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5 Things for Thursday

Is it really Thursday? As in, almost Friday? Really? I actually have no idea what day it is because my internal (external, and upside-downternal) clocks are all out of whack. Back to back trips with delayed connections, multiple time zones, and to-do lists as long as the TSA security line will do that do you. Oy vey.

But I want you to know that just because I don’t have a recipe for you doesn’t mean I can’t post something. In fact, I have some stuff to tell you. Five things, in fact.

1. Food Blog Forum is coming to Nashville on October 8th! Mark your calendars! Save the date! I’ll remind you again (and probably a few more times after that), once registration for the event is up and running (soon, I hope! We’re working on it!). I’ve attended two FBF events (Atlanta and Orlando – the later of which I was a speaker), both have been some of the highlights of my food blogging career. The smaller nature of these one-day conferences (a hundred attendees vs. hundreds of attendees) make it much more personal and intimate. You come home feeling like you really got to know these people. Oh, and you learn stuff too. Because it is a conference, after all. You can look forward to informative sessions on food photography and styling, pr and working with brands, social media, and who knows what else. We’re super excited about this event and hope to see you there!!

2. I’m in print! L&OO got a nifty little shout out in this month’s HER Nashville magazine, along with Eat Drink Smile and Erin’s Food Files. Check it out, y’all (and thanks to the lovely ladies at Style Blueprint for the mention)!

HER Magazine Feature

3. If you’re going through L&OO withdrawals, be sure to follow me on twitter. I check in there every so often (when I’m, um, procrastinating dealing with that mile-long to-do list). I’m also on Instagram (if you’re into that kind of thing). You may even get some sneak peeks of goodies for the upcoming cookbook. Ok, it’s mostly crazy cat pictures. But there may be something edible in there once in a while, too.

4. Cats. They need no introduction.

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  1. I am already a fan. I have gotten many recipes from this site and many I have tried. Thanks Love and Olive Oil.

  2. follow you on facebook and user name is my real name

  3. Making some smoked ribs and pulled pork

  4. Hopefully very little cooking and a lot of eating!

  5. Since it’s the 4th of July weekend, there will definitely be burgers. I’m also trying to figure out what to make in the dessert department. I bought strawberries and blackberries for that “red, white and blue” effect but haven’t settled on a recipe yet :)

  6. It’s my sister’s wedding this weekend- so I have almost no cooking to do!

  7. I like you on facebook – Anna M (my username is my real name…)

  8. This weekend I’m planning on making a chocolate souffle for the first time – something I’ve been putting off for ages. Also, definitely eating s’mores on the 4th of July.

  9. I love cats!!!

  10. Hi!!!
    Well, This weekend I’m going to eat “paella” and “sangría” and for dessert a delicius brownies cupcakes with vainilla. Hummm it’s sooo good!


  11. Yay for shout-outs! And I wanna win some chocolate!

    I hope to eats lots of watermelon, and whatever delicious desserts you make! ;) LOL

  12. This chocolate looks very interesting and I love the combo of chocolate and olive oil. I am actually going to a macaron baking class at a fellow food bloggers house – I have long wanted to learn to make them. Doing a BBQ on Monday. Will most likely do a bit of canning this weekend! Enjoy your 4th of July!!!

  13. I’m a fan on Facebook.

  14. Those look awesome!

    I hope to enjoy a rhubarb-related confection. Strawberries will probably become involved.

  15. I’m a fan on FB too!

  16. I’m making a chocolate peanut butter layer cake (from Sky High Cakes) for my grandma’s 83rd birthday, a rhubarb and strawberry pie for a bbq on Sunday and a red velvet cake ( for the fourth. Probably will add a few more things, just not sure what yet.

  17. First i was asked to bake a cake for a birthday party ! , Im going to make white chocolate coverd strawberries for my family party !

  18. Three parties. I’ll be cooking ribs, beer can chicken, mac and cheese, blueberry cobbler, orzo salad, watermelon/tomato salad, etc. etc. Probably opening up multiple beers and bottles of wine.

  19. I am planning a ricotta frittata with spinach and whatever other left over veggies in the fridge.

  20. Our local farmers market is on Sunday morning so I’ll wait and be inspired by whatever looks incredible.

  21. Made a gruyere and shallot souffle. It was okay, but not as good as you’d think, what with the cheese and cream…

  22. Going to a 4th of July party on saturday and eating my aunt’s delicious pistachio cake! Yummmm!!

  23. Following you on Twitter @lyndacooks and Tweeted this Giveaway!/lyndacooks/status/86624888995053568

    [email protected]

  24. I am already a fan of Love & Olive Oil on Facebook as Lynda Clark
    [email protected]

  25. This weekend, we are planning on grilling steaks in the backyard and I am making my summer vegetable soup. Thanks for the giveaway, those chocolates look divine.
    [email protected]

  26. I’m picking fresh strawberries, tossing romaine out of the garden with snaps and grilling New Yorks!

  27. I’m a facebook fan!

  28. I’m probably going to make cookies, hopefully chocolate cookies with white chips!

  29. I’m thinking that some BBQ chicken and some kabobs are in my future this weekend.

  30. I’m making tzatziki with my garden cukes!

  31. I’m going to take a stab at angel food cake again (first time not so successful) and make my hubby some midnight crackle cookies I have been promising him.

