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And now… on to the giveaway!

Silpat & Roul'Pat Giveaway

I’ve been a fan of Silpat® non-stick baking mats for a long time, ever since I first saw (an often-used and very well-loved) one in my aunt’s kitchen. Although the first one I bought myself was (disappointingly) the wrong size for my cookie sheets, ever since then they’ve been in indispensable part of my kitchen. I recently purchased a second, one for each of my half-sheet pans, so I can churn out perfectly-baked cookies twice as fast. As much as I love baking with parchment paper, nothing beats the convenience and miraculous non-stickiness of a Silpat® (I mean, macarons? I won’t bake them on anything but). Speaking of macarons, a little birdie tells me that Sansa Demarle is soon to be releasing a special macaron baking mat with printed circular guides for perfect, even-sized macarons. To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

The Roul’Pat® is a newer product that I am equally as thrilled about. It’s basically a giant Silpat® that serves as a non-stick work surface. Whereas before, when making pie crust or pizza dough, I had to lug out the heavy marble pastry board or big wooden cutting board to use as my work surface. The Roul’Pat® is so much more convenient, and not to mention takes up much less space in the cabinet too.

One lucky winner will receive one of each of these fabulous products: a half-size Silpat® Non-Stick Baking Mat (valued at $26.95) and a full size Roul’Pat® Non-Stick Countertop Workstation Mat (valued at $54.95). I promise you, these two products will quickly become some of your favorite tools in the kitchen.

So what are you waiting for? Click through to enter to win!

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

Congrats to the Kristin, comment #127, for winning this wonderful non-stick mat set!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to US residents only. Void where prohibited. Winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Bonus entry requirements will be verified if selected as the winner, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen. Giveaway sponsored by Sasa Demarle/Silpat®. While I received one Roul’Pat® to review, I’ve purchased multiple Silpat® baking mats of my own accord. As always, all opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. Homemade chocolate chip cookies, definitely!

  2. I’m already subscribed to your newsletter and love it!

  3. chocolate chip cookies!

  4. I follow both pages on Twitter and I tweeted. https://twitter.com/jvarvarezis/status/350636681357041664

  5. I already like both pages on Facebook.

  6. I’d probably make homemade oreos. It seems to be my go-to cookie these days. I even figured out how to make birthday cake filling. It was way easier than I made it in my head–extra vanilla and sprinkles. :)

  7. I just discovered your blog and just signed up for your blog emails. Also started following you on Pinterest!! and Facebook!! Can’t wait to get to know you better!!

  8. Giant chocolate chip cookies

  9. I have been wanting to try the Silpad for awhile, but haven’t had a chance to get one. I would start baking cookies and branch out from there and try many other things to bake.

  10. Biscuits

  11. I am already subscribed to your email

  12. Caramel popcorn!

  13. Macaroons, definitely.

  14. I would use the Roul’Pat to roll crust for a pie!

  15. I already subscribe :)

  16. I’m obsessed with these! My mum swears by them, I would love one in my own kitchen. I would definitely whip up a plethora of macrons on these bad boys.

  17. Followed, and tweeted!

  18. Like (love!) you both on Facebook!

  19. I would bake up a batch of scones! Yum!

  20. Why, I’d make coconut macaroons while my boyfriend made pizza dough!!! There would probably ensue some cookie baking madness after the macaroons!!!

  21. PS. Forgot to mention that I am already subscribed to your awesome blog!!! and heading to Facebook now for the Like & the Like! :)

  22. Caramel!!!!

  23. I would make pecan chocolate chip cookies for may four granddaughters!

  24. what good news about the roul’pat! i have been fighting with pie crust on so many levels…..it would be wonderful to have this wonder not only for that….which would be perfect enough….but for breads, cookies, cinnamon rolls….any single thing that i roll out. i’m a from-scratch cook, so i’m constantly rolling out on this dinky little plastic thing that slides all over my counters. would love this…..and the very first thing i would make would be a peach crostada, all rustic, juicy and a tiny bit cinnamony. thank you for the give-away.

  25. i’m following you and i am receiving your delicious posts through my email. thank you for every single one. i trust every single recipe you post….every one. i have many people fooled into thinking i’m a fantastic cook, and you are really responsible for that. thank you again.

  26. i’m following sil-pat on facebook. thanks for the contest.

  27. following silpat on twitter…..

  28. I have to try macaroons.

  29. Dough! Pie dough – for lots and lots of hand pies.

  30. I would make some peanut butter oatmeal cookies!

  31. Well I’ll make your morbidi cookies of course! :)

  32. A big batch of chocolate chip cookies for the kids and a cherry pie for my hubby.

  33. Oh the cookies, oh the macarons I could make with that Silpat; but even more wonderful is contemplating the ease of assembly when I roll out my Roul’Pat onto the counter. It’s like a wonderful baking dream!

  34. I would bake oatmeal butterscotch cookies!

  35. I’d make chocolate chip cookies for my boyfriend in celebration! Ooooh, or scones… I do love making scones!

  36. Definitely pistachio cookies! My fav

  37. I’ve always wanted a Silpat! I would break it in with my favorite cookies, Chunky Lolas from the Flour cookbook.

  38. lots and lots of cookies!

  39. I have not baked a still thing f9r years. I am dying to start. In the meantime, I will use it to cook anything that I don’t want to stick.

