Le Creuset: Fig and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicke Breasts

There’s nothing more exciting than getting the opportunity to work with a brand that you truly, truly love. I got my first Le Creuset piece back in 2008 when I cashed in for an early birthday present. I got it specifically to bake bread, but it is easily one of the most used pieces in our kitchen.

So needless to say when Le Creuset contacted me about developing a few recipes to help promote some of their specialty pieces, well, I did a little happy dance. And then I got cooking.

And just in time for Valentine’s day, this adorable little heart casserole is perfect for a dinner for two, like this recipe for Fig and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts featured on the Le Creuset website. Or even a romantic dessert, like the Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Port Sauce shown below. Because it’s such a versatile piece you can use it to sear, simmer, bake, braise, boil, or brown.

Le Creuset: Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce

Cake in a Le Creuset… who would have thought?

But even more exciting than these delicious recipes… Le Creuset is offering up a Heart Casserole to one lucky L&OO reader! You know you want one.

The winner will receive this gorgeous Heart Casserole in the color of their choice (Cassis or Red), valued at $150. Do note that the red is currently back-ordered for 1-2 months, but if that’s the color your heart desires, just ask and you shall receive (as soon as it’s back in stock).

So, what are you waiting for?

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

Congratulations to Amy, comment #298, who was randomly selected as the winner of this gorgeous casserole!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to US residents only. Void where prohibited. Giveaway sponsored by Le Creuset®. All opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. I follow both @lecreuset and @loveandoliveoil on Twitter, and I tweeted the tweet about this cool giveaway.

  2. I would bake brownies in this beautiful pan!

  3. I like you on facebook.

  4. For some reason this pot makes me want to try and bake a big cookie. I do plan on trying that chicken too! Looks yummy.

  5. I like both Love & Olive Oil and Le Creuset on Facebook. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  6. I like le creuset on facebook.

  7. Beef bourguignon sounds perfect for this cold weather

  8. I would make sauerbraten. Because it’s my husband’s favorite. <3

  9. Also, I like L&OO on FB!

  10. COQ AU VIN!

  11. i liked love & olive oil on facebook!

  12. i liked le creuset on facebook!

  13. I would bake a red velvet cake!

  14. In this absolutely beautiful Le Creuset Heart Casserole pot I would make my deliciously bright and cozy Taco Soup with all the trimmings. What a wonderful way to show someone how much you Love him/her by serving him/her a steaming bowl of hearty, spicy, soothing soup. And this out of THIS gorgeous vessel, no less! <3

  15. I like olive oil & like Le Creuset!

  16. How adorable! The flourless chocolate cake looks delicious!

  17. I would make the flourless chocolate cake first.

  18. I would love to use it three times on Valentine’s Day: a warm fruit compote for breakfast. a frittata full of vegetables for lunch and Greek shrimp and tomatoes with feta for dinner!

  19. I’d cook the cheesy spinach artichoke dip my boyfriend loves!

  20. I like both on Facebook!

  21. I would definitely LOVE to make the flour less chocolate cake!

  22. I like both of you on Facebook!

  23. I’ve made savory dishes like stews and pot roasts in my Le Creuset.
    And of course artisan bread. So if I should be so lucky to win then that chocolate cake would be the first thing I would make. It would be so cute.

  24. I follow both on twitter and tweeted as requested!

  25. The first thing I would cook in this LOVE-ly casserole would be a small little pot roast for two.

  26. I think I would make some soup.

  27. I’d make Guinness stew, because that is my hubby’s favorite…and our 3 year anniversary is the day before Valentine’s day!

  28. I would make a chocolate souffle! I love Le Creuset and especially the red color!

  29. I liked both of you on facebook!

  30. I would make your flourless chocolate cake – Yum!!

  31. I would definately make the chocolate cake. Cake in a LeCreuset, what could be better!!

  32. Would absolutely make that chocolate cake! The boyfriend and I always stay in and cook on valentine’s day, so this heart casserole dish would be a perfect addition!

  33. Thats the cutest! I would have to make a sweet dessert like the one you posted

  34. The amazing chicken recipe!

  35. I follow on twitter and tweeted

  36. I Like both on Facebook

  37. that cake looks to-die-for!

  38. I would make mac & cheese! Nothing like a good comfort food to say I love you.

  39. I would love to cook a chocolate chip banana bread/cake with my best friend!

  40. I would make some deep dish brownies!

  41. that is so cute! i’d definitely try the chocolate cake!

