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The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

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The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

I am so excited to announce the 1st Annual Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, hosted by myself and Julie of The Little Kitchen.

The premise is this: sign up. Receive the addresses of three other food bloggers. Send each of them one dozen delicious homemade cookies. Receive three different boxes of scrumptious cookies from other bloggers. Eat them all yourself (or, you know, share. If you want. No judgement either way.) Post your cookie recipe on your blog. See everyone else’s cookie recipes. Salivate. Get lots of great ideas for next years’ cookie swap. Rinse and repeat.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Want to join in the fun?

Sign ups are now CLOSED. If you missed out this year but are interested in participating in the future, please sign up here to receive notification when next year’s swap begins!

Sign ups are open through Tuesday, November 15th. Matches will be emailed to you on Monday the 21st, and we ask that you please get your cookies in the mail no later than December 5th. Blog posts with your cookie recipes should be written and ready for publication on December 12th. Julie and I will be posting a full round-up of all the participating bloggers and their cookie recipes shortly thereafter. Please note these deadlines and make sure you are able to meet them before signing up. We have no tolerance for flakes or no-shows in this swap.

Currently this swap is open to US and Canadian food bloggers, but we are willing to open it up to bloggers in other countries, as long as you can convince at least 4 bloggers from that country to sign up. Email us if you’d like to add yours. We will do our best to match folks with others in the same country to keep shipping costs reasonable.

The Great Food Blogger Cookie SwapGrab a badge:

If you’re participating, spread the word! The more bloggers we have participating in this swap the more fun it’ll be. Please use the code below to add the official cookie swap banner to your blog:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2011"></a>

And if you want logos to use in your own posts to promote the swap and whatnot:
White Background
Blue Background
Wide Blue Background

Tweeting? Instagraming? Use the hashtag #fbcookieswap.

Sign up! Spread the word! Start planning your cookies!

And just in case you were curious….

(This is how many bloggers have signed up so far! That’s a lotta cookies!! Seriously, what are you waiting for?)

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  1. Cookies are my favorite thing to bake. I am always looking for new cookies recipes to try to thanks!

  2. Is this Great Food Blogger cookie swap still going?
    I’d be keen to participate.
    Or even to organise one here in Aussie Down Under!!!

  3. This looks so fun! Are you still doing cookie swaps or do you think you will open it up again soon?

  4. I’m interesting but I live in Italy. For me is ok to send food everywhere!!!

    Kisses from Italy, Ciao Marica

  5. Oh Dear!!!

    I sent my Cookie Swaps but I haven’t received any in return… was there a problem that you know of.

  6. Brilliant idea!! So sorry I missed out on this year. Just signed up for next year and am counting the days.
    I can’t wait until someone sends me cookies, since I bake for about 40 people every year at the holidays. I have to mail the cookies to about half of them.
    Last year I blogged about the 8 days of holiday baking and my final post featured packaging ideas.

  7. I am so bummed I just found this. I love cookie swaps. How do I get a reminder for the next one?

  8. I am so sad I missed this. I’d love to participate next year! Such a great idea.

  9. i just received my first package today. unfortunately i only have my “secret santa’s” postal address now, she didn’t include her blog address etc. :(

  10. This is BRILLIANT!!!! Sad I missed the deadline, but here’s to the SECOND annual cookie swap!

  11. I was wondering the same, if we can tell them they arrived or if we can blog a picture of them.

    • Yes, once they’ve arrived the secret’s out, and you’re free to tweet, blog, publicly thank, etc. etc. to your heart’s content. :) Sorry if this wasn’t clear!

  12. Question- do we send an email thank you when our cookies arrive? My first batch came in the mail today and I would like to let the sender know how great they are, but don’t want to jump the gun. What are the rules regarding contacting cookie senders?

    • Yes, once they’ve arrived we figure the secret’s out, and you’re free to tweet, blog, publicly thank, etc. etc. to your heart’s content. :) Sorry if this wasn’t clear!

  13. My cookies are packed and ready to mail in the morning!! Someone’s in for a Black Friday surprise!

  14. Arrgh! I missed the deadline by 6 days.

    Honestly, I need to explore online more often… so, um, if anyone drops out, I volunteer to sub in! COOKIES!

  15. So sorry I missed the deadline – sounds like a fun idea! I hope you do more of these :)

  16. Oh no!!! I missed the deadline :(. I guess I’m too late?

  17. I found this just in time! So excited, what a great idea….I think this just made my week!

  18. my food blog is VERY new…as in, the website design isn’t fabulous, and i haven’t actually posted any entries yet. but this will give me incentive to get it going. can i sign up? i’d love to participate!

