Le Creuset: Fig and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicke Breasts

There’s nothing more exciting than getting the opportunity to work with a brand that you truly, truly love. I got my first Le Creuset piece back in 2008 when I cashed in for an early birthday present. I got it specifically to bake bread, but it is easily one of the most used pieces in our kitchen.

So needless to say when Le Creuset contacted me about developing a few recipes to help promote some of their specialty pieces, well, I did a little happy dance. And then I got cooking.

And just in time for Valentine’s day, this adorable little heart casserole is perfect for a dinner for two, like this recipe for Fig and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts featured on the Le Creuset website. Or even a romantic dessert, like the Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Port Sauce shown below. Because it’s such a versatile piece you can use it to sear, simmer, bake, braise, boil, or brown.

Le Creuset: Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce

Cake in a Le Creuset… who would have thought?

But even more exciting than these delicious recipes… Le Creuset is offering up a Heart Casserole to one lucky L&OO reader! You know you want one.

The winner will receive this gorgeous Heart Casserole in the color of their choice (Cassis or Red), valued at $150. Do note that the red is currently back-ordered for 1-2 months, but if that’s the color your heart desires, just ask and you shall receive (as soon as it’s back in stock).

So, what are you waiting for?

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

Congratulations to Amy, comment #298, who was randomly selected as the winner of this gorgeous casserole!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to US residents only. Void where prohibited. Giveaway sponsored by Le Creuset®. All opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. How adorable! I’m thinking Pot Roast for my hunny!

  2. I would first cook some kind of chicken & pasta casserole :)

  3. I would bake a small loaf of bread. :)

  4. I would probably make beef barley stew. Or something desserty…

  5. I would make a mini fruit crisp!

  6. Such a hard decision! I would love to bake a loaf of heart shaped bread, then a batch of loaded baked potato soup. Such a great supper for a cold Pa winter evening.

  7. That cake looks amazing!

  8. I “like” Love and Olive Oil and Le Creuset on facebook!!

  9. I’d make a pot of my hubby’s lamb stew. Delicious!

  10. I also followed both on twitter and tweeted!

  11. Probably a meatloaf. I know that sounds weird, but I REALLY REALLY don’t like making it, and my husband loves it (and I also don’t like eating the kind he makes). So a meatloaf is a romantic gesture from me. Plus, heart shaped anything is better.

  12. I wouldn’t make a thing because my husband cooks for me. But he loves his Le Creuset and has wished for another (in red!), so I aim to please. …Okay, if I must, I will make a cake – dessert is my contribution to the meal.

  13. This is adorable!! I would love to win this, pretty please!

  14. Ohhh – the flourless chocolate cake! I have to have something to hold that luscious raspberry sauce.

  15. Adorable! I would make a seafood gratin with lots of buttery topping!

  16. Thanks for the giveaway! My husband and I are starting the Dukan Diet so I think I’d make baked lemon chicken thighs first.

  17. I would make the Coq au Vin from the Le Creuset website!

  18. I “like” Love and Olive Oil and Le Creuset on Facebook. :)

  19. An adorable V-day M&M brown sugar blondie brownie!!

  20. Hopefully something with chicken and not that cake, but it looks good. I’m eyeing that raspberry sauce.

  21. I’d make my favorite smushed-up casserole, which consists of roasted spaghetti squash, spicy marinara, and ricotta all tumbled together and topped with fresh mozzarella.

  22. I would love to make flourless chocolate cake or something with carmelized onions!

  23. Oh, and as regards Bonus Entry #2, I’ve got y’all both “Liked”.

  24. Pork shoulder! My honey’s favorite.

  25. I’d probably make chili or a soup first off. Maybe just because I’m so cold right now.

  26. This cold weather is making me crave a hot chicken pot pie! How cute would that crust look in a heart shaped casserole?

  27. LOVE this (pun intended). I don’t own anything by Le Creuset, sadly, but if I had this, I would most certainly make that flourless chocolate cake… or no-knead loves of heart-shaped bread. How sweet would that be to break bread with people you loved using a heart-shaped loaf? :)

  28. This has been on my wishlist FOREVERRR… I would totally bake a huge chocolate chip cookie in it :)

  29. I would make Macaroni and Cheese because that is what my husband cooked for me on our first date many years ago!

  30. I didn’t know you could bake in them! That is what I would have to do then! That flourless chocolate cake looks pretty darn yummy!

  31. I would make Chicken Posole (the healthy version) for my love, My husband Tom of 15 years!! It’s one of his favorites! I love him soo much!

