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Olive Oil Popcorn

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Spicy Olive Oil Popcorn

You know those days, when you’ve eaten dinner, but maybe it’s too late for dessert (or maybe you’ve already eaten dessert) and you still feel the need to munch? Maybe you’re watching a movie on a Friday night and to you, movies just aren’t complete without popcorn? Whatever your reason, sometimes we all just need a snack.

Enter the air popper. Yes, we have one. We’ve decided that this little unitasker is worth our precious cabinet space. You may feel otherwise, but we love our little popper.

One of our favorite snacks is freshly popped popcorn drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Yes, we kind of ripped the idea from Trader Joe’s (whose olive oil popcorn is practically like crack), but we’ve adopted it as our own.

Until now, however, we’ve stuck to plain old extra virgin. The fruitier the better. You’re only using a few tablespoons so you might as well use the good stuff. You may feel that popcorn is useless unless it is smothered in butter (and I think I’ve expressed my love for butter enough already this week), so let’s give the olive oil some love, too. Because it truly makes an otherwise ordinary snack extraordinary. This may be the shortest, simplest recipe I’ve ever posted. It may also be one of our all-time favorites.

Take it up another notch and use a fiery chili-infused olive oil, like the one the fine folks at Nudo were kind enough to send (they also sent me a sample of their stone ground lemon, which sounds divine, but maybe not on popcorn). But the chili… oh the chili! Spicy. Sassy. Delicious.

So for once (and I don’t say this often), put down the butter, and give this a try.

Olive Oil Popcorn

Makes 4 snack-size servings


1/2 cup popcorn kernels
1 teaspoon table or popcorn salt (fine grain), or to taste
3 tablespoons olive oil of your choice


Place popcorn kernels in air popper and pop according to manufacturers directions (alternatively, you can make ‘air-popped’ popcorn in the microwave, simply put kernels in a brown paper bag. Fold over top of bag multiple times. Microwave on high for about 4 minutes or until the pops are more than 1 second apart).

Transfer popcorn to a large bowl (much larger than the actual quantity of popcorn). Drizzle over olive oil, 1 tablespoon at a time, and toss to coat. Continue adding olive oil until you achieve your desired coverage. Sprinkle with salt again and toss until evenly coated.

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Would you believe, that after almost 4 years of blogging under this name, this is the first olive oil giveaway I’ve done? I should really put this name to better use…


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Entries open through 12/17/10 at 11:59 CST. I’ll be randomly selecting the winner the morning of Saturday, December 18th. Prize will be shipped to the winner directly from Nudo. Please note that due to the perishable nature of this prize, this contest is open to US residents ONLY.

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Love & Olive Oil loves olive oil… do you?

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  1. Manchego and membrillo is my fave snack…doesn’t hurt to throw some crusty bread with evo in too!

  2. I am a fan of Love & Olive Oil on facebook!

  3. My favorite snack is veggie chips and hummus :)

  4. I love chocolate. Pretty much anything chocolate. But right now I’m on a york peppermint patty kick.

  5. I think my favorite snack is a crisp apple with sharp white cheddar cheese. I love popcorn too – though I can never quite get the not-from-a-microwave-bag kind to work out!

  6. My all time favorite snack would have to be mixed nuts. I get a can of them every year from Santa and I could literally devour the entire thing in one sitting. I bet I could spice up my own with this olive oil!

  7. Rather than drizzling the oil over the popcorn, which can leave you with a few mushy pieces of popped corn, try liberally oiling your big bowl and THEN dumping the popcorn in and tossing it. I do the same with butter & sea salt…would love to try it with this olive oil.

    My husband requested a “Popcorn Kit” for Christmas this year (eg a pan to use on the hot plate he has at work) a cannister of unpopped popcorn and a bottle of oil. Id LOVE to win this for him. That would make it even MORE of a gift! He LOVES freebies ;o)

  8. Pita crisps and hummus – yum!

  9. My favorite snack is actually air popped popcorn with olive oil (I use a refillable spritzer) and chipotle mango spice from club house. It’s a limited addition, so I use it sparingly.

