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Peach Rosé Popsicles

Fresh Peach & Rosé Wine Pops Recipe

Summertime means peaches, popsicles, and refreshing rosé. I mean, really, those are the only things that make this oppressive heat bearable.

So when the temperature pushes 90 you feel like you need a snorkel just to go outside, well, you best take precautionary measures and indulge in all 3. At once. Preferably while sitting next to a swimming pool. Or sitting inside in the glory of the AC (your choice).

Whole Fruit Peach Pops with Rosé Wine

These whole-fruit peach pops taste like a ripe summer peach took a swim in a chilled glass of rosé. With just a touch of sugar to bring out the peach’s natural sweetness, and a splash of lemon juice for tartness, you are 4 ingredients away from summertime bliss.