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My Foodie Valentine (and a GIVEAWAY!)

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Eat Boutique Gourmet Foodie Gift Box

I’m all about boutique eats. You know, the little guys. The local companies producing amazing and delicious products. The beauty is that they are not name brands; they feel like your own little secret that you just want to share with the world (or hoard all for yourself, depending on the day). There is a spirit, a passion in the food that you just don’t get with mass-produced products. As a small business owner myself I love supporting these companies. If that means using what little ‘juice’ I might have with this blog of mine, than so be it.

So when Maggie of EatBoutique got in touch with me about her new gourmet gift boxes, I just had to try.

And as soon as I tried, I knew I had to share.

Eat Boutique Gourmet Foodie Gift Box

This particular box is touted as a Valentine’s box. I know we all love our Valentine’s treats, but a box like this trumps a dozen roses and a box of ho-hum chocolates any day. Filled with locally-produced goodies from New York and Massachusetts, it really is a foodie’s wonderland. Bacon-coffee caramel popcorn, sea-salted caramels, chocolate raspberry cashews, melt-in-your-mouth snowball cookies, chocolate covered cocoa nibs, and a jar of deliciously sweet and spicy canned beets (that Taylor promptly claimed for himself). Oh, and Fluffy caramel chocolate chip marshmallow puffs; I may have died just a little when I tasted them.

While it is too late for Valentine’s Day, this gift box is not holiday exclusive. It’d be a great gift for any foodie in your life (or for yourself, for that matter!) and at only $55 (plus shipping), it’s a great value for the sheer amount of gourmet goodness that’s packed inside. Not to mention a truly personal touch (each box comes with a hand-written message). Even better, EatBoutique has plans for more holiday-themed gift boxes (can you say, Mother’s Day?), and boxes of year-round enjoyment. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Eat Boutique Gourmet Foodie Gift Box

It’s giveaway time, lovebirds! Maggie of EatBoutique has so kindly offered a second EatBoutique February gift box to one lucky Love & Olive Oil reader! It’s completely up to you if you share it with your sweetie, or hoard it all for yourself (totally not judging you).


To Enter:

Simply leave a comment on this post with the answer to this question:
What is your favorite Valentine’s day treat (homemade or otherwise)?

Entries open through Thursday, February 17 at 11:59 CST. I’ll be randomly selecting the winner the morning of Friday, February 18th. Prize will be shipped to the winner directly from EatBoutique. Due to the perishable nature of this product this giveaway is open to residents of the continental United States ONLY.

Want Extra Entries?
Increase your odds of winning! In addition to the main entry comment, leave a separate comment for each bonus entry.
1. Follow @loveandoliveoil on twitter and tweet the following:
I’m in love at first bite! I just entered to win a gourmet gift box from @eatboutique and @loveandoliveoil! Enter here:
2. Like Love & Olive Oil on Facebook (or if you are already a fan just say so!)

Be sure you enter a valid email address, because if your name is drawn and I can’t get a hold of you within 48 hours, I will choose an alternate winner. You may also want to add me to your address book (lindsay AT loveandoliveoil DOT com), as I’d hate for your congratulatory email to end up in the spam folder.

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  1. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!!

  2. I just became a facebook fan.

  3. Chocolate covered strawberries all the way!
    I just liked you on FB, and already follow you on twitter. Tweeted away! Of course this Nashvillian food lover loves your blog. :)

  4. Ever since I was little, my mom always made scones and tea for a special Valentines Day breakfast. She is the consummate quick-bread chef year-round but her special Valentines Day recipe puts all the rest to shame. Now that I’m grown, she’s shared the recipe with me so that I can make them for my valentine.

  5. I’m also a fan on FB!

  6. I am also a fan on facebook.

  7. Anything chocolate, and a glass of red wine!

  8. My favorite Valentine’s day treat is anything with chocolate! :)

  9. I am also a fan on Facebook.

  10. And I liked you on facebook!

  11. Homemade vanilla whipped cream…in bed.

  12. P.S. I like you on Facebook!!!

  13. I make Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies for my sweetie.

    Met him in 1978 at a Valentine’s Day Party, married him 4 years later in San Francisco. 29 years of married bliss to celebrate tomorrow and two wonderful kids.

    I made home made granola this morning for him to keep him fit.

    I’m a friend on Facebook and just love your blog.


  14. My favorite Valentines treat is time with my sweetie! As for food I like homemade triple chocolate ice cream with brownies! Yum!

  15. Hands down, tart candy hearts. Cheap and tasty.

  16. I love a fantastic iced sugar cookie finished with chunky sugars, yum!

  17. My favorite Valentine’s Day treat is MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!! :))))))))

  18. Anything red velvet! Today I’m making red velvet cheesecake cake, can’t wait!

  19. My favorite Valentine’s Day treat are chocolate and peanut butter pancakes.

  20. My favorite Valentine’s Day treat is spending time with my boyfriend.

    And chocolate.

  21. My favorite Valentine’s treat are my mom’s sugar cookies. There’s nothing like a treat from mom to make your day!

  22. dark chocolate!

  23. I just tweeted for an extra chance to win! Thank You.

  24. Oh…I’d have to say gourmet chocolates are my favorite for valentines day:-)

  25. Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate!

  26. My favorite Valentine’s treat is a milk chocolate covered strawberry!

  27. and I’m a fan on Facebook!

  28. Mmm I love any baked goods, but for valentine’s day, I especially like custard pies (like your chocolate banana cream pie) with whipped cream on top! so good! :)

  29. I’m a fan on facebook!

  30. My favorite treat is anything my husband bakes! I’m the cook and he’s the baker, which works out nicely for me. :)

  31. Hi! I’m a fan on facebook!

  32. You had me at bacon (obviously, haha!)

    Favorite treat are still those little candies we got in elementary school/middle school that have little messages on them.