  32. I would love to bake a pasta dish in this dish…it is so beautiful. And boy does that cake look amazing.

  33. that is so cute! i don’t know if you’ll ship to an APO address, but i’ll give it a try. if two cornish hens would fit in there, i would definitely try that one :)

  34. I saw a delicious recipe for chili today so I think that would be the perfect first recipe to make with this adorable heart casserole piece!!

  35. I would make the chocolate cake, it looks yummy!

  36. I follow Love and Olive Oil and Le Creuset on Twitter and tweeted as well. https://twitter.com/KCatapano/status/297397489487736832

  37. I follow Love and Olive Oil and Le Creuset on Facebook.

  38. That chocolate cake for sure! It looks amazing!

  39. I would love to win this, I have a few items in the cassis line already and they are my most treasured kitchen tools

  40. I liked both pages on facebook :)

  41. I would make no-knead bread!

  42. This cake… because it looks so cute!

  43. I like you both on fb!

  44. I would make blondes!!

  45. I would make the chocolate cake first! It looks perfect!

  46. I follow both on facebook

  47. I am following you both on facebook as Rust Hawk.

  48. The flourless chocolate cake…with raspberries–my valentine’s favorite!

  49. Just tweeted! Bonus entry #1

  50. Just “liked” on Facebook…bonus entry #2!

  51. I would prepare the casserole my fella loves the most, which incorporates chicken, squash, and delicious stuffing. Gets him everytime!

  52. I would go for that chocolate cake, it looks so amazing and I love chocolate so much.

  53. I would totally make some heart-shaped bread! (I have a bread maker, which I never use, because it feels like cheating and the end result is never as good.) And then I would make some zucchini parmesan. And then I would make a cake. So, basically, it seems like I need to win this.

  54. I would make some beer-braised short ribs in that cute pan!

  55. I would use it to make a vegan dessert for two, so that my husband and I could east it together… either a coconut “panna cotta” or a vegan carrot cake for two…oh that would be perfect!

  56. Would would I not cook? I had no clue you could bake a cake in there! I’m thinking my yummy pumpkin cake!

  57. I would make a delicious bread pudding!!

  58. flourless chocolate cake for sure!

  59. I’d make venison stew

  60. I like you both on facebook

  61. Chicken pot pie!

  62. Super chocolatey, gooey brownies!

  63. I would make your Flourless Chocolate cake, it looks amazing!

  64. follow both on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway

  65. I’ve like both of you on Facebook

  66. I would make DUCK! Because my husband doesn’t get excited for food like normal people do—he could live on cereal and beer. But he LOOOOOOVES duck—so I would make an awesome duck dish just for him because he’s the absolute best thing to ever happen to me and I love him to pieces!

  67. I would make your No Knead Bread!

  68. Definitely your flourless chocolate cake for my boyfriend!

  69. id be making some chili in it if i won….

  70. I liked both on Facebook!

  71. I followed and tweeted!

  72. That chocolate cake would be pretty high up there on my list of thing to make in it.

  73. Oh my, this is the cutest thing! I would probably make that delicious chocolate cake! I’ve never made a cake in a pot before.

    P.S. I love your new cookbook!

  74. I liked both on Facebook

  75. I think I’d try my hand at braised short-ribs! Hubby loves beef – why not?!

  76. Braised ANYTHING! I’ve always wanted to try pork shoulder and other meats that require a start on the stove and a long, slow cook in the oven, but don’t have a Dutch oven to do it in!

  77. I would make cinnamon rolls in a heart shape. My boyfriend would love that

  78. I would cook chili!

  79. I liked both on Facebook :)

  80. I’d definitely cook Lasagna!

  81. Wow! How cute! I’m thinking the inaugural dish for this should be a chocolate souffle!

  82. Probably a chicken dish? Or maybe soup!

  83. I would love to make big batch of vegetable minestrone soup and serve it to my love :)

  84. I’ve never owned a LeCrueset. I’ve always wanted one, tho. I would bake a cake in one because my daughters with think I was the most awesome mom in the whole world.

  85. Mmm! The cake looks super yummy! :) I would probably make mac n’ cheese. I love my comfort food! ;)

  86. I would definitely make desserts! Starting with that delicious looking brownie! :)

  87. I think the cake in this post would be high on my list of things to make!! Other than that… any baked pasta dish. I could test out a butternut squash sauce recipe I have.

  88. I like both on facebook and I am tweeting as we speak (or I type). :-)

  89. I would make baked spinach and goat cheese for my lovely mother.

  90. Oh, something with beets!

  91. Definitely a cake… probably with chocolate :-)

  92. I love the idea of a chocolate cake.

  93. This time of year I’d have to make soup.

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