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Caramelized Fennel Mac ‘n Cheese

Caramelized Fennel Mac 'n Cheese

I thought I had my mac and cheese recipe perfected. With a combination of five cheeses for ideal flavor and texture, it really is the mac to end all macs.

And then I went and added caramelized fennel… and my life will never the same.

Seriously though, it’s that good.

My plan is to make this for my dad the next time he’s in town. He always orders mac ‘n cheese whenever we go out, and let’s just say his macaroni palette is very discerning. A good mac and cheese will delight him to no end, and a bad one, well, let’s not talk about those.

And even though he’s not a vegetable guy, I’m confident he’d this mac ‘n cheese would fulfill his expectations (and then some).

Homemade Mac 'n Cheese with Caramelized Fennel

I’ve always loved fennel, with its subtle sweetness and licorice undertones. Caramelizing the fennel just takes it to another level entirely, much like onions (and caramelized onions are the closest comparison I can come up with here). It’s downright sweet, if you can believe it. Once I saw how it could turn ho-hum stuffing into something truly remarkable, my brain started spinning, thinking of what else I could put it in… and mac ‘n cheese seemed like the next logical step.