)

  48. I’m really excited to give my sister a voucher for a plane ticket to come see me :) it’s been too long!

  49. I’m hoping for some $$ for new clothes.

  50. I am hoping for a breadmaker for Christmas this year . . . can’t wait to make homemade bread every day (which is what I daydream about).

  51. I’m so excited to give my daughter a new charm for her silver bangle – she won’t expect it at all.
    I’m hoping to receive a new camera (DSL) so that I can pump up the quality of my blog photos.
    But mostly, I’m just excited to have all my family together on the 18th for our annual gathering!

  52. My husband and I are giving ourselves a Kindle Fire to share – can’t wait!

  53. I’m hoping to receive some mini cake pans for making mini layer cakes!

  54. I am excited to give my kids EVERYTHING on their wishlists :)
    I am also at the same excited/hoping to get a Michael Kors watch!
    I also like (love) you on facebook!!

  55. I’m excited to get my boyfriend something amazing for our first Christmas together… Now to figure out what that is!

  56. And I’m a fan on Facebook!

  57. I’m excited to give my mom something cute and kitchen-related. She’s wanted to renovate the kitchen for years and it’ll be done in time for Christmas!

  58. And I just liked Love & Olive Oil on Facebook!

  59. I really don’t need anything. I have made a good portion of the gifts that I am giving though because I knit so they are sweaters and scarves and shawls.

  60. My sister and I are making a calendar for my grandfather using images of his old artwork we found when cleaning out his house (he used to be a painter). We want his new room in the assisted-living-facility where he lives now to feel like home!

  61. I liked you on FB!

  62. I’m looking forward to spoiling my 4-month-old daughter for Xmas…even though she’ll never remember it! lol.

  63. Sending wine and gin to several lovely people.

  64. I’m excited to give my father-in-law the ipod we bought him on black friday!

  65. Giving my mother in law a crock pot. She’s been eyeing mine ever since I made pulled pork in it this summer !

  66. I follow you on Facebook!

  67. I can’t wait to give my husband the portrait I had commissioned of his dog- he’s going to love it!

  68. Whoops! And I also “like” you on Facebook!

  69. My dear friend is a die hard Cardinals fan… He was sobbing (yes, sobbing) when they won the World Series! I happen to stumble on an autographed picture of Stan Musial, a Cardinals legend. My friend lives in Los Angeles and I just know his heart aches for St. Louis. I’m excited to give him this picture, not only to bring a little St. Louis into his life, but to give a gift that I know will be cherished for years to come! Yay for the Holidays!

  70. i’m excited to make food gifts for family members this year. i’ve been working on a chai tea mix and giving away homemade pickles!

  71. I “like” love & olive oil on facebook

  72. I already like you on Facebook!

    I am most excited to give my best friend’s mother homemade Almond Crescent cookies. Her mother who passed away use to make them every holiday and she could never recreate the lost family recipe. The one my family has used for generations is very similar. Its a holiday tradition now that I bake them and she enjoys them and the memory of when her mother use to bake them for her. This is the gift I always look forward to most!

  73. I’m hoping that Santa brings me a Dutch oven for Christmas!

  74. Im excited to give my 80 year old friend a wooden family of Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus that I hand made(I cut it out of wood and sanded and painted it and added all the embellishments) turned out so nice and I know she will cherish it!

  75. I am excited to be giving the homemade jams and preserves I lovingly labored over this summer.

  76. Can’t wait to give my 3 nieces their first charm bracelets, although it’s killing me that they are all old enough to get them! :)
    And the rest of my family will get my homemade raspberry (from my ever-expanding patch) jam with shortbread cookies along with some homemade Bailey’s!

  77. I wished for lots of new books this year!

  78. I’m hoping to get some new measuring spoons that haven’t been introduced to the garbage disposal!

  79. I also am already a fan on facebook!

  80. I am excited to give my mom a handmade recipe box for our growing collection of family favorites.

  81. I already like you on Facebook

  82. I’m so excited to give my 18 month old niece a cute toy kitchen!

  83. I’m excited to give my boyfriend (whom I live with) a professional meat grinder for Christmas. He used to make sausage with his dad and has wanted to start making his own so, I’m really hoping he likes it.

  84. I am giving my daughter (and me) tickets to three TPAC shows. I am already a fan on FB too.

  85. I’m asking for a cookie scoop for Christmas.

  86. Ack, that last post was meant to have my twitter handle (@kirikiri1). i already like you on facebook (Kerstin Wolff) :)

  87. On my wish list actually isn;t much, since I’ll be getting to go home to Germany this year and that’s really all I want :)
    Excited to give I am about some roasted, candied Sichuan peppers I picked up in China for my dad, who loves to eat so spicy, it should be illegal!

  88. I also like you in Facebook :)

  89. Oh, I’ve been a Facebook friend for a while now- I just love your blog!

  90. Im very excited to give my little sister a ” big girl” purse filled with hair accessories. She is not a tom-boy but does have trouble accessorizing and asked for some help.

  91. On my wish list this year are new sneakers and some warm earmuffs.
    I’m really excited to give my mother new leather gloves to replace her ten-year-old worn-out pair.

  92. I have already liked you on Facebook!

  93. You had me at fleur de sel caramels…. I’m trying my hand at lemon cherry pannetone this year for teacher and neighbor gifts and am so excited to see how they turn out. I love handmade and food gifts!

  94. I am excited to give my mom a brand new hair straightener for Christmas! I just moved out into my first new apartment and I am sure she misses borrowing mine!
    Plus I got it on a ridiculous discount ($250 regularly, but I got it discounted for $50!).

  95. I “like” Love & Olive Oil on Facebook! Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. I am excited to give my husband some tools he has been asking/wanting/needing for a while.

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