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Pumpkin Chess Pie Bars

Pumpkin Chess Pie Bar Recipe

Pumpkin pie and chess pie come together in one truly glorious fall dessert.

This is what you call a dessert mashup gone right.

Very, very right.

Pumpkin Chess Pie Bars

It’s not too far from the pumpkin pie you’re used to, just sweeter, butterier, and more luscious.

It’s what pumpkin pie strives to be.

And unlike many pie recipes that are heavily spiced, this one is only subtly so, allowing the true flavor of the pumpkin to shine through. You can taste every ingredient, the butter, the sugar, and of course the pumpkin. The spice is just there for moral support, the running mate on the pumpkin party ticket. Subtle and supportive, but not superfluous, since without a touch of spice, pumpkin flavor tends to fall flat.

Pumpkin Chess Pie Bars topped with powdered sugar

While I chose to present this marvelous mashup in bar form, you could certainly make it in a regular pie pan too… And it might just be the best pumpkin pie you’ve ever made.

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