    • Yes, definitely! This swap is a great incentive to get started. :) As long as you have a blog and a place to post your cookie recipe, you are welcome to participate. :)

  19. I am taking part in The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap… trying out a few recipes at the moment.
    Do we have to wait until the swap has taken place to blog our recipes…?
    Ali xx

    • Hi Alison – We’re asking everyone to post their recipes on the same day, December 12th. We’ll then have you submit your post link to us and we’ll be doing a full round up of all the recipes!

  20. I signed up a couple of days ago but am worried I did it wrong. how to I check that I signed up I don’t want to miss out because I filled in the form wrong.

    I am at university in Edinburgh and I bribe my self to work by allowing myself to bake when I have finished. I am currently fantasising about peanut butter blondies while writing an essay on pre the 1640 spread of newsprint. I wonder if anyone could recommend me a basic chocolate cookie recipe mine always go flat rather than staying thick and chewy. We have been discussing it and my friends and I have decided that cookies must have some american secret in them because we don’t know anyone apart from americans who can make good cookies.

  21. I signed up a week or two ago, but I accidentally deleted the email stating which bloggers I have…oops! I can’t find it in my archives. Can you resend the info? Or should I sign up again? So sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks. :)

  22. I am so excited! what an awesome idea, I can wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  23. SO excited! I just signed up. Love, love, love it.

  24. Love this idea! I’m having my first annual cookie swap this year, as well. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with….. and who doesn’t love getting a ‘care package’ in the mail?!
    Happy Baking Everyone!!

  25. Can you please remove me for the swap..I cant afford it this year Im sorry :=/

  26. I’m signing up! This is such an awesome idea (:

  27. This should be fun, delicious and a great way to connect to other cookie lovers.

  28. I signed up! I hope a LiveJournal blog (about food) counts, or else I’ll have to migrate my stuff elsewhere… :-/

  29. What a GREAT idea! I am super looking forward to this :D Thanks for organizing!!

  30. Just signed up. Looks like a lot of fun. Can’t wait :)

  31. What a fabulous idea is this!!!! I’m so excited, I’m waiting for the email to confirm my participation. Congratulations, we’re going to have a blast!!!

  32. Super excited about enjoying a cookie swap with great food bloggers, it was a great idea! I signed up and posted about it too! Happy Holidays!

  33. I love this! I so love holiday cookies and love sharing them even more. What a cool way to connect with other bloggers virtually and in real life! Kudos, ladies. I’m all signed up.

  34. I am so excited to participate in this cookie swap! It is going to be a blast and a great way to get some holiday cheer!

  35. I don’t have a blog, can I still participate? (I may have signed up with my twitter handle)

  36. The Two College Foodies are super excited to be joining the cookie swap!! Can’t wait to send and receive some delicious cookies :)

  37. Thanks so much lindsey for encouraging me to start my own blog….it means i can particpate in this great cookie exchange….i usually do one where i work, i provide lunch and then later we all exchange the great recipes and cookies! cannot wait!

  38. what an AMAZING idea!! just registered and cannot wait to get going ;)

  39. Can’t wait! Looking forward to it. What a great idea!

  40. I just heard about the cookie swap from my friend and I am so excited to participate (and to have found your blog)!! Thank you for providing the opportunity meet new people, giving me an excuse to bake (not like I need one) and helping me happily put on a few pounds over the holidays!

    I posted about this today on my blog! Cant wait!

  41. Question: Must these be orginal recipes or can they be sourced?

    • Up to you! We’d like to see a new recipe (vs one you’ve posted on your blog before), but whether it’s your own or someone else’s that doesn’t matter at all. :)

  42. What a great idea! I will have to pass this time around but still enjoy following your blog:)

  43. What a cool idea!!!! I am TOTALLY IN!

  44. I can’t wait! I love baking cookies!

  45. This sounds like such a fabulous idea, I’m just sad I really don’t think I can participate (expecting a baby in December). Will there be a list of all the bloggers who DO participate so those of us who don’t can see all the recipes?

    • Hi Kali! Yes, we will be publishing a roundup of all the recipe posts from participating bloggers. :) It’ll be a massive post – watch for that around mid-December!

  46. I am so excited! I can’t wait to be a part of this cookie event!

  47. I will probably get hate mail for this question: how do we ship the cookies? I am seriously considering joining. Thanks!

    • Up to you, I’m planning on sending mine USPS Priority. We’re going to match folks within their own country so shipping costs stay reasonable. I am planning on a packing/shipping tips post coming up in the next week or so, that will help you if you’ve never shipped baked goods before. :)

  48. Ahhh!!! So excited to do this! I cant wait :)

  49. Ahh this sounds like so much fun! Can’t wait =)

  50. I don’t have a blog. Can I still sign up?

    • Hi Penni – Unfortunately we are limiting this swap to food bloggers only. The blog posts at the end will be how we share the recipes, as well as how we’ll hold people accountable. Incentive to start a food blog, perhaps? :)

  51. I’d love to sign up! Canadian, here.

  52. Great idea!!! I love trying others’ creations. Thanks for organizing. :)

  53. fantastic….great!!!!

