Rosemary and Smoked Salt Roasted Almonds

When it comes to salt, there’s so much more to explore than plain old iodized. Even beyond kosher and sea salt, there is an entire world of specialty and gourmet salts out there. A unique salt can add the perfect finishing touch to any dish, sweet OR savory. A good, quality salt is more than just sodium, it adds flavor and punch and intensity. With high quality gourmet sea salts like those carried by SaltWorks®, Inc, you get MORE flavor by ultimately using LESS salt.

Like yesterday’s Rosemary and Smoked Salt Roasted Almonds, a gourmet salt can take a dish to delicious new heights. Whether it is a flurry of Himalayan pink salt finishing off your next salad, or a touch of savory smoked salt on your next batch of popcorn. Or hey, sprinkle a bit of flake sea salt on the top of your next batch of chocolate chip cookies (you’ll thank me later).

Salt Lovers Giveaway from SaltWorks, Inc

That’s why I’m so excited for today’s giveaway. Not only will you get the Wildfire® smoked salt blend I used in yesterday’s recipe (along with it’s two smokey companions – a $39.95 value), you’ll also receive the Artisan Bamboo Salt Sampler with 24 gourmet salt flavors in a gorgeous bamboo presentation box. This set alone is valued at $124.95. From black salt to pink salt, fine salt to coarse salt, smoked salt to mountain spring salt, this set has it all. Way more than a grain of salt, I’ll say that much!

Click through to enter to win this amazing salt lover’s gift set!

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Congratulations to Kari, comment #276, who was randomly selected as the winner of this giveaway!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to US residents only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway sponsored by SaltWorks®, Inc. As always, all opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. I would use smoked sea salt and herbs on homemade French fries. Had something similar at a restaurant and it was so good.

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  3. I love smoked bourbon sea salt on avocado toast!

  4. I have never used a flavored salt before, but I am making sea salted caramel sauce as my Christmas gift this year and would love to experiment!

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  7. I have been on a soup kick lately, and find adding Applewood Smoked Sea Salt gives it such an autumn like smell and flavor…

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  10. I’m a huge fan of garlic infused salts. I put it on everything! 

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  13. I would love to use a rosemary + garlic salt blend to mix with olive oil and use as a dipping oil. We’re bringing bread and cheese to our family’s Thanksgiving gathering this year, and the rosemary + garlic + sea salt olive oil combination would be the perfect side for the bread and cheese!

  14. I have a thing for smoked salt — I’ve only had it once or twice before, but my goodness. Weirdly, it tastes amazing mixed into soups. Just a sprinkle and you’re good to go.

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  16. I have tweeted about this terrific giveaway !!! @barbarabradford

  17. The smoked salt sounds amazing! I follow too!

  18. I use himalayan pink salt to veggies  just before serving.  yummy

  19. Persian salt and pink himalayan salt are my two favorite specialty salts.  I use them as finishing salts on everything from my salads to my main protein. 

  20. I like regular….or fine…sea salt..and I use it ALL the time! I love to bake…

  21. I don’t know too many, but I love fleur-de-sal and use it on filet mignon, Ina Garten style!

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  23. I follow @loveandoliveoil & @SaltWorksInc on Pinterest as Barbara Bradford

  24. I use french sea salt, a tiny bit on top of my chocolate chip cookies before they go in the oven.

  25. My favorite is truffle salt! I use it on potatoes, popcorn, homemade pizza, pasta, and more! It’s delicious and a little goes a long way!!

  26. I love salt-pretty much every type I’ve ever tasted (and on pretty much everything).  My current favorite is a French type I picked up the last time I  was in Bellingham, WA and I have no idea the name of it.  I would love to further my delicious salt pallet! 
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  31. This is a great giveaway. I’m a salt nut. I would first use the fumee de sel. I’ve had it before. Love it’s smokiness and would put it on a creamed vegetable soup.

  32. And now I have more reasons to use Pinterest. My username on Pinterest is Erin.

  33. I’m already subscribed to email.  Haven’t tried any flavors yet but bold smoked sounds good

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  36. I love Maldon sea salt and use it a lot in baked goods!