  32. I started cooking TONIGHT as my son is arriving tomorrow with my grandbaby and it’s his 30th birthday this weekend. Tonight I made a big pot of tomatoe sauce (gravy) tweaking it using Tyler Florence’s receipe which adds kalamata olives to the sacue. This will be for the chicken parm I’m making this weekend. I also made peanut butter cupcakes, cupcakes done and frosting done will frost on Saturday. Going to make bruschetta as an appetizer on Saturday for the chicken parm/pasta dinner. I’m exhausted and would love to try the olive oil chocolates!

  33. I’ll be making some oreo cupcakes this weekend for a new friend’s birthday! I love cupcakes and new friends, so it must go hand-in-hand.
    Also, I’ve been saving a celebratory recipe–Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes–for when I get my first post-undergrad, full-time job. HOPEFULLY I’ll hear back tomorrow and be making those this weekend, too!

  34. I’m a fan on Facebook – Angela M.

  35. I already made Crawfish Pie & a Peach/Blueberry Cobbler….this weekend its going to be pulled pork, watermelon with mint & raspberry balsamic, and corn/tomato/avocado salad. Dessert will be a Key Lime Pie and a Berry trifle!

  36. I’m a fan on Facebook too!

  37. I tweeted! I’m @Fettbot.

  38. We’re BBQ’ing for sure. We also drinking Summer Solstice. My husband made fried okra tonight. It was soo yummy that we’ll have to make it again soon.

  39. I “like” L&OO on FB! Shandi W. =)

  40. I’m going to visit my parents next week, so this weekend I’m prepping a bunch of freezer meals for my hubby to make while I’m gone! Burritos, pizza pockets, and shepherd’s pie will be consuming my near future. Then I’ll let my momma take care of the cooking. =)

  41. Burgers, of course. But also a basil, rhubarb, and strawberry crisp.

  42. This weekend my boyfriend and I are roasting a whole Amish chicken and then I will be experimenting with honey, goat cheese and strawberries in a cupcake. Outside of that, there will probably be some homemade sangria in the picture!!!

  43. I am making homemade sausage, with a blend of chicken, pork, ham, and bacon. It also has herbs, steeped in milk to add.

  44. I just made a tofu stir fry with mustard greens and black mushrooms- sooo good. This weekend we’ll probably grill. My husband is dying to grill another pizza- he’s gotten bit by the pizza grilling bug.

  45. We are of course grilling out for the 4th. So hamburgers and hotdogs!

  46. Following on Twitter, and tweeted the giveaway (@squirrelbread).

  47. I hope to be making corn tortillas from scratch to use for tacos: grilled chicken with a jalapeño-pineapple slaw and lime crema!

  48. I’m eating grilled veggies this weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited!

    I’m also making a chocolate caramel tart that should also be pretty epic.

    I’m already a fan on facebook- you can find me at Jade M!

  49. I’ll probably make some pies or other fruit desserts for a couple of potlucks I’m attending and, as usual, I’ll make a big batch of some entree to eat for lunch during the week.

  50. Graham cookies and sweet potato salad.

  51. a red white and blue trifle!

  52. I will be making margarita pizza and hopefully some delicious blueberry cobbler bites!

  53. I’ll be cooking Tempeh-Quinoa Burgers for my vegan brother, I hope they turn out ok!

  54. It’s super hot here this weekend, and we don’t have A/C, so we will be grilling – brats, italians, hamburgers, chicken, you name it!

  55. This weekend I’m going to make a red velvet cake decorated with blueberries and raspberries to look like an American flag…in keeping with it being 4th of July and all :)

  56. I think I’ll be making blueberry compote. I’ll definitely be buying and devouring the cupcake sundae from Philly Cupcake!

  57. I like you on Facebook!

  58. I’m making mint chocolate ice cream! I have my mint steeping in cream right now! :)

  59. Tweeted the giveaway: @LostNCheeseland !

  60. I don’t have definite plans yet on what to make this weekend, but I’d like to make ice cream and three delicious breakfasts, one for each day I don’t have to work!

  61. I’m going to be a busy bee this weekend.

    Tonight I’m making something with ripe bananas for a company picnic.

    I’m also going to make a homemade funfetti cake to practice my cake baking/decorating skills.