  42. I’d make pistachio cake for my honey for Valentine’s Day, because he loves it (and so do I!)

    Thanks for the chance!

  43. I would bake a cake.

  44. I’m a fan of that cake, so I think I’d make something like that. It’s gorgeous!

  45. I like you on facebook.

  46. I like Le Creuset on facebook.

  47. Definitely a dessert! That cake looks sooo delish

  48. I totally like Le Creuset on Facebook :)

  49. Ooooo!! Me please!! (Jumping up and down, way at the back). I would have to try that fig and chevre chicken- again and again!

  50. I would make chicken and dumplings! YUM!

  51. I would bake a loaf of bread, hoping it came out heart-shaped! Next, I’d try your chocolate cake.

  52. that flourless chocolate cake!

  53. bonus entry (for liking you and le creuset)! and bonus answer: i’d also make fried chicken. its weird but it love at first bite. haha

  54. I would love love love! to cook a delicious vegan mac-n-cheese meal for my darling boyfriend in that beautiful Le Creuset Heart Shaped Casserole!!!!!

  55. Some heart shaped cornbread!

  56. I would make a hot fudge cake – I love to make them and the only thing I can think of that would make it better would be to make it in a heart shape!

  57. I like you both on facebook.

  58. I would make homemade pasta sauce! Yummy!

  59. Turkey meatballs with red sauce or baked kale white beans and Parmesan bake!

  60. CAKE!! I would make that awesome cake!

  61. I would bake a peach and huckleberry cobblers!! I love this dish!

  62. I’d definitely make beef stew for two!

  63. Coq au vin! No question.

  64. I would make a warm, comforting pot of some baked macaroni & cheese in this heart-shaped le creuset – because everyone loves mac & cheese!!

  65. I’d definitely try the flourless chocolate cake!

  66. Breakfast casserole…mmm I love me some bfast casserole bake!

  67. baked apples

  68. This casserole dish is too cute! The first thing I would make would have to be cinnamon buns (particularly the biscuit version from joy the baker).

  69. SO adorable! I’d want to make baked pasta in this first, since that’s my sweetie’s favorite! :)

  70. I like both sites on FB! :)

  71. I’d make Giada’s Tomato Basil Mozzarella breakfast casserole first.

  72. Easy answer…that chocolate cake!

  73. I would try something sweet! That shape is so cute!

  74. I’d bake a loaf of that no-knead bread in the casserole.

  75. Omg I wanna win this

  76. Stuffed Chicken Breasts sound delicious

  77. Oh man, I LOVE le creuset, I would love to win this to make that fig and goat cheese chicken.

  78. Broccoli cassy!

  79. Hmm, I would probably make a tuna fish casserole, nothing fancy, just what I’m craving right now :)

  80. I would make my grandmama’s one pot meatball recipe. So good, and it never turns out properly unless my grandmother makes it in her le creuset. I’ve wanted one for ages, but as a student, it’s a little out of my budget, haha.

  81. I would make your chocolate cake – it looks fabulous!!

  82. Dessert! mmm but which one…oh no, this is going to be hard!

  83. I would bake a chai infused pear cake with a cocoa glaze! It would be the perfect dessert to make for Valentine’s day. Or any day! ( :

  84. Love this casserole– definitely use it to show my friends and family i love them :)

  85. No question about it, I’d be baking something delicious from your Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook! I’m obsessed with it as it is — this casserole would just make those creations sweeter. I love using Le Creusets in the oven.

  86. Love!!! I think I would make my favorite frittata.

  87. Cake!! I would definitely make cake first. Or brownies.

  88. I like both pages on FB (using the email I am commented from)…
    Rachel Schenewerk

  89. I like Le Creuset on Facebook

  90. I would bake that flourless chocolate cake for my valentine!

  91. I have been coveting the red heart le creuset- for. ever! It’s been on my amazon wish list, collecting dust. I would cook up a green thai curry with seasonal veggies & free-range chicken – then follow it with a light coconut chocolate cake with fresh berries.

  92. Hmmm, what to cook! I am thinking chocolate cake or baked pasta dish!! Yum!

  93. I would love to make a bread pudding because it’s my fiance’s favorite!

  94. I’d make a small batch of Italian soup that my family loves.

  95. I’d make a baked lemon pudding cake…or perhaps that flourless chocolate cake. Looks great!

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