  33. I am also a fan on Facebook! I LOVE these posts.

  34. My favorite treat is chocolate chip cookie bars. I know it isn’t a “Valentine” type treat but I don’t eat chocolate very often, so special occassion like V-day (my wedding anniversary too), I go for these yummy treats.

  35. Rack of lamb with dijon crust–yum! Also, this basket looks delicious!

  36. I love chocolate fondu on valentines!!

  37. My favorite so far is the chocolate caramels (think riesens!) that I made for this year’s valentine’s day!

  38. & I’m already a fan on fb :)

  39. I’m also a fan on Facebook.

  40. I’m a big fan of rich, decadent chocolate cake on Valentine’s day with freshly whipped cream!

  41. on valentine’s day I think anything chocolate is mandatory! chocolate covered strawberries never hurt ;)

  42. Anything my wife makes. My favorite treat she has ever made me was a Canolli cake!

  43. Mmmm chocolate torte and two forks please.

  44. My favorite Valentines day treat would have to be York Peppermint pattie’s shaped in hearts and filled with the pink mint filling. I’m easy to please obviously :)

  45. I follow on twitter. I’m @Fettbot

  46. My favorite valentine’s treat is chocolate covered peanut butter balls!!

  47. My favorite Valentines day treat is spending time with my husband and my children ( if no sitter) I love yummy treat’s too but, I can have chocolate and goodies at anytime!

  48. I am a facebook fan!

  49. Following on Facebook!!

  50. My favorite valentine treat is homemade sugar cookies with royal icing. It’s not only the taste of simple sugar cookies, but also the fun of spending time with friends or loved ones decorating them!

  51. Love chocolate covered strawberries….yum!

  52. i ‘like’ love and olive oil on fbook! :) But i LOVE love and olive oil in real life! :)

  53. I love the special dinners we cook on Valentine’s — we share our love by planning and cooking a nice meal together.

  54. I am a fan of Love and Olive Oil on Facebook.

  55. I don’t have a specific valentine’s day treat that I love for that season. Like someone else said, chocolate strawberries are good. Fudge? I made some this year, I’m enjoying it!

  56. My favorite Valentine treat was my mom’s iced heart shaped sugar cookies!
    She always made enough for 3 classrooms and everyone in the neighborhood.
    In 2005, she lost her eyesight, but with our help she can still bake the best goodies!

  57. I like to make rice crispy treats in the shape of hearts!!!

  58. I follow you on Twitter.

  59. I’m now a fan of your blog on facebook!

  60. my favorite valentine treat is spoonfuls of nutella. nothing else.

  61. Chocolate covered strawberries no doubt!

  62. My favorite V-Day treat is the epitome of awesomeness. They are called 7-Layer Bars and include everything from butterscotch chips to coconut to graham crackers. Yum!

  63. This year my favorite Valentine’s Day treat is cupcakes from Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop here in Austin, Tx! I can’t wait to pick up my order tomorrow!!

  64. Just became a Facebook fan!

  65. My favorite Valentine treat this year is the box of nutella cookies (from your post last week) that my mom just sent to me at school!

  66. my favorite valentine’s treat is anything homemade with chocolate! i especially love cupcakes :)

  67. Chocolate covered strawberries!

  68. Ooh, and I’m already a fan of yours on Facebook, of course! <3

  69. I’m following you on facebook (Athena)

  70. Anything and everything made of the darkest chocolate. How to choose a favorite???? I would have to pick dark chocolate truffles with coffee flavorings inside! Not too good about sharing but promise to try if I win this giveaway !

  71. I’m with Jaclyn above, I love cinnamon heart candies! I never eat those any other time of year, just around Valentine’s. I’m also a fan of chocolate-covered cherries, for sure.

  72. My fav Valentine’s Day treat is homemade fudge!

  73. like you on facebook

  74. I do so enjoy my favorite red velvet cupcake from Two Little Hens Bakery on the UES. Food dye is probably not good for you, but the deep red chocolate just seems to go so well with the V-Day theme. I bet a red velvet whoopie pie would be just as marvelous.

  75. My favourite valentines treat: Cupcakes of every variety. Particularly red velvet with a cream cheese topping and little red hearts to decorate.

  76. Lake Champlain Chocolates make these dark chocolate hearts filled with rum caramel… amazing!

  77. I love the little cinnamon heart candy.

  78. Not my favorite to eat but my favorite to make: key lime tart for my hubby :) Thank you for the giveaway!

  79. What is your favorite Valentine’s day treat (homemade or otherwise)?

    my is homemade whoopie pies and my wife love brownies. Making brownie whoopie pies today.

  80. My favorite treat is a homemade baked good (Whoopie pies are my current fave!) made with lots of chocolate!

  81. Peanut butter swirl bars (my wife’s grandma’s recipe) in a heart shaped pan. Cute and delicious!

  82. I love homemade chocolate chip cookies shaped like hearts and sandwiched with ice cream. Simple yet SO delicious

  83. Spending the night with my fiancée: good music, good wine, good food, lots of laughing. That’s all I need!



  84. My favorite Valentine’s Day treat is something homemade (usually brownies, cake, or blondies), heart-shaped, and shared with my loved ones. Oh and of COURSE the treat has to contain chocolate.

  85. chocolate covered strawberries

  86. I made cream puffs last night, I have a feeling they will be our new regular V-day treat! They were amazing and I’m surprised we didn’t eat them all!

  87. i LOVE those little cinnamon heart candies….. and can’t wait for feb. 15th so i can get them all on super clearance, haha.

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