    After that, we’ll see what my mom wants to eat when she visits! (I wish that I had a grill!)

    I already like you on facebook. I’m also going to tweet in about 2 seconds at @meghquinn. :)

  62. This weekend I’ll be making my jalapeno popper dip and going to pour vodka into a watermelon. ;)

  63. weekend eats include grilled corn and burgers!

  64. Red, white, and blue candy bars!

  65. I will be grilling fresh Mahi!

  66. Kabobs and cous-cous and rhubarb crumble and cinnamon pull-apart bread and…weekends hold a lot of possibilities! ;)

  67. Turkey burgers & perhaps a Tres Leches cake!

  68. Dark chocolate cranberry cookies!

  69. I’m baking peanut butter and jelly bars, and helping Dad man the grill!

  70. I am baking a red white and blue pie that I found from pampered chef.

  71. Probably some potato salad, goes well with moving to a different house and a summer holiday weekend.

  72. I am making beer bread. Again. Yum!

  73. I’m also a fan on Facebook!

  74. ack! haven’t decided yet.

  75. Some friends are planning a BBQ for the 4th, and I might bring some delicious corn & avocado dip or just some fresh corn on the cob to grill up and then cover in butter. Either way, it’ll be a delicious 4th!

  76. I’m also a facebook fan :)

  77. We are attending a 4th of July brunch, so I’m making baked french toast & Eggies in a Basket.

  78. This weekend I’ll be trying to eat as much salad as possible, likely. I got loaded up with salad mix from my farm-share this week and I’m trying really hard not to waste anything. I’ve also got a beautiful looking kohlrabi and fennel in the crisper. As for more exciting eats, my parents will likely be coming to visit me on Sunday and we’ll got out for some extravagant and gourmet sushi dinner. Noms.

  79. I will be baking brownies, eating sushi and trying at least one new recipe.

    This is a fabulous giveaway!

  80. I’m making apps and desserts for the weekend. Pinwheels, assorted cheese tray, plus puppy chow and cheesecake with berries. My husband will be smoking racks of ribs- yummy! Plus we just got back from the Chesapeake Bay with fresh crab meat so crab cakes are on the menu as well (I’m from Iowa).
    I am also a fan/like of your FB page as well (Sarah S.)


  82. I’m baking peanut butter oatmeal choc chip cookies, a spicy pumpkin soup with cilantro pepita pesto and tilapia with escarole and lemon pepper oil.

  83. I’ll be baking Blackberry-Almond Bread for my dad, and making Blueberry-Lime Iced Tea as our refreshing, cold beverage for our cookout. Yum!

  84. I’ll be making veggie omelets, pork rind crusted chicken fingers and burgers–I recently started the paleo diet and am thrilled to eat berries and meat off the grill this weekend!

  85. This weekend I’m hosting a bbq and we’re making burgers, sausage, grilled veggies, baked beans, mac-n-cheese, plenty of dips and my angel food cake with pineapple whipped cream!

  86. I like you on FB!

  87. Hopefully, cherry, cheesecake brownies – if the weather cooperates!

  88. I just posted about some Caramel Apple Cookies I made, which reminded me I’ve been craving an Apple Buttermilk Pie. It just made the list for this weekend :)

  89. Like you on FB!!

  90. I’ll probably be making some banana bread! As usual, I have a few too many ripe bananas.

  91. blueberry and peach buckle! yum!

  92. Those look amazing but I haven’t been able to find an ingredients list anywhere. Are they vegan? If so I would love to try them, vegan truffles are incredibly hard to find and are quite expensive.

    This weekend I’m going to make a plain ol’ vanilla cake but deck it out with strawberries and blueberries. Hopefully the farmers’ market will have some good treats for me to can but fruits aren’t terribly in season in Boston yet.

    • Alyssa – looking at the back of the box it does have powdered milk listed as an ingredient in the filling. So no, not vegan, apparently. :(

  93. BBQ’ing flank steak and a few kabobs. Thinking fruit kabobs sound good for a hot weekend!!

  94. I will be making some ribs and pasta salad. And probably some grilled corn on the cob.

  95. I’m going to make devilled eggs for a 4th of july bbq!

  96. And last, but not least, the twitterssss post – foodisagoodthng

  97. I’m making (for the second time in two weeks) a delicious variation of the 1950’s Nabisco Chocolate cookie wafer/whipped cream cake ( My version uses store bought chocolate chip cookies and Cool whip. Layer, freeze, and slice (frozen). Taste like an ice cream cake but little lighter and a hit with old and young tasters! I made this for a meet and greet at our church and it’s been highly requested for our Church 4th of July Celebration!

    I also Like Love & Olive Oil on Facebook!!

  98. I like you on FB :) Natalie W.

  99. i like you on facebook!

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