  54. From England?
    I’m very happy to joining you!

  55. Can’t wait! This is exciting!

  56. Ohhhh, I can’t wait this sounds like fun!! I have to start prepping for what kind of cookies I’m going to make!

  57. Oh, SO much fun! There can never be too many cookies around the holidays!!!

  58. Count me in!!! Can’t wait to see what everyone’s baking…

  59. I am signed up and ready! Can I send cookies from a recipe that has already been posted or does it have to be recent?


  60. Ouch! I am from Argentina! I want to participate! come on! is there any argentinian blogger? please please please!!!

  61. This is going to be fun…I’m already wrapping my head around what I’m going to bake!

  62. I accidentally mistyped my e-mail the first time, so sorry about my duplicate entry!

  63. I just signed up! So excited to be a part of this!

  64. I have just signed up, I’m so so excited!! What a brilliant idea :) Already starting to think up some interesting flavours to include in my cookies!

  65. Super excited!

  66. What an awesome idea! I’m tempted, but I was wondering whether in your experience the cookies would arrive prior to December 15, since I’ll be leaving that weekend to spend the holidays home in Germany…

    • I’d think so! If everyone ships on time by the deadline, it gives the cookies a good 10 days. Unless they send it parcel post I would think it would get there with time to spare. But if you do decide to sign up put a note in the dietary restrictions box about this, that message will get passed on to your matches.

  67. This is GREAT! I just signed up – can’t wait! :)

  68. This is such a wonderful idea, I just signed up!

  69. I just signed up and am super excited. I haven’t got the confirmation e-mail. How long does it take?

  70. This is such a fun idea!!

  71. This sounds like so much fun! I’m super excited!! :)

  72. I’ve been reading your blog for the last three years (don’t worry, I’ve read every single post through the archives) and finally started my own five months ago.

    I’m so excited to be joining this CookieSwap to meet more bloggers out there! And of course, to mow down delicious cookies.

  73. Love, love, love this idea. Can’t wait to see what creative cookies come my way!

  74. I am way excited about this! Woohoo!

  75. tried to sign up – confused with Blog URL? Do I need my own blog site?

    • Unfortunately at this time we are limiting it to food bloggers only. The blog posts are how we’ll be sharing the recipes as well as holding people accountable. Incentive to start a food blog, perhaps? :)

  76. Sara and I are so excited to participate! Thank you for making this happen! And more importantly, I can’t wait to eat some FAB cookies!

  77. I love this idea! Big thanks to you two for coming up with it! Yay for cookies!

  78. this sound like it’d be so fun!!! I’m excited :) I’ll have to check my schedule to make sure I can make the deadlines but I’m pretty sure I can. Can’t wait :) thanks for putting this together!

  79. How fun! I am so excited to get some yummy cookies…and in turn send some out! Great idea ladies! Yall are awesome!

  80. Awesome Idea! I’m In :)

  81. Awesome! I’m so excited about this! We did a cookie swap at work a couple years ago and it wasn’t well organized. I love that this one is long distance!

  82. Awesome idea, ladies. Thanks for organizing, you both are rock stars!

  83. All I have to say is………SIGN ME UP!!!! Nothing better than getting a package of cookies in the mail. Nothing.

  84. Too bad you have to be a) a blogger and b) living on your continent to be in it. Otherwise I’d participate! Great idea and I am looking forward to see the results on many many blogs!

  85. Oh no! Hope bloggers from France like me can participate soon…Great idea by the way.

    • Yo – if you think you can get at least 4 other French bloggers to participate, we could open it up to you. We just have to be sure there are enough interested to be sure everyone can ship to 3 others in their own country.

  86. This looks so fun but I will be traveling for the month of Dec and won’t be around to accept mail/packages. Oh, wow…any other month of the year and I’d be SO IN! I hope everyone who decides to do it has a ball!

  87. This looks like fun. Delicious sugary fun. And p.s. I’m diggin your tough love about doing it right haha

  88. I’d love to do this! Would you let me know if you get 3 other bloggers from Australia?

  89. This is an awesome idea, I just cleared my calendar for October so I’m up for the swap!

  90. This seriously made my week and I just signed up! I agree with Bev, cheese dip and/or an ice cream swap would be great, too :)

  91. I still think we could have gone the cheese dip route. ;)

    *this is so pimp!

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