No-Bake White Chocolate Peppermint Pots de Creme

If you’re entertaining this holiday season, the last thing you want is some fussy, complicated dessert. At the same time, you want something that will impress your guests; something that will seem like it took you more time than it really did.

These white chocolate peppermint pots de créme are just the thing, luxurious and creamy, with a white-chocolate custard base and festive notes of peppermint. Add some freshly whipped cream on top and you’re ready to party.

Traditionally, pots de créme are baked in a “bain-marie,” or water bath. I prefer to skip that step, using gelatin to set the custards instead. So technically, they are not true pots de créme (the purists here will have to forgive me), but once you see how easy and delicious they are you’ll forget all about that technicality.

White Chocolate Peppermint Pots de Creme made in a blender

The KitchenAid® 5-Speed Diamond Blender makes this dessert a breeze: quickly melting and liquifying the custard mixture with the white chocolate into a silky smooth cream. Then simply pour into serving vessels and chill until set. No baking, no messy water bath, no fuss.

Visit the KitchenAid® Kitchenthusiast™ blog for the recipe »

And now, since I wouldn’t dare talk about this fabulous blender without giving you a chance to win one…

KitchenAid® Diamond-Series Blender Giveaway

Here’s your chance to own your very own KitchenAid® 5-Speed Diamond Blender in the color of your choice (say it with me, ooooh, aaahhh!) This blender retails for $149, but KitchenAid® has generously offered one to a lucky L&OO reader.

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The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to US residents only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway sponsored by KitchenAid®, Inc. As always, all opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. I don’t know if it’s unconventional, but I’d try some walnut butter first–or maybe homemade nutella! 

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  6. Soup! Make soup in the blender!

  7. I’d just make myself a delicious healthy smoothie every morning#

  8. I want to try making my own almond butter!

  9. i would make some oatmeal pancakes.. i suppose that isn’t super unconventional. but they are delicious. :]

  10. I’ve been entirely obsessed with cardamom lately, so maybe vanilla cardamom pots de creme!!

  11. I would love to make some breakfast smoothies.  Off to a healthy start in 2014.

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  13. I’d like to try whipping up a whipped cream dessert.

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  15. Peanut butter pumpkin pie milkshake!

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  17. I would blend up my delicious homemade penne vodka sauce! I’ve been using a $15 blender from college, and although it does the job, I think it’s time for an update. Thanks!

  18. I would make a Mocha Fudge Brownie Milkshake.

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  24. my roommate and I had a habit this summer of making fruit smoothies and spiking them with rum…and since we live in miami, the habit has lasted well into the winter, too!

  25. I would want the lovely orange! And I would use it to make delish dressing!

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  27. I would blend up avocado chocolate mint pudding!

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  31. Ooooh, that’s hard to say … I’d probably try making soup :)

  32. Hazelnut crepe batter, kept in the blender in the fridge for crepes all week long!

  33. I heard you can whip egg whites in a blender.  

  34. I would whip up a wintery/autumn soup – maybe involving soft cooked pumpkin or beets!

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  36. Cottage cheese. I’m really interested in methods to use cottage cheese as a liquid replacement or possibly an egg replacement in baked goods.

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  38. I want!! I would blend up some oat flour! Then I would make pancake batter in it :) 

  39. I’d like to blend up a batch of crepes Christmas Eve, and have them ready to pour on Christmas morning.

  40. Clementine gin fizz!

  41. Meyer lemon frappe, I think.

  42. Everything Mango!!  Mango smoothies, Mango salsa, Mango marinade… This would be perfect for that! 

  43. It’s not unconventional but I’d use that baby to spruce up a holiday happy hour!

  44. I already subscribe to your blog. I would love this blender to make smoothies.  I know that’s boring but there are so many different varieties I could try if I had this blender.  Currently I do not own a blender.

  45. I would love to make coconut butter in the blender!  

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  48. Smoothies… guess that’s not too weird though.

  49. Unconventional blending? My most out there blending I do is blending some beans with some broth to thicken up soups.  But I make pretty out there flavored smoothies daily.

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  55. I would make some pumpkin spice eggnog.

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  61. I’d make a sticky toffee pudding cake batter!

  62. It’s becoming less unconventional as time goes – but the cashew cream base for vegan cheese. It can be done in a food processor, but I suspect a good blender might actually get a little creamier.

  63. Not at all unconventional, but I’d make margaritas! The blender I have currently doesn’t do a great job with the ice, so I’d love to put this one to the test. So many fun colors!

  64. It’s not very unconventional but I would make sauce for bread pudding. Thanks for offering the chance to win.

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  66. Protein pancake batter (its not gross, I promise!)

  67. This is not unconventional but would be a first for me since I don’t have a blender. I would try pesto. I currently make it with a mortar and pestle and that makes my arms tired!

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  90. I would most likely brew up some sort of frothy holiday beverage—perhaps a citrusy one!

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  97. omg, they all look so pretty.  i’d go crazy picking a color.
    First thing I’d make is a Tomato Basil Soup for these cold winter nights.

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