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Spring Kitchen Challenge: Homemade Yogurt


Ok ok cats have nothing to do with yogurt, but I needed more in here than just my blathering. Besides, you guys did ask for more cat pictures, remember? I’m just giving you what you want.

You also asked for more Kitchen Challenges. Despite the fact that I sometimes feel like I’m completely alone in challenging myself, I’ve gotten so many positive comments about them in our reader survey, so I figured after a 2 month break it was time to do another. So what if Kitchen Challenges have officially become seasonal. Does that make me a slacker? I went from monthly, to biomonthly, and now quarterly.

Kitchen Challenge Spring 2015: Homemade YogurtAnyway.

It seems most of our past challenges fall into one of 3 categories:
1. Yeast
2. Sugar
3. Dairy

This time we’re diving into the later, and making our own homemade yogurt, which seems to fall somewhere between ricotta and mozzarella in terms of easiness.

All the recipes I found are *basically* the same. Take milk, heat it to a specific temperature. Add a bit of yogurt. Let sit in a warm spot overnight. Could it really be that easy? We shall see. The thought of leaving milk out overnight kind of makes me shudder, but I guess it needs warmer temperatures in order to ferment. Nobody go dying on me now, ok?

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