  40. I would start out very basic with home,Ade chocolate chip cookies. I have heard great things about Silpat mats but have never had a chance to try them. Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. right now i am sans kitchen (at the beginning of a remodel), there are so many things i would love to bake right now: cookies, biscuits pies, you name it, i am in baking withdrawal.

  42. Not to be predictable, but I would definitely try out the macaroons! I’ve made then before, but I have a sneaking feeling that using parchment paper for them makes everything a million times m0re difficult.

  43. I would make pie dough (likely a pate sucree) for a yummy fresh fruit summer tart…cherry or peach. Yummy.

  44. I’m hosting a bridal brunch with a cookie dessert bar. We’re making chocolate sables, macarons, salted chocolate toffee, and a few more types. Extra silpats would be perfect!!! Thank you!

  45. Great giveaway! I’d finally get back on the horse and try macarons again.

  46. Of course I like you and silpat on FB :)

  47. I would use the Roul Pat and Silpat to make homemade graham crackers!!

  48. Cookies!! And I subscribed to the newsletter. :)

  49. I just stumbled upon your blog the other day!! I just signed up for your blog updates!!

  50. My homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. The best cookies in the world!!

  51. I’d love to make some chocolate chip meringue cookies.

  52. I would first make good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies!

  53. I’m already subscribed! :)

  54. Scones would be the first thing I’d make! Yum!

  55. Definitely making a pie crust first! There’s so much juicy summer fruit calling my name. I currently use my cutting board and it slides all over the place. Looking forward to getting one of these, through this giveaway or on my own!

  56. Already a subscriber by e-mail!

  57. I would try my hand at Macarons! I hear that they cook much better on a Silpat.

  58. I liked Silpat and Love & Olive Oil on Facebook!

  59. I would bake biscotti!

  60. Macarons in summery berry flavors! I’ve never used a Silpat but its high on my “want in my dream kitchen” list!

  61. I know it’s probably what everyone is going to say, but I’ve tried making macarons a couple of times with varying levels of success, and I would love to try it with a silpat.
    I also follow both Love & Olive Oil and silpat on twitter!

  62. I think I would make mexican chocolate freezer cookies from Dinner: A Love Story.

  63. “Liked” both Love & Olive Oil and Silpat on Facebook

  64. I think I would have to give macarons a try! I’ve been wanting to make these chocolate macs with Earl Grey buttercream mmm (and I’m already subscribed!)

  65. cookies to make ice cream cookie sandwiches! with this summer heat nothing sounds better right now!

  66. Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies !

  67. I would make a batch of Citrus Sable cookies. Everyone I know loves it when I make these and the silpat would would make the recipe even easier!

  68. I would make homemade oreos, although macarons are definitely on my baking list!

  69. I subscribed to your newsletter. :)

  70. I’d make sugar cookies with a new silpat!

  71. What a great giveaway–thanks for the opportunity! I would probably go straight for the pie dough, since that always makes such a mess on the counters. :)

  72. I would make some turtles! The caramel won’t stick to the mat!

  73. I bake a lot of cakes and do specialty fondant work on them, so the Roul’Pat could be very useful!

  74. I’d try and make some macarons.

  75. I’ve subscribed

  76. OMG, almost EVERYTHING on my pinterest boards! :)

  77. Oh, I’ve wanted a Roul’Pat for EVER! My mom has one and I absolutely love making pies at her house. That’s what I’d make first – a huge black raspberry pie!

  78. I would roll out a crust for a summer fruit tart.

  79. I would love to make those Amaretti Morbidi cookies you posted ^^

  80. I already liked you on FB and now I like Silpat too.

  81. I receive updates on your blog by email and I also receive your newsletter.

  82. I’m already subscribed to your emails! :)

  83. I follow you both on Twitter and Tweeted the message,


  84. Already subscribed

  85. Peach Pie!

  86. I’d make sesame seed lace cookies. My family loves them, but I haven’t made them in years because they’re almost impossible to get off parchment, greased cookie sheets, etc. I hate to spend the money on Silpat, (Social Security is still not paying big bucks), but thanks to your giveaway, the price is terrific!! ;) I already subscribe by e-mail, and I liked both you and Silpat on Facebook.

  87. I’m dying to make a Door County cherry pie!!

  88. I will do cookies and pizza!

  89. I would love to say I’d make macaroons, but the truth is I’d probably make bread!

  90. I subscribed – monthly is best for me for emails!

  91. Cookies. Always cookies.

  92. I would bake shortbread cookies. With lemon. Mm.

  93. I subscribed to your newsletter :-]

  94. I would bake something with caramel to try out the non-stick potential!

  95. Subscribed!! YEA!!

  96. I’d probably start with something simple like cheddar biscuits. I’m really craving cheesy bread right now so maybe that’s influencing that. Also, I know I’d want to try something asap without too much fanfare, with time to experiment later.

  97. I’m happily subsribed to the L&OO newsletter!

  98. I’ve just recently started making some amazing no-knead bread. I’ll make some brew house rolls – they are amazing with Bacon Bleu Burgers!

  99. I follow Silpat and Love and Olive Oil on Twitter. and I’ve tweeted for you!!

  100. I’m likin’ L&OO on Facebook as well as SilPat on Facebook!

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