  10. Im already subbed to Love & Olive Oil :o)

  11. what a fabulous giveaway! I have never tried olive oil on popcorn. But I do love popcorn and it is probably one of my favorite snacks. I’m tweeting & am a fan on fb too!

  12. ooh didn’t see the part about separate comments. I tweeted :)

  13. Favorite snack is a throw back to when I was a kid, carrot sticks. Ymm.

  14. Well it just so happens that my all time favorite snack is popcorn, but not by itself. It must be accompanied by a bag of plain M&M’s so each bite is perfectly salty AND sweet!

  15. And I’m already a fan on FB!

  16. Fave snack? Tough one! Popcorn ranks up there though- drizzled with butter usually but will have to try it with olive oil!

  17. Ultimate snack is a trail mix with salty assorted nuts and dark chocolate chips. so good!

  18. Just tweeted and now follow you on twitter too!

  19. And I’m already a Facebook fan!

  20. This looks fantastic! I was eating caramel kettle corn last night, which I normally don’t even like since I like my popcorn salty. This would definitely satisfy my salty craving.

    My favorite healthy snack is probably an apple with peanut butter. But if I’m being naughty, and I usually am, a handful of Cheez Its! So bad…

  21. My favorite snack is hummus with chips. I’ll have to try popcorn with olive oil – it is usually hard for me to put down the butter, but this sounds worth it!

  22. I LOVE olive oil… My fav snack is roasted chick peas smothered in it. :)

  23. I like you on Faceook now! Thanks a bunch!

  24. Banana, peanut butter and honey sandwiches or just plain!

  25. I love snacking on chips and guacamole.

  26. all time…well any flavor of ice cream, i would say. Since it got cold, I have been substituting hot chocolate with marshmallows!

  27. Cheese & crackers – yum!

  28. My all-time favorite snack? Has to be fire roasted flavored Triscuits and cheese. Normally a sharp cheddar. But sometimes I run out and have to keep myself real with American. Either way, I go crazy for the combo.

  29. Hmmm … my favorite snack is probably either apples and cheese or gummy bears. But most commonly I snack on chips and salsa because my husband is a chips/salsa freak and we always have some in the house.

  30. just clicked ‘like’ on your facebook!!

  31. Annnd I just liked you on FB! :)

  32. Guacamole! Definitely! :)

  33. All time favorite snack? Anything chocolately. Or cheesy. :)

  34. Just liked you on fb as well!

  35. I also love the sea salt or spicy pepper dark chocolate!!

  36. All time favorite snack… used to be guacamole and nachos before I got braces on and my ortho said no nachos. Now it’s just avocado straight up with a spoon. :-D

  37. Also I am a fan on Facebook.

  38. my all time favorite snack is a croissant with jelly

  39. Cinnamon toast

  40. Homemade baked jalapeno artichoke dip with triscuits or crusty bread!

  41. I’ve been doing cheese & crackers & jam lately… but I am a total sucker for a quick black bean quesadilla too.

  42. My favorite snack is actually popcorn! I love the little single serving bags, it’s just the right amount!

  43. I love veggies and hummus. Also a fan of caramel corn.

  44. My favorite is chocolate covered pretzels, yum!

  45. Anything dark chocolate!

  46. And I’m a fan on fbook! :)

  47. my all time favorite snack is bread and olive oil!

  48. All time favorite? Pretty much anything with sugar. Sometime I like the salty option, but sugar is the go to. Oh, and I became a facebook fan yesterday!

  49. Oooooh, great question! My all-time favorite snack would have to be kettle potato chips!

  50. I just “liked” Love & Olive Oil on Facebook! :)

  51. My favorite snack is most definitely olives so you can see why I would want the oil :)

  52. ohhh, so many choices! I think my top is sprouted cinnamon-raisin bread, toasted and spread with almond or peanut butter. It’s warm and comforting, and makes me feel satisfied but not ready to bust. Nuts and popcorn come in a very close second!

