Le Creuset: Fig and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicke Breasts

There’s nothing more exciting than getting the opportunity to work with a brand that you truly, truly love. I got my first Le Creuset piece back in 2008 when I cashed in for an early birthday present. I got it specifically to bake bread, but it is easily one of the most used pieces in our kitchen.

So needless to say when Le Creuset contacted me about developing a few recipes to help promote some of their specialty pieces, well, I did a little happy dance. And then I got cooking.

And just in time for Valentine’s day, this adorable little heart casserole is perfect for a dinner for two, like this recipe for Fig and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts featured on the Le Creuset website. Or even a romantic dessert, like the Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Port Sauce shown below. Because it’s such a versatile piece you can use it to sear, simmer, bake, braise, boil, or brown.

Le Creuset: Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce

Cake in a Le Creuset… who would have thought?

But even more exciting than these delicious recipes… Le Creuset is offering up a Heart Casserole to one lucky L&OO reader! You know you want one.

The winner will receive this gorgeous Heart Casserole in the color of their choice (Cassis or Red), valued at $150. Do note that the red is currently back-ordered for 1-2 months, but if that’s the color your heart desires, just ask and you shall receive (as soon as it’s back in stock).

So, what are you waiting for?

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

Congratulations to Amy, comment #298, who was randomly selected as the winner of this gorgeous casserole!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Giveaway open to US residents only. Void where prohibited. Giveaway sponsored by Le Creuset®. All opinions written are purely my own.

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  1. That brownie looks gooooood! :)

  2. Definitely a brownie! Heart shaped brownies taste better :)

  3. I like you both on FB!

  4. I would make my signature mac and cheese. Creamy inside with a cheesy crunch on top!

  5. I’d cook a small batch of braised short ribs with creamy polenta. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. That flourless chocolate cake! Yes, please!!!

  7. Bread! A heart shaped loaf would be too cute!

  8. Like them both!

  9. I would make my mom’s incredible chili! An oldie but a goodie!

  10. I would bake an angel food cake for strawberry shortcake. Perfect for valentines day!

  11. Following both on twitter and tweeted!

  12. Liked both on facebook! Can’t wait to use this lovely piece!

  13. I would make little bread puddings!

  14. I would make a molten chocolate cake of some sort. Looks delicious!

  15. I would love this because I met my husband on Valentine’s Day in 1978, I married him on Valentine’s Day in 1982 and we love, love, love to cook together! And we love your blog!!!!!!

  16. a warm and yummy fruit crumble

  17. My husband looses brain cells over this garden enchilada bake that I make. It’s shredded zucchini, red quinoa and a healthy list of other fresh veggies. Then it gets topped with avacado and fresh tomato. This is the dish that fills his heart (and belly) with some serious Valentine’s day love.

    This dish allows me to pick where we have dessert and drinks afterwards.. That says something in this home!

  18. I would definitely make the Fig and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken first! It sounds YUMMY!

  19. I would bake a heat shaped quiche.

  20. I would make soup, my honey loves soup

  21. Maybe some heart shaped bread… or that chocolate cake… or chili… so many options!

  22. Oh this new Le Creuset is LOVEly!!! ;) I think I would make a one-pot meal like a heart stew for the two of us to share!

  23. I like Love & Olive Oil on Facebook

  24. I like Le Creuset on Facebook.

  25. I would make a strawberry rhubarb cobbler!!!!

  26. In true heart shaped romantic fashion, I would first dirty the honorable Le Creuset by cooking a classic chicken coq a vin. Lovely.

  27. If I win it, I’d love to make arroz con pollo!

  28. I ‘LIKE’ Love & Olive oil on Facebook :)

  29. Blackberry cobbler! That looks lovely.

  30. Braised masalaa chicken with potatoes and saffron rice:) all in one beautiful pot!

  31. I would try your fig and goat cheese stuffed chicken. Sounds like an amazing meal!

  32. I would make some delicious cornbread to go with some homemade chili. Yum!

  33. I would bake a casserole. They are perfect for nights when I am working or in school late.

  34. Would definitely make that chocolate cake! Looks delicious!

  35. Also following you and Le Creuset on twitter

  36. And liked you both on Facebook! Hope I get picked!

  37. I’d make a heart shaped quiche for Valentine’s breakfast! :D

  38. iwill cook for sure my husband’s favorite recipe,
    that’s my buffalo loin ragu, that i created for our first anyversary, last year.
    and also i would serve it with a delicious and creamy polenta with lots of white trufle!

