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Quirk Perks: Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook

If yesterday’s recipe had you preheating your ovens at the mere mention of cookie dough… well, here’s the book that that recipe SHOULD have been in. The book that started it all. For me anyway.

Quirk Books’ DIY Book Club features one book each month with an exclusive discounted price of $3.99. C’mon, you can’t beat that! They launched the “Quirk Perks” program last September with Breakfast for Dinner as the feature, and now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, you can get the same great deal for the electronic version of the Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook.

Buy the eBook now for only $3.99:
Kindle / Nook / iBooks / Kobo
(offer ends 2/28/14)

For those who still prefer to hold a physical book in your hands (I don’t blame you!) Quirk has also generously offered up 10 (yes, TEN!) copies of TCDLC to ten lucky readers. Want to win one? Click through for your chance to win! The odds are very much in your favor on this one!

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That's My Jam: Spring edition Now Available!

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  1. Cookie dough truffles are my favorite!

  2. In my ice cream!

  3. I am a follower of your blog!

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  5. Straight from the bowl!! Yummy!

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  8. I love eating cookie dough raw!

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  10. My favorite way to enjoy cookie dough? I don’t think there’s a bad way! Straight out of the bowl/tub is probably my favorite, but I would never say no to cookie dough ice cream, this fabulous chocolate chip cookie dough chocolate cake I made one time, and those cookie dough bites you get at the movie theater (guilty pleasure).

  11. My favorite way to enjoy cookie dough is right off of the spatula!

  12. cookie dough truffles!

  13. I follow and tweeted!  @LyndaMSelf

  14. Cookie dough ice cream – Minneapolis has several great ice cream shops, and if I eat ice cream, I’ll fill up before I eat a cup of pure dough.

  15. Nothing beats cookie dough ice cream. 

  16. I love just straight raw cookie dough, I don’t care what the rules are ;) haha

  17. Subscribed already to your email!

  18. Best way to eat cookie dough? On a spoon, right before you bake them. :)

  19. by the spoonful!

  20. I’m subscribed via email.

  21. I follow both pages and I tweeted – @jvarvarezis.

  22. Cookie dough is definitely best enjoyed raw and in truffle form :)

  23. I subscribe via e-mail

  24. I follow both on twitter and tweeted the giveaway @takeabiteblog

  25. I made a cookie dough cheesecake that was pretty amazing.

  26. I luv to eat the cookie dough when making cookies yum!! 

  27. I LOVE to eat cookie dough before baking AND to under cook the cookies so the middle is very ‘doughy’.  Best way to eat cookie dough…

  28. I love semi frozen cookie dough bites 

  29. I love cookie dough in my ice cream!

  30. Fresh from the bowl :)

  31. tweeted  @willdamy

  32. I’m a subscriber

  33. I love chocolate (preferably dark) chip cookies right out of the oven. Yum (drooling). My daughter is the raw cookie dough culprit – right out of the bowl or in ice cream.

  34. I subscribe via email

  35. In ice cream of course!

  36. And I am already a subscriber

  37. I already suscribed

  38. It’s hard to beat your cookie dough cream pie!

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  42. I love to eat cookie dough with ice cream.

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  45. straight out of the mixing bowl!  Yum. me!

  46. I do not tweet but I’ll spread the word on my FB page!

  47. I prefer it baked actually…love cookies!

  48. Our household favorite is in a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake my husband makes.  

  49. Scraped fresh from the sides of the bowl! :)

  50. I am already subscribed!

  51. out of the bowl 

  52. already a subscriber

  53. In cheesecake!

  54. Either in ice cream, or a little bit saved from the batch while I wait for the cookies in the oven to finish baking.

  55. On a spoon!

  56. Cookie dough ice cream is the best! 
    And… I’m already subscribed to the newsletter. :)

  57. Right out of the bowl!  Yum!

  58. Straight from the bowl or hot out of the oven. Yummm. 

  59. Bonus entry 1 – Can’t wait to read the newsletter.

  60. Cookies!

  61. I subscribe to LOO –

  62. Potato chip and chocolate chip cookie dough is an all time favorite!!

  63. Subscribe to LOO

  64. I followed both pages and tweeted! :-)


  65. Cookie Dough Ice Cream!

  66. Mmm, I love cookie dough ice cream!

  67. My favorite way to enjoy my favorite chocolate chip walnut (sometimes with quick oats) cookie dough is on a single serving spoon right out of the bowl as soon as it’s mixed!

  68. I love cookie dough truffles!

  69. In chocolate chip cookies..YUM!

  70. Raw cookie dough….a big pinch of dough, roll it into a ball between the palms of my hands, and pop it in my mouth!  Yum.

  71. subscribe via email

  72. Already an email subscriber

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  74. I freeze a batch, then bake a couple whenever I’m craving cookies!

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  76. I’m already subscribed to your emails. 

  77. Right from the spoon!

  78. A big bowl with a spoon.

  79. I am an email subscriber :)

  80. My favorite way to eat cookie dough is probably in frozen form – ice cream! But just plain eating it from the bowl works, too.

  81. Cookie dough ice cream!

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  83. I am an email subscriber

  84. I love making a cookie/brownie combo, two layers of each…delicious!

  85. There aren’t many ways that I don’t enjoy eating cookie dough, but my favorite would have to be in ice cream – chocolate chip cookie dough is my very favorite ice cream flavor!

  86. I love eating it in cupcakes…and out of the bowl :)

  87. Raw, right out of the bowl! Also cooked into a nice warm, chocolately cookie!

  88. I subscribe to the newsletter, too!

  89. I love to eat cookie dough straight up raw. 

  90. I subscribed!

  91. Cookie dough truffles are my favourite (if you don’t count “sampling” right out of the bowl! Might become #2 once I make cookie dough Oreos!!

    Already signed up for emails!

  92. On a spoon. I’d love to expand my horizons!

  93. on a spoon

  94. baked till warm and gooey!

  95. I love cookie dough ice cream!

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