My name is Lindsay, Taylor will be joining me. This is the place where we will share our adventures in cooking. We’ll be posting our weekly recipes and photos as well as reviews of what we made (not everything turns out edible, heh). Please feel free to comment or share your recipes for us to try!

That's My Jam: Summer edition Now Available!

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  1. Lindsay…your mom just sent me your web site! You two are fantastic! You need to get cook’n on your careers with this! Really!!!
    in Aspen

  2. Hi Linds! My mom just sent me to your website…. SO cute. We made a flourless chocolate cake for Valentine’s Day, too, but with a chocolate ganache. Miss you and hope all is well!

  3. Hey! Looks really nice logo and layout wise and quickly browsing a few recipes. The pseudo=gourmet looks great. Your are putting that CSUChico (almost) degree to good use already :) Good pics too. Did you say new camera? Have fun…

  4. Hi, I’m loving your recipies will definately be trying some of them real soon.

    Thought you may want to know that the top line of text on most pages crops on the left side for some reason. The layout is really crisp and easy to use but I lose the first letter or 2 of the words

  5. This all sounds quite yummy, I’ve bookmarked three recipes so far for use later this week!

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