Rosemary and Smoked Salt Roasted Almonds

When it comes to salt, there’s so much more to explore than plain old iodized. Even beyond kosher and sea salt, there is an entire world of specialty and gourmet salts out there. A unique salt can add the perfect finishing touch to any dish, sweet OR savory. A good, quality salt is more than just sodium, it adds flavor and punch and intensity. With high quality gourmet sea salts like those carried by SaltWorks®, Inc, you get MORE flavor by ultimately using LESS salt.

Like yesterday’s Rosemary and Smoked Salt Roasted Almonds, a gourmet salt can take a dish to delicious new heights. Whether it is a flurry of Himalayan pink salt finishing off your next salad, or a touch of savory smoked salt on your next batch of popcorn. Or hey, sprinkle a bit of flake sea salt on the top of your next batch of chocolate chip cookies (you’ll thank me later).

Salt Lovers Giveaway from SaltWorks, Inc

That’s why I’m so excited for today’s giveaway. Not only will you get the Wildfire® smoked salt blend I used in yesterday’s recipe (along with it’s two smokey companions – a $39.95 value), you’ll also receive the Artisan Bamboo Salt Sampler with 24 gourmet salt flavors in a gorgeous bamboo presentation box. This set alone is valued at $124.95. From black salt to pink salt, fine salt to coarse salt, smoked salt to mountain spring salt, this set has it all. Way more than a grain of salt, I’ll say that much!

Click through to enter to win this amazing salt lover’s gift set!

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

Congratulations to Kari, comment #276, who was randomly selected as the winner of this giveaway!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to US residents only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway sponsored by SaltWorks®, Inc. As always, all opinions written are purely my own.

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  3. Navarro Winery had the most wonderfulC smoked sea salt it was smokey and buttery and mild and wonderful. I used it in everything. When they ran out, I bough a smoker…..that’s how fabulous it is.

  4. I can’t wait for new recipes to pop up on pinterest, now that I’m a follwer. @jamiedarlin

  5. The one I’d love to try is: Flor de Sal. I have been wanting to experiment with various sea salts, so winning this would be amazing! My friend wants to have a salt-tasting party, and this would definitely allow us to do it!

  6. I am subscribed.

  7. I’ve never had any speciality salts but would love to try some! 

  8. I’ve never really thought about specialty salts and how to use them. I do love the pink of the Himalayan salt and the red Hawaiian salt. I use welsh grey salt in my grinder on a daily basis. 

  9. I would use one of the gourmet salts on my favorite nutella fudge!

  10. We made homemade smoked salt. It really makes a salad pop.

  11. My favorite sea salt is Fleur de Sel, for its subtle flavor

  12. I already follow you on Pinterest and added Saltworks (Becca Jurgens Vannier)

  13. I love using different salts while making salted caramels.  The flavors really come out!

  14. I already an a subscriber!

  15. I follow both on pinterest!

  16. I don’t have a favorite specialty salt–YET!

  17. I like using these salts on fresh produce like pink grapefruit with black salt (wonderful contrasts for the palate) and Asian blend on grilled halibut. The pink salt is perfect with fresh cracked pepper over carpaccio of beef.

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  23. Haven’t tried a specialty salt but I’ve been wanting to. The local selection isn’t very great.

  24. I love spicy salts sprinkled on anything!!

  25. I am a subscriber!!

  26. I have never had any specialty salt? Does seasoned salt count (LOL)!

  27. Truffle Salt. It is soooo good.

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  29. I love smoked sea salt. I love to put it on a baking potato or any kind of white fish.

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  31. Love this! My favorite would definitely be the coarse Sel Gris de Guérande.

  32. Also, I’m already subscribed (on feedly and bloglovin!)

  33. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this collection. My latest favorite is pink salt from Hawaii but I’ve been enjoying a lime salt blend my buddy Chef Tomm Anderson makes. It’s amazing how different each salt can taste and affect food items so drastically.

  34. The Salish – Alderwood Smoked Salt sounds great. I think I’d like to use it to season salmon or similar, so it has a hint of that flavor, rather than being fully smoked.

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  36. I subscribe to Love and Olive Oil (orbitpink -at- yahoo -dot- com)!

  37. These are awesome but I would use the Fleur de Sel de Guérande on some foie gras pate!

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  39. I used the smoked salt on corn on the cob. It makes it taste like its been barbequed!

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  41. Haven’t tried them yet, so don’t have a favourite of this brand. But I always like a saltmix with green herbs, or a spice mix with red chilies!

  42. My hubby and I love gray salt as a finishing salt on pasta and steaks!

  43. I haven’t tried that many specialty salts. I recently tried a cajun salt that I liked a lot!

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  46. At the moment my favorite is Himalayan pink sea salt, but that seems almost passe looking at some of the options here :o Would love to try them.

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  48. My favourite sea salt that I’ve investigated so far is a Black Truffle Salt.  Use it on your eggs, or even french fries!  I found another one I want to get one day, Saffron Salt!

  49. I haven’t met a salt I don’t love, but I don’t have a favorite. Yet. Though I’m a big fan of sea salt on double chocolate peanut butter cookies. 

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  51. Sea Salt with herbs and sprinkle it on homemade veggie chips!

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  55. I have never tried it, but truffle salt sounds delicious. I have tried many other salts including the common variety of garlic, onion, lemon, seasoned, etc….They always enhance the flavors of whatever is being prepared.

  56. I live in a very rural area & cannot readily get specialty salts….Morton Sea Salt & Kosher salt are the extent of specialty salts available. Would love this set to have the opportunity to try something exciting!

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  58. I would go very simple – a perfect french omelette with a little salt on top.

  59. I bought pink himalayan  from Costco and love using it on brn. sugarad carrots.I also use
    kosher salt for brining my chicken and turkey,and making dry rubs for my ribs,chicken,
    turkey.Sea salt sprinkled on top of carmel and ice cream.

  60. I’ve always wanted to try Pink Himalayan salt!

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    Love it ALL <3 <3  ;-) 

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  65. I love the Murray River salt used as a finishing salt. The crunchy/salty combination is wonderful.

  66. smoked salts just gives a dish a little something!

  67. I subscribe too!

  68. Haven’t had the ability to try specialty salts yet (except some made for Popcorn) ~ would love to try some – would probably start with using them on popcorn, nuts and salads.

  69. These are salts we would all love to try.

    I didn’t know that we had that many choices

    Love all your recipes

  70. I have some Australian salt that I like to use in place of regular salt. I think the main reason I like using it though is because it reminds me of when I studied aboard there for 3 months!

  71. I have no idea!?! But I’d love to win this and find out! (I already subscribe)

  72. Vanilla salt – it is so good on top of brownies or shortbread!

  73. My favorite is fleur de sel sprinkled on anything sweet.

  74. I have a truffle salt from italy that is amazing on french fries!

  75. Smoked sea salt, I will use it with a good T-bone

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  79. I made some homemade mustard and put some smoked sea salt in it (different brand) and it was amazing. I like the extra bold smoked sea salt because I love that smoked flavor and I can think of endless possibilities in my cooking for it.

  80. I love, love, love smoked salt. Is there anything better? :)

  81. I have been your posts by email for a while now and I look forward to each new post. Living in a rural area and not being a big fan of internet shopping means my experience of “fancy” salts has been limited to table salt, kosher salt, pickling salt and sea salt. I would love to try some exotic salt. Thanks for offering the contest

  82. I’m also following you on Pinterest. I’m at

  83. I tried a shallot salt recently that was amazing! I think it would be awesome on fresh popcorn or fries or mashed potatoes. Yum!

  84. I love Himalayan pink salt, and I love to use it sprinkled on top of chocolate pudding.  Sounds weird but it’s awesome!

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  86. I follow and I tweeted. Twitter handle = @Culinary_Cam

  87. I recently received a coffee-salt and rubbed it on a rack of lamb before grilling it. Delish!

  88. Don’t have a favorite, I need to try some.
    Thank you

  89. I don’t think I’ve really tried many specialty salts besides flaky sea salt – which we use on EVERYTHING. So I guess that’s my favorite!

  90. I love smoked salts, and use them in rubs, marinades, and as finishing salts on grilled meats to add a pop of flavor. 

  91. I love garlic and herb salt and I use it on everything, marinades, light seasonings for sauces, sprinkled on steamed veggies and more!

  92. I like black truffle salt on steak with sauteed mushrooms.

  93. I’m a subscriber!

  94. I love smoky salt on salmon

  95. I really like pink sea salt and would like to use it with some dark chocolate candies.

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