  37. I tried some of these salts at a make your own bloody mary bar in New Orleans a few weeks ago and they were amazing!

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  38. I’m new to the world of specialty salts, but I’m excited to try them and see how different kinds change recipes.

  39. My favorite is persian lime salt… amazing to cook with!

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  41. My favorite is truffle salt on my scrambled eggs. My daughters is pink Himalayan on her mashed potatoes though. 

  42. I love using fleur de del for finishing off desserts!

  43. I haven’t had the chance to try specialty salts yet but this sounds like a great opportunity to start tasting some new flavors!

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  45. Don’t have a favorite but I would love to experiment with these salts!!

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  49. My favorite is the smoked sea salt and flakes. Someone just suggested this week sprinkling it on top of chocolate chip cookies, so I can’t wait to try that!

  50. I mostly just use plain sea salt or kosher salt – I’d love to try these!

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  55. I don’t know that I have a favorite yet – – too many left to try! I would love to experiment with a spicy salt & chocolate cookies!

  56. I thought I was fancy using kosher salt, I have something to learn about salt

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  58. I LOVE using smoked sea salt on top of my chipotle-chocolate chip cookies. Favorite cookies!

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  60. I would love the specialty flake sea salt to sprinkle on homemade butterscotch or chocolate chip cookies!

  61. I love using sea salt in caramel or on cookies!

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  62. I love pink sea salt and try it with seafood!

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  66. I absolutely adore chipotle salt! My specialty spice store carries it and it’s wonderful mixed into chilis and tacos and pretty much any other mexican-type dish I can think of!

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    I love sea salt with chocolate and caramel.:)

  68. Hellfire, and I would throw it on some chicken!

  69. I have a roasted shallot salt that I like to use with steaks and roasts. It just gives everything a perfect tang of garlic and onion if you don’t want to break out those ingredients.

  70. I’m already subscribed to the emails :-)

  71. I’ve never used a specialty salt but am always looking for new things to try!

  72. Pink Sea Salt, carmals – I know predictable

  73. I love to use maldon flaky sea salt. I haven’t tried a smoked salt yet, but it sounds delicious.

  74. I love using smoked salt on top of chili — it adds a little something extra.

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  76. Right now I am loving plain old course ground kosher salt on roasted brussel sprouts. I would love a chance to sample the different varieties in your fun give away-thanks!

  77. As a vegetarian I love adding smoked salts to my cooking for that meaty umami flavor!

  78. I love sea salt on caramel candy but the Black Salt is pretty and looks fantastic against bright colored foods like salmon, greens, and fresh tomatoes. A good finishing salt is hard to beat. 

  79. I would def used the smoked habanero sea salt in my chili

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  82. I’m drawn to all of the smoked salts, especially for finishing a really good ribeye… 

  83. Black truffle salt– I like to sprinkle it on eggs, pasta, and salads.

  84. I have only tried white & pink sea salts, so those would be my favorite but only because I haven’t tried any others yet.  I would love to try the smoked salts and would probably make that my new table salt!

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  88. I’ve only tried Himalayan Pink salt in recipes, but I’d love to try new ones!

  89. gray salt for baking. so good!

  90. I’ve never tried a specialty salt, so I would be excited to get to find uses for all these amazing salts!

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  92. i have a chocolate salt that i sprinkle on brownies and cookies and lots of other baked goods too–it’s amazing.

  93. My favorite gourmet/specialty salt is truffle salt….I use it on everything, from pastas to potatoes…and occasionally on popcorn.  I can’t get enough of it!

  94. Favorite is smoky salt.  I’ve used it in my marinara and everyone loved it and kept asking what the smoky flavor was.

  95. I love a little sea salt on my chocolate chip cookies. It is absolutely amazing!

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  99. I have an espresso sea salt that’s pretty great sprinkled on top of chocolate things. I think it would also be great rubbed onto meat but I haven’t tried yet.

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