  53. I am a fan on Facebook!

  54. My favorite snack is yogurt in the morning and POPCORN anytime :)

  55. My favorite snack is a good chunk of chocolate.

  56. My favorite snack is sundried tomato wheat thins with goat cheese. Yum.

  57. I’m a FB fan.

  58. Posted to Twitter, and I’m a fan.

  59. I really do love Olive Oil!

    Though my favorite snack of all time is Muddy Buddys.There isn’t anything healthy about them, so I only make them in December for the holidays.

  60. I tweeted about this giveaway.

  61. Any kind of cheese and hummus with pita crisps!

  62. My favorite snack is thick cut, salty, kettle cooked potato chips! I have such a salty tooth!

  63. I like you on Facebook!

  64. Plain old roasted almonds! Great giveaway!

    Cheers and happy Holidays to you and yours,


  65. Following @loveandoliveoil on Twitter already.

  66. I am a fan of Love & Olive Oil on facebook!

  67. Also tweeted about the giveaway.

  68. My favorite snack is potato chips.

  69. It’s bad but my all-time favorite snack is french fries! :)

  70. I’m now a fan on fb. :)

  71. Graham crackers and milk.

  72. i am a shameless chip lover, especially the kettle-cooked kind. yum! thanks for the fun giveaway!


  73. kalamata olives, right out of the jar :)

  74. I tweeted! Woop Woop!

  75. I have lots of favorite snacks but I would have to say store-bought wise would be Reese’s, but I never buy that stuff when I can make some delicious Chocolate Rice Krispie Marshmallow PB Brownies. That’s right, I said it.

  76. My favorite snack is graham crackers with pb and raspberry jam. Must be bonne maman!

  77. That’s a tough one! A few of my favorite snacks: cheese toast, almond butter and anything (carrots or apples or pretzels), or greek yogurt and granola.

  78. Not sure if I have a fav snack as I don’t snack much – but I do have an affinity for dark chocolate!

  79. Ummm… my favorite snack might be peanut butter!

  80. Growing up, my friend’s mom always made popcorn, but I couldn’t figure out what she did that made it different. That popcorn was canonized in my brain for years, and it was only a few months ago I found out it was just olive oil popcorn. But now I add truffle salt instead of regular salt, and it’s even better, and maintains the snack memory from my youth.

  81. All time favorite snack?? That is so hard. It changes all the time! If I’m trying to be healthy-it would be soy crisps or mixed nuts. If I’m depressed/tired, it’s a toasted pretzel roll. If I’m with my sister and I don’t care about consuming 800 calories in one sitting, it’s home-made chex mix. Mmmmmmmm.

    I have a recipe blog too! Check it out-

  82. Love this idea! I’ve got some truffle-flavored olive oil that would be divine on popcorn :)

    Personally, when I’m having a snack craving, I go with graham crackers with peanut butter and slices of banana all layered together :)

  83. my favorite snack is pita chips and hummus, or nutella and banana if i’m craving something sweet.

  84. fave snack has to be jumbo video sour cream and chive popcorn… oh i does for it :)

  85. i “like” u on fbook!

  86. also tweeted and became a fan on facebook :)

  87. peanut butter and raisins on Granny Smith apple slices – like ants on a log but with apple instead of celery. I am a fan on Facebook and of your blog in general.

  88. Oh, there’s so many! I love snaking on crackers of any kind, especially cheesy ones.

  89. Honestly, popcorn is my favorite snack. Rosemary and Garlic to be exact and covered in parmesean cheese, it really is divine ;)

  90. I’m a L&OO facebook fan!

  91. And my favorite snack is green smoothies!! MMM!

  92. My favorite snack is mac and cheese!

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