  39. That cake! It looks delicious

  40. I love the idea of doing a heart-shaped brownie. Too cute.

  41. I would make my mother’s carrot casserole!

  42. I would make this flourless chocolate cake. My husband is a big fan of port, so win or lose, this recipe is on my v-day menu! Thanks for the chance to win. I, too, love Le Creuset!

  43. I liked both of you on facebook! :)

  44. I would make my favorite cast iron skillet chocolate chip cookie recipe in it, for a heart-shaped cookie!

  45. Followed both on facebook.

  46. I’d make baked mushroom risotto with caramelized onions. I found that recipe a few days ago, and I need a heavy pot for that, but like you back in 2008, I am without one. Hopefully not for long!

  47. Absolutely the chocolate cake. Looks so delicious! Perhaps with a little raspberry on the side.

  48. I also followed both Love and Olive Oil and Le Creuset on Facebook.

  49. Followed on Twitter and sent the tweet. Fingers crossed!

  50. Chocolate souffle! Yummm.

  51. Glad I found your recipes and blog today. Le Creuset products are so versatile it has me convinced I could make both items in this adorable pot.It will make my kitchen and guaranteed all that enjoy eating from it in the future very happy. Love it! Your photographs feed my eyes . XOXO

  52. That chocolate cake!

  53. What would I cook first?….that’s a really good question! I’m thinking something sweet and decadent to serve to my dear on one of our date nights. Seems like it would make the moment and the occasion all the more LOVE-ly!!

  54. Chicken pot pie

  55. I would hurry up and make some fantastic artisan bread. Yummy !

  56. Chicken pot pie! Talk about love! :)

  57. Boeuf Bourguignon! The cassis color is to die for.

  58. I want to try the chocolate cake! Looks so yum! xo akiko
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  59. just followed you via twitter too xo akiko
    Style Imported

  60. I would try to bake bread on this wonderful pot!

  61. bolognese – for some spaghetti “lady and the tramp” style :)

  62. i would love to bake chocolate cake with strawberry=)

  63. I would bake some bread!

  64. The chocolate cake looks fantastic! I might try that first!

  65. I like you both on FB (under Skylar Smith tooolooony@aol.com)

  66. I follow you on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway!

  67. Mmm a delish chocolate brownie cake … yum!!

  68. Also I like love & olive oil on Facebook

  69. I would make boeuf bourguignon!

  70. This is cheesy, I realize, but I love the brownie with the raspberry sauce that you pictured above – I would definitely make that!!

    oo or I would fill it with chocolate dipped strawberries

    so cute and heart shaped!

  71. I liked you and Le creuset on facebook!

  72. I followed you on twitter and tweeted! tweet tweet

  73. Lamb with apricots and almonds :)

  74. I would cook up my Blackened Bell Pepper & Kale Curry. It was inspired by a recipe I got at the farmers market along with the sweetest, most fragrant, yellow curry powder that you ever could imagine being blessed with a wiff of! The recipe has been adapted many times over but I always go back for more of the same delicious yellow curry powder. I heart it so much that it only seems fitting for it be cooked up in a heart shaped casserole dish as lovely as this one!

  75. I would make Filipino Pancit first. One of my hubby’s fav!

  76. I would make Ratatouille for Valentine’s Day!

  77. I just followed both @loveandoliveoil and @LeCreuset on twitter and tweeted the message!

  78. I liked both Love & Olive Oil and Le Creuset on Facebook! The Heart Casserole is gorgeous!

  79. The cake shown in the picture above…it looks so freakin’ good!

  80. Oh and I like Love and Olive Oil and Le Cruset on facebook. :)

  81. Adorable! I would make something for Valentine’s Day, probably a vegan veggie pot-pie for my boyfriend!

  82. Chicken pot pie for two!

  83. Cake in Le Creuset, clever!

  84. I would cook that chocolate cake!

  85. I’d bake brownies, probably with some sweet red wine substituted in for the liquid……….yummmm

  86. um i would make BOTH things you mentioned here. YUM!

  87. I would make chicken pot pie for my husband! Yum!

  88. Following you both on Facebook!

  89. OMG, so adorable! I would definitely make something chocolate. Chocolate pudding cake. Yes. Yum. :)

  90. I will make bread!!!

  91. I would definitely make the flourless chocolate cake. It would be a fantastic date night dessert.

  92. I like you both on Facebook

  93. I think it’s calling out to cook mac and cheese with a toasty breadcrumb topping!

  94. Facebook bonus entry (Facebook name is Mary Dee.)

  95. Le Creuset is the best!!! I don’t have a heart shaped pan yet :) I would make a vegan pasta bake!

  96. I follow both on Twitter